Crystal Implant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Crystal Imprint Removal

1.    Do I have crystals? Do all people have crystals? Are there good crystals?

If you have any questions at all in this area, there is a strong probability that you do have crystal implants. Just get quiet and check in and ask yourself if you do – intuitively you’ll know. Not all individuals have crystal implants, about 70% appear to have been implanted – some people didn’t live in those times, others just weren’t implanted.  To answer the question, “Are there good crystals?” The Answer is yes,.. These “good crystals” aren’t man-made as the crystal implants/imprints implanted in the eras of Starseed, Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis.  Those implanted crystals were MAN-MADE and programmed at the time they were made for a particular limitation.  You cannot change the programming of these man-made crystals.  We can tell the difference and do not remove the “good” crystals.

2.    How many do I have?

It will depend on each individual – and what position and career you had as a Starseed or in Mu/Lemuria or Atlantis or why they were implanted in the first place. We’ve seen from 1 system to 48 systems (and from 91 crystals to 80,000 individual crystals). Incidentally, more does not mean better, etc. Each system was specifically designed to limit each designee personally. There was no standardization or “systems made on an assembly line” and then implanted. If you have a system or systems – they were implanted for very specific reasons. No two people are alike thus no system or systems are alike, so comparison between people is like comparing apples and oranges.  Always remember that the implanter could have been in the top of his class and could possibly shut you down with few implants, while other implanters may have been in the bottom of their class and take many many to shut you down.

3.    Just what are crystal implants?

It is really a system of crystals that were “planted” surgically within you to limit some facet of your ability. The Mu/Lemurian systems have many crystals – and they look somewhat like a string of Christmas tree lights. Atlantian implants look much different. They look like a small circuit board made of crystal and is about the size and thickness of a credit card. These work somewhat on the same premise as our computer chips today (they could be programmed to affect certain behaviors and limitations). One “chip” replaced an entire Mu/Lemurian system of several hundred crystals.

4.    How were these crystal “things” implanted?

At the time they were implanted, incisions were actually made in the flesh, bones, cartilages, etc. and the programmed crystal slivers strategically placed within your physical body.

5.    OK,  so I may have had crystal implants, but I don’t have the same body – how can the crystals still be in me?

Good question. The crystals become “imprinted” in you as a permanent part of your ‘soulular memory’ that you bring with you each incarnation or lifetime. A good example of this would be if in this lifetime you had a Norplant Birth Control Device implanted in your upper arm to control your reproductive system. If you were to die with this implant in you, incarnate as a female, the energy would transfer from the physical body to the etheric body, and in all likelihood, you would have trouble conceiving until the energies of the implant were removed from the etheric body. (We can also remove energies like these, too).

6.    Can I remove the crystal implants myself?

You probably can remove some of the individual crystals, in fact, you may have already done that. What is important here is the fact that the systems have to be removed in the opposite order in which they were implanted. And … it is very important to remove the entire system or you may ‘short circuit’ yourself – somewhat the same way you might screw up your electrical systems in your house or car if you started poking around without knowing what your are doing. It is really better to have them removed by someone who knows what they are doing. What we were told is that a third dimensional being implanted them, so a third dimensional being must turn them off so they can be removed. And, no we weren’t the implanters in those days.  Be  very careful with whom you choose to facilitate the removal.  We have seen quite a bit of damage done by “healers’ who see a crystal or two and remove them, and, thus, short-circuit a person.

7.    Could the crystal implants have limited me in other lifetimes?

Very probably, although you could have spent some lifetimes with the crystal systems dormant. Again, this is a very individual thing. Each person is very different, but I will say that it is very possible that the implants have limited you in many lifetimes in many ways.

8.    Does it hurt? What can I expect afterwards?

As in pain, no, but you may feel a strange sensation, tingling or some unexplained feeling. Also, for a few days you may feel sore in the places the crystals were. Crystal removal affects people in different ways. You may feel nauseated, you may feel euphoric, you may get a traveling headache, etc. All these feelings will go away almost as suddenly as they come up. One thing is pretty constant, a sense of calm comes over most everybody that really never leaves them. Many individuals revisit many emotions for several days afterwards. All you really need to do is acknowledge them and let them go. Also many people can actually “ground” or bring in earth energy for the first time.

9.    So why can you (Loren and Diane) remove the crystals?

Another good question. At the time we were told about the crystals, we were also told we would be removing them. We literally “sat” on that news for a long time. While we were “sitting on the crystal removing stuff” – quietly avoiding it, we were given many initiations and teaching in many modalities. We honestly did not know what it all meant or where it was leading us – but for once in our lives, we just trusted that somewhere along the line, someone would “clue us in on what was going on”. Much information came from going within and verification through various psychic readings, literary research, interviewing people, our individual regressions, from our client’s regressions, and from the dreamstate. The information came in bits and pieces until one day someone asked us about crystal removal – and – all the information and techniques were there. Our academic credentials are certainly there, but what is more important is that intuitively we know and have been told – we know how to remove crystals safely. References are available from people who have already had their crystals removed.  There were 7 teams originally soul-contracted to do this work.  One in each continent… we, of course were assigned to North America.  It takes two physical being to make a team.  So far, 6 teams have declined thru free-will to do the work in this lifetime.

10.   How do you remove them?

We remove them through energy work. Diane actually sees the systems and Loren’s energy lights up the main or key crystals so they can be turned off and removed.

11.    What will crystal removal do for me?

It will remove any and all limitations that you were programmed for. It doesn’t solve or cure your problems; it just makes the solutions limitless. You no longer will “transmit” signals. As you know, crystals can be programmed to send out signals somewhat like a radio transmitter. This will no longer happen. Of course, you can impose self-limitations on yourself, but that is your free will. Crystal removal is not for everybody. We do not try to talk anyone into it nor do we defend crystal removal. Your will just know if it is ‘right’ for you. What will happen is a series of “ah ha’s” – as you start doing what you previously thought you couldn’t”. The “can’ts” become “maybes” and then “I can”. Example, you might have a creative block and all of a sudden find yourself writing or painting or singing, etc. Then you reflect, “Oh, I remember I used to not be able to do this”. It is impossible for us to cure or solve your problems. What we can do is remove your limitations – you still have to “get into the car” and drive it.

12.   Can all systems be removed at one time?

Yes, this is a one-time only visit. We cannot “miss” any because the divine is really in charge here – we are only facilitating.

13.   Why was I implanted?

Because you were doing something that interfered or threatened the ruling class. You may have left your “class” and worked with all people (there was a pretty rigid caste system), you may have been an organizer or creative thinker that irritated the ruling class, you might have been a healer of “all”, you might have been a musician who thought their music should be for all, you may have been a teacher who taught empowerment, etc.

14.   When you remove the crystal imprints, where do they go? Can I be implanted again?

As the imprints leave your “body”, they are immediately encapsulated by ultraviolet light and taken away and sent to the great central sun. No, you won’t be implanted again, unless you consciously ask to be (such as the Norplant, pacemakers, the ID’s they are putting into people, etc.)  When the implants/imprints are removed ALL go, none are ever left because we are just the facilitators in the process.  The Universe wouldn’t allow for any to be left behind.  At times, there may be phantom feelings, but these feeling will go away very quickly.  Just remember the imprints are gone and cannot come back.

15.   Can animals have crystals?

Yes. And, yes, it is possible to remove them. Again, check in with your higher self to see if your animal has crystals. We do this through pictures and it is done for a “love donation.

16.   Can the crystals in children be removed?

Yes, in fact, this is the ideal time to remove them – it is very easy and completely pain-free. The process is actually easier than on adults because many of the systems aren’t active yet. The children do not need to be told the story of the crystal implants, etc., but you, as a parent or grandparent or guardian do need to ‘go within’ and ask permission on a soul level. . And , yes, it is just as effective.

17.   Can the crystals of people who have already crossed over (died) be removed?

Yes, by doing the clearing, it will make it easier for the onesthat have already crossed over.

18.   I’ve had my crystals removed by someone or at least they said they removed them. Is it possible I still have some?

There are actually at least 3 levels of crystal imprints. The first two levels are hooks, traumas, emotions, etc. that have crystallized in your body – these are events or situations that could have been in past lives or this lifetime. A good example of this is a car accident where the trauma as well as the physical injury crystallizes in the part that was injured; or abuse victims often have the trauma crystallized in their bodies. Many times an individual can remove Level One crystalline forms themselves, and certainly intuitive bodyworkers do it all the time. Very gifted energy workers actually specialize in Level Two – we’ve met a few of these individuals – and what a joy it is to see them work. Our work is with Level Three or the Starseed,  Mu/Lemurian or Atlantian Implants, which were physically implanted in you and are entirely separate from Levels 1 and 2.

19.   So what else do you do? Do I have to come back?

You do not have to come back for crystal imprint removal – since we only facilitate the process, the universe wouldn’t allow for any to be missed. We can, however, clear negative Soul Beliefs from the present and all past lives; restore the original soul blueprints for you; and realign your interdimensional portals., lead you through the Universal Veil of Fear, work on your soul monad,  (see Explanation of All Work for all the details of what we do).  These can be done absentee. The procedures we do are independent from each other but are hierarchical – meaning that Crystal Imprint removal is first, Soul Belief 2nd, etc.

20.   What is the timing between levels?

This is so individual that there is no pat or correct answer.  You will know when you or if you want to continue with the next level.  You may want to wait a day, weeks, months.  We’ve had individuals do many levels at once – with success and have had others wait in between levels.  No one can tell you what is correct for you.  Only you know you.

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