Updates to website, emails, and new work


As we noted before, we are revising/redoing our website, (www.drsmick.com)…. it is nearly complete, but you can check up on our progress and see all the changes we’ve made so far – do let us know what you think and if you have any other suggestions for improvement.

  • ·        Lightened up the whole page… so it will be easier to see/read/load
  • ·        The dropdown menu is so much easier to use… try it.  The dropdown menu is located below the photo banner at the top of the home page.
  • ·        the banner at the top of the page is our photography and it does change… we will keep adding our new work
  • ·        The level work has a menu with very short explanation of the work with a link to a synopsis of the level – about a paragraph long with the benefits… followed by the wordy, long, drawn-out explanation that really goes into detail
  • ·        We’ve added a “next step” service to each level.. so you can do just the level work by itself or you can do the level with added “next step” services..
  • ·        Next step, you ask????  Well, we’ve added consulting/counseling/coaching to our services… next step after any of our work — OR for anyone who needs consulting/counseling/coaching or breakthrough facilitation help….  (more info at 3 Cs (Counseling/Consulting/Coaching) ) as a stand alone service… you do not need to do any of our other work to use this service.  We are thrilled to be offering this… check us out….we have the background and  education plus lots of experience helping individuals with issues, blocks, transitions, processes, hurdles, fears, “what in the heck is my next step(s)?” – etc.  We are not the “pie” of all things… but we are darned good at what we do. Email us at drsmick@gmail.com, give us your phone number and we can explore options for you. Let’s get started….
  • ·        There are new photos of us throughout… plus 3 new very short videos… the first one is a new welcome video on the home page… a new one on the level menu and a new one on the 3 Cs page.  We realize we need to re-do many of the videos… but, hey, at least we have started….
  • ·        Remember to sign up for the newsletter (Mickelson Muse – click on)  although I am using a combination of my old list and the new list for this, so you may get two announcement emails… sorry – I will get this all figured out, I promise).  I have taken a year sabbatical from the newsletter, not only out of fatigue, but I didn’t think anyone was reading them – plus I was doing the blog… but, it seems we still have things to say and maybe a reader or two.  So, watch for the new issue coming out at the end of the year.
  • ·        Speaking of blogs… do sign up to receive my daily blog… I do yammer on… but sometimes I do “hit” on something you can relate to…. you can sign up on the Diane Musings Blog Site  (click on that).. and refer to your email list… (hint, hint)
  • ·        11/11 is coming up… and apparently, (we’ve heard (via the ethers)) that this is the first gateway to unlock our new creative power.  We understand that this particular passage is our commencement ceremony… the first of many openings that will lead to the full manifestation of the divine-human.  We are hearing that this 11/11 is presenting us with extraordinary power of personal mastery…a way to forgive ourselves and each other, our fellow humans, for all past transgressions. For those leading this parade, the energy of  the first portal deals with “personal transition, activation and completion”… We are not sure what this means, but the second and final portal will occur of 11/22….  I guess we will all figure this out as it happens, huh?  Whatever it means…. use the days (11/11/ and 11/22) to forgive self (we all need to do this periodically, anyway)… and figure out what you want to “create” in your lives…
  • ·        11/13 we have a total solar eclipse which is really significant according to the ethers…..  The portal that opens on 11/13 is precipitating the linking energy of 2013… (a binary and time-released program that activates the essential (13) code for ascension).  We have all been preparing to download this specific frequency since 11/11/11 (who even remembers this? I have a hard time remembering what I did this morning)… and on this upcoming eclipse, our new light-codes will be activated by this eclipse… specific to the 13 frequency of universal LOVE…. this transformation process has been going on since the solar eclipse of 1999….  Haven’t we been on a whirlwind?????  This eclipse is (supposedly – we are qualifying this because, again, this is “ether” information) bringing through the sacred code of ascension, both for you as individual and for the planet.  Again (we guess) this means that the 13th activation code is the comprehensive linking frequency of physical ascension, the code required to bring each of us into physical alignment with our ALL.  Whew!!!!!  Anyway…. Pay attention…..
  • ·        ….AND OMG — new work coming through from us…Loren and I are channeling (listening and writing)information…  (is there no rest??? HMMMMMMMMMMMM)… this work centers around “Success Centering” techniques/etc. (Name to yet be determined – we have a lot of trouble naming).  WOW!!!! It is totally blowing us away.  Stay tuned….
  • ·        If you haven’t heard about or read the information of the last 2 chapters of our work… do so… go to Connecting vertically, horizontally, spherically and Just hanging On By A Thread ….  you cannot believe the difference in our lives (we don’t feel like the same people) and those of whom have completed them!!!
  • ·        Oh, we have friends in the St. Paul/Mpls area who are starting to have gatherings so you will all have somewhere to go talk, listen, discuss, etc. The organizers: Joel Smeby, Deb Heim and Ted Anderson say, “We are creating a monthly event where people can discuss the challenges integrating the higher frequency energies we are experiencing. Each hangout will start with a short presentation, followed by a discussion about that topic. In the close of the session we will exercise our intuition in support of each other, in the form of intuitive messages, energy healing, or discussing upcoming events.

This is a work in progress and we will find the right balance. The core concept is creating a community where we can discuss living about the grid.’ The event will take place for the first time on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at Joel’s store: Eagle Anime; 1326 Helmo Ave; Saint Paul, Minnesota 55128

  • ·        That is it for today….

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