Gold Light Exercise

Gold Light Exercise

Imagine a golden shimmering tube of light that extends a hands-width above your head to a hands width below your spine.  This light never goes out, it always remains lit.  Turn the wattage of this light up so it first of all fills your body with gold shimmering light.  Once your body is filled with this gold shimmering light, turn the wattage up again so it pierces through your skin and extends about 2 feet beyond your body.  Now mix it with love, however you perceive love to appear. Now, think your body open, allow the energy to flow.  Take a nice deep breath and blow it out through your mouth.

Do this as often as you think necessary – but at least every morning.  The first few times you do this exercise, take time to really feel the light.  Afterwards, it can go “on” as fast as turning on a light switch.

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Version 2

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Energy Exercise

I would like you to imagine sending a shaft of your light through all the different layers of earth.  Just before this light gets to the center of the earth, imagine your light going through a prism branching into a rainbow of colors.  Anchor your energy in the center of the earth using the rainbow of colors.  All the different energies stored in Mother Earth can be broken down into a vibration or color.  Then ask Mother Earth for the amount of energy you need for the rest of the day and allow this energy to flow up the shaft of light you have created.  As this energy gets closer to your physical body, imagine bringing in earth energy through the bottom of your feet; allow it to flow up both your legs and circulate in the lower stomach area.  We imagine this energy as cool, crisp, and refreshing. Now, send a shaft of your light to what you consider God, Source or the Universe.  When your light
arrives at the place you believe it should be, ask God, Source or the Universe for the amount of energy you need for the rest of the day. Allow this energy to flow down the shaft of light you have created.

Next, bring in universal energy through your crown (top of your head), down into the upper part of your stomach area. We imagine that energy as warm and loving.  Mix these two energies together and circulate it throughout your body and place it back in the stomach area.  This is your energy source for the day.  Never use your personal energy.  Bring in just the amount of energy you need for the day.

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