Chakra Services

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning “wheel of light”.  A chakra is a wheel of light revolving in various locations in and outside the physical body. There are 10 major chakras (Seven are written about, but there are two more above the head and one more beneath the feet).  Most people know they have a personal chakra system.  Nearly all of the written material explains an individual’s personal chakra system.

What we are going to talk about are the chakra systems outside the person’s body and located in the auric field.  When an individual’s personal chakra system intersects with someone else’s personal chakra system for a specific reason, at that intersection a new chakra system develops.  A new chakra system can also develop outside of the body when an idea is tossed out and acted upon as in developing a business, even when you are the sole person in the business.  Aside from the personal chakra system (that is inside of you), there can be five major types developing outside of you.  You don’t have to have all five kinds and you can have more than one of each kind.  If something happened during the formation of the new system, the chakra system will be unbalanced.  If one of the partners is more domineering than the other, the system will be unbalanced.  Sometimes the reason the chakra system developed is no longer there.  (For example: a divorce, a relationship or friendship that is over, a business that has dissolved, etc.)  Our work can balance, eliminate, and rebuild the chakra system for you.  A good example of this is a sexual partnership that isn’t good anymore.  We can eliminate that chakra system and “build” a friendship chakra system.  If a business is dissolving, we can eliminate that chakra system all together.  The reason you may want to take a look at this work is because these systems just do not go away by themselves… the business or relationship may go away, but the chakra system remains and may affect you in all sorts of different ways.