We have started doing a monthly webinar titled “Life Insights with Drs. Mick” on the Wisdom & Intuition Network, which airs on the second Tuesday the month at 5 PM, PST.  It is a show during which we will be discussing whatever is on our mind at the time.  Topics of discussion will be sent out prior to the program so you will have an idea of what is going on.  At the end of the topic we will be open for questions.  The program is scheduled for an hour.

We were interviewed on another show. For a replay of the show, click here: Webinar Replay

First show: “Crystal Implants and Absentee Healing” – Replay

Second show: “Intuition – What Types of Psychic or Intuitive Abilities are You Using” – Replay

Third show: “Techniques and Tools for Survival” – Tune in this month