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Relationship Chakra Removal

Relationship Chakras: A chakra system can be removed or balanced.  See the examples below. These can all be done at the same time. Not included in any of the Relationship Chakras are the Fear, Ego or Abductee Chakras as these require individual work.

Examples are:
Business Chakra, Sexual Partnership(s) (each one has its own chakra system), Friendship Chakra (each one has its own chakra system), Career  Chakra (each career you have ever had, each job you have ever had has one), Parental Chakra (one for mother and one for father), Family of Origin Chakra, Addictive Chakra (each addiction has its own system), Environmental chakra, Religious chakra, etc.

Kinds of Relationship Chakra systems outside of the body:

An individual with a chakra system within the body and many, many outside chakra systems.. these can be friendship(one for each friend you have ever had) , sexual (one for each partner you have ever had sex with), parental, family, career, business, addictive, religious, etc and multiples of each.

Friendship Chakra System– this is developed when you form a bonding, close with someone.

Sexual Partnership Chakra System– this is developed when you have a sexual relationship.  This can     include marriage, but is certainly not just marriage. This is everyone you have had sexual relationships with—each has a  chakra system in your auric field.

Parental Chakra System – this develops between a parent and child.

Family of Origin Chakra System– This is the entire family system that a person’s chakra system plugs into

Career Chakra System (not to be confused with the Business system).. this system develops as you are growing up and thought about what you wanted to be when you were an adult.  This system plugs into every job you have ever had – excluding businesses you owned or were in partnership with someone else.  Many times this system is quite confused as you changed your mind and focus.

Business Chakra System– this system develops as you get an idea and act upon it to start a business.   You can be in partnership with another person but you don’t have to be.

Addictive Chakra System– this system develops with consistent use of mind-altering substances (drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sexual, etc.)

Religious Chakra System– this system develops if you strongly identify with a religion.

Environmental Chakra System– this system develops when you “take” on environmental (not genetic) characteristics of those around you.  Mother has anxiety so you take it on… father has a heart attack so you “develop” heart problems:  can also be allergies or illnesses that a person develops to get attention, etc.

Examples of two individuals creating a chakra system.


Relationship Chakras Services:

Please let us know in comments to the seller on paypal what Relationship Chakras you would like. Thank you!


Price for 1: $110.00
Complete Relationship Chakra Clearing/Balancing* Price: $750.00
*(This includes business, sexual (all), friendship(all), career, parental, family of origin, addictive, environmental, and religious. This item DOES NOT include Fear, Ego or Abductee Chakra removal)

If you have any questions, please email us at; or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information [], choose friends and family, and put in the appropriate amount.



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