Why are we here? We hold the vibration and blueprint for what the world is becoming. In order to do this we need to be clearer (by getting rid of our personal patterns) and more centered which will allow us to channel more energy. By doing so, everyone will remain calmer in the area we live. Have you gotten rid of the reoccurring patterns or gotten to the root cause of the pattern? Just how much cellular memory can a body hold? Think of all the lifetimes and cycles of memory and you may have asked yourself so, “I’m back here again”, after not being here for months. When you see what the pattern is, surrender to it instead of reacting emotionally to it. This chapter of work is a very deep level of letting go for it is as if our core beliefs could be flawed. We are releasing things that we have been dragging around since the fall of man.


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Chapter 18: Patterns, Karmic Debris, Ingrained Habits, POOF

One of the most common questions that we are asked is, “Why are we here?” There are many of us on a path like the one we have been going on and they to ask themselves the same question repeatedly.

The reason we are here is not only to assist mother earth with the ascension process. We hold the vibration and blueprint for what the world is becoming.  To do this, it will take a team of people who can channel energy/vibration/frequencies for a period of time without burning themselves up.  One can’t do this alone.  Plus, we must carry on our regular life to sustain our physical needs for the day.

The clearer and more centered we can be, the more we can channel, the calmer everyone will be in the area we live.

What patterns have been coming up for you?  What emotions come up that you recognize that this is a pattern that you need to pay attention to?  Have you gotten to the root cause of the pattern?  What pushes the button to the various patterns that you have been working on?  Are you able to stay in your body as you are working through these patterns?

Release, Release, Release… Just how much cellular memory can a body hold?  Think of all the lifetimes and cycles of memory and you may have asked yourself so, “I’m back here again”, after not being here for months.  When you are experiencing IT, you’re experiencing it in many ways and technically we are finalizing IT on another level.  When you are going through the process it is still hard to see outside until you realize that it is just another pattern like the patterns that you have already released.

When you see what the pattern is, surrender to it instead of reacting emotionally to it.  Allow yourself to FEEL the discomfort you have been resisting for hundreds of incarnations multidimensionally.  This chapter of work is a very deep level of letting go for it is as if our core beliefs could be flawed.  We are releasing things that we have been dragging around since the fall of man.

As you move forward, you will have the opportunity and ability to rebuild at the ground level based on the full Truth of who you NOW KNOW.  To do this, you have some check points that you will or have done;

  1. Requires a completion on the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional levels, the death of our karmic past (this may happen more than one time) to let go of every burden that keeps us weighted to duality preventing us developing vibrationally.
  2. We must wipe the karmic template slate clean which takes a tremendous effort. When this is done, you will find yourself poised and ready to reassemble your true template.
  3. Every individuals timing is unique to themselves and it is essential that we stay true to our own path and purpose. A lot of the preliminary work has been completed and we have been preparing for this chapter of work.

We have been through a lot energetically this year and it is getting more urgent and stressful.  We have felt like giving up —- for ‘We are done’ (or so we thought)… and we ask ourselves, “What is the use?”  “Stop the planet, we want to get off!”  We have also felt fatigued, things you use to eat but can’t eat now, unexplained aches and pains, spacey, extreme mood shifts, extreme depression, anxiety and panic attacks, time loss and time speeding up, sleeplessness or too much sleep, unexplained allergies, debilitating muscle cramps in every part of our body (parts that we didn’t even know we had) to name just a few things. Then we asked, if we are feeling this way, there must be others going through this too.  So, how can we help this process?  As individuals, we must remember who we are and why are we are here at this particular time and this particular moment. We must get centered, realign, regroup and stabilize our energy before we move forward.

In thinking and dreaming about this chapter of work, the image of fire, smoke and heat kept coming to us and here we are, into “SUMMER.”  In Seattle, summer is the time of year we get very little rain.  In the eastern part of the state of Washington is very dry and is susceptible to brush fires which could lead to forest fires.  When fires are controlled, it could be a good thing.  This chapter of work is like a controlled fire.  We do not want you to combust and leave a pile of ashes behind.

Many individuals are completing or have completed their karmic debt while others keep adding to their karmic debt. We will be burning off the deeply imbedded limiting beliefs that have been handed down for many centuries.  Many of us have been crucified for these various beliefs and it is now time for them to go.

What do you believe?  You must know who you are without judgement of others… they have their own path and karma to deal with.

God is a consciousness, not a creator.  God is the source of creation itself.  It (not he or she) is not independent of you.  It is totality of everything.  So, when I call myself God I am not talking about my personal self.  I am talking about the expression of the God self that rests inside of the body.  The VERB, the ENERGY, not the noun.  Once you think of God as a NOUN, person, place or thing, you separate yourself from IT and immediately become a limited being.  That’s what separates believers (religious) from the knowers (spiritual).

We have gone through and integrated many lessons with unimaginable tests at this physical level as well as many levels multidimensionally.  Why you may ask… so we could see, feel and touch what we created on our individual path in order to open portals and pathways of the new cycle.  This adventure has been rough at times for those in the forefront but so worth it.

Can you imagine what it will be like having the energy flow through you without getting caught in all the debris of your karmic and personal patterns you have been getting rid of? Could your decision process become clearer and quicker?  Would you still procrastinate? These are some of the questions that come to mind.

Could this be compared to clearing your cookies from your computer and then upgrading your hard drive and adding more memory?  Will you know your body?

With this chapter of work, you will receive many, many exercises and information that will help you through the process.  As we have said before this chapter will take time on your part to work on the patterns and issues that are facing you.

No perquisites for this, but all the work you have done will help you tremendously.. patterns, habits, old “diggleberries” hanging on seems to be some of the hardest things to not only clear but actually get rid of for good and to establish new ones that “fit” with you as a unique individual have seemed to be pointless.. We think we’ve done it and “wham” the pattern, habit, or whatever hits us in the face again…. Some of the problem is that we’ve done it 3d now we are doing it all again multidimensionally through all times…. Jeez, no wonder it feels like we’ve hit walls, fences, mountains, ditches, black holes, etc. in this lifetime.  Let’s be done, huh?

Cost for this Chapter: $979.00 for now… we know this is a lot, but not as much as it needs to be or will be in the future.  We are offering this to just a few folks for now because we also have to know how we are going to time manage this…. Yes, you can make payments… but let us know what you are going to do.

There are 9 sets of exercises – each exercise has at least 4 subsets – yes, folks, this one is a LOT of work, but so worth it.



Price: $979.00

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