Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson (The Crystal People) are counselors and developers of healing techniques that assist individuals seeking change on their journey of self discovery.  We assist you in freeing yourself of limitations, fears and phobias that result in providing you with more energy and insight.

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Crystal Implant/Imprint Removal is what we are known for.  We remove programmed crystals that were designed to keep you limited.  To learn more about this go here.

Orb’s created to protect you from thoughts and emotions directed at you from others who are jealous, envious, negative, fearful, etc., of you as an individual.  To read more about personal orbs go here.

Conceptual Vibration is the establishment of the vibration of love.  Love is a very high vibration that is established at conception.  If the vibration of love was not present in the process of conception you were conceived in a lower vibration resulting in having a difficult time truly feeling or giving love at its highest vibration.  This can be shifted.  Read more about Conceptual Vibration here.

Relationship Chakra Systems are formed outside hour body but within your auric field when you intersect (develop a level of trust) with other people or situations. People or situations come and go in your life but the relationship chakra systems remain in your auric field. There comes a time when some of them need to be removed for your own benefit. To understand this a little better read more here.

An Energy Signature is something you send out to your clients, friends, acquaintances as a way of “signing your work.”  You provide a path or trail between you (the sender) and the client (the receiver).  So as your client processes and releases the issues they are working through, the things being released will come back to you to process.  This is not a good thing.  Find out more about this subject here.

3C’s (Consulting/Counseling/Coaching) Solutions or Breakthrough Facilitation helps you or your organization to take the next step. We are offering two ongoing services that can be used in conjunction with any work we offer — most all the other work is done absentee, and are stand alone services…. this work will be offered via phone or Skype with email support… and will help individuals or groups who need assistance in determining, “What is next?” and “How do I do it?”, etc. BUT we will offer this service to non-clients, also; folks who do other work, but still need a coach/counselor/consultant (we had trouble determining exactly what to call it… a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what you call it.. so we are using all three “roses”). For more information about this click here.

If you just happened to find this website, then just have fun clicking around and discovering all the various services we offer.

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