Carbon-Based to Crystalline-Based Body

Just what does it mean to change from a carbon based body to a silicon/crystalline based body structure to support the higher vibrational frequencies?  Silicon/crystalline is located directly beneath Carbon on the periodic table.

Since there have been changes within the gravity field around earth, there have also been changes in the electromagnetic field.  When there are noticeable changes with earth this is echoed in our physical bodies.

So the physical elements on earth are changing this supporting the idea of ascension within the physical body for each living being upon earth.  For this to happen, the physical cell structure is changing.  Since there is change going on with each cell there will also be changes within each chakra.  This is very important because it will allow even greater changes within each cell.

Inside each physical cell is becoming more weightless as the outside of each cell is developing an extra layer of electrons that are attracted to the cells through the spinning of the chakra/electrons.  When the extra layer is built around each cell, the cell will have more electrons than protons.  When this happens our cells will be able to spin and go into higher frequencies or dimensions.  The magnetic resonance within each cell attracts these electrons until it is full and cannot receive any more electrons.  This is the point where the complete cell changes into a crystalline cell, light, or even weightless energy?

Within the gravity field around the earth at this moment, you need to reach a point where the spinning of the electron shells have to reach zero point (A balance of the frequency within and the frequency of the electron shell).  This is where the alchemical change takes place from a 3rd dimensional be-ing into multidimensional be-ing.

This is the process of ascension.

We as humans have the option to transform the physical body into light energy.  It is one of the options or choices available to us but it requires a personal responsibility as far as bringing in the needed clearings. As this is a free will world and the path to ascension is a personal step.

A physical change like this takes place over a long time and cannot be done within a couple of months,  this change of the carbon structure into crystalline based structure has been taking place hundreds of years and many lifetimes. The process should be completed as the time comes for the earth to ascend.

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