Crystal Implants

What are Crystal Implants/Imprints?

Crystal implants are actual crystals that have been grown and programmed in laboratories in eras past (examples – Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.).  They were programmed to limit you and block you from reaching your full potential.

The crystals were physically put in your body.  As you died in that lifetime and reincarnated in another lifetime, the crystals became imprints that are located in the etheric body.  The etheric body is the layer of energy next to your skin.  The crystal imprints carry on their mission of limiting you and blocking you as you go through life and will continue to do this until you have them removed.

A person can be implanted in many lifetimes, each time a person dies, the implanted crystals don’t die or disappear, instead – they become “lodged” in your etheric body.  This can happen lifetime after lifetime. Again, they will remain there until you have them removed.  Your angels, guides, etc. cannot remove them since they were implanted by a 3rd dimensional be-ing, they must be removed by a physical 3rd dimensional be-ing.

You can’t compare this form of crystals (man-made programmed crystal) to your body changing from carbon based to crystalline based cells.  They are two entirely different things.  (See article – Carbon-Based to Crystalline-Based Body)

As an individual develops the ability to channel higher vibrations, light, etc. the crystal implants/imprints will be able to adapt as you are adapting and changing getting stronger as you increase multidimensionally.

If you want to read more about crystal implant/imprint removal go to to the “Services We Offer”.  Look for Level 1.

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