Massage Therapist:

” I have been participating in the healing opportunities provided by Dr.’s Loren and Diane Mickelson for the past four years.  I have more joy, fun and fulfillment in life than ever before. They practice their healing work with compassion, integrity and good boundaries.  I recommend the healing work of the Mickelson’s to anyone ready to clear their lives of old patterns and discovery his/her own personal power.”

“The fear chakra work helped to clear all of the old untrue messages I had received throughout my life, messages that kept me stuck in uncertainty and fear, doubting others and myself.  Now, I have great boundaries, am clearer about what is important to me and act on it.   I am able to be clearer with others about my needs and wants and I have more joy and fun.  And I lost weight without trying!  The fear chakra release work allowed me to recognize and expand on what is possible for me in my life.  I highly recommend this healing opportunity to anyone ready to let go of the restrictions of old messages and is ready to “fly”.”

Bank Executive:

“I have known Diane and Loren for many, many years.  They have helped me in so many different ways it has been very difficult to keep track.  I have actually said at different times that they literally saved my life.

I was in a job that I hated and felt like I was going nowhere.  I felt “stuck” and did not know how to get out.  Then, along came Diane and Loren.  We started with the first level, the Crystal Removal.  I felt much clearer but knew I needed more.  The second level, the Soul Beliefs, was the most profound for me.  When I had that level done I suddenly started to realize that there was many things that I was “told” to believe, but I really did not believe them.   This level cleared me so much that it was unbelievable.  It is now so much easier to “know” what is truth and what is not.

I have pretty much done all of the levels of their work.  I believe that the biggest benefit has been peace.  I’m not saying that there are not still struggles, after all we are still human, but there is still always this underlying peace.  It’s as if I have this secret that a lot of people don’t know, or that some of them could not understand.  It’s as if I just “know” that everything will be fine.”

Business Owner:

I received the results of the crystal removal process. Thank you. I am grateful for your work. I am impressed with the results. I never remember feeling more free. My brain is functioning much quicker today, I feel physically free and loose…unrestrained. I have also felt ‘echoes’ of old blocks briefly. I am doing very well.

Business Owner:

Inner peace.  It is an intriguing concept.  I had heard about it, but I really did not know what it was.  After completing the “Fear removal” and negative “belief removal” levels, I still do not know what it is.  But I feel it.  There is a calm center inside me that is aware and holds me steady.  My way of relating to people has changed.  People still act as they always have, however now there is a part of me that sits back and thinks, “at one time this would have bothered me, and I would lash back, but now I do not feel the need”. While I am thinking these thoughts I can see the confusion in their eyes.  They don’t understand why their prodding is notproducing the expected reaction.  Then most often they shift tactics and try to get a reaction from me in another way.  I now have the ability to choose how to react, and when to react.

District Manager of a National Food Chain:

Recently I contacted Diane and Loren (Drs. Mickelson) to see if they could help me with some issues I was having. I was feeling bogged down by my career and life in general. I felt like my usually positive attitude toward things was taking a negative turn. After talking with them I decided to do the Fear Chakra and Relationship Chakra work with them. This was approximately 5 months ago. I will tell you I felt almost immediate improvement in my attitude toward things in my life. Over the past few
months life has just improved the way I feel about myself, my family, career issues seem easier to deal with; I was more at ease than I ever had been. I feel like the thoughts that I was having about my past are practically gone. If they do come to mind they don’t feel so burdensome, they are not as important anymore. I have never felt so clear and open to my life as I am now. Thank you Diane and Loren for your help!


The gift from Loren and Diane has helped ******* with her allergies. They are gone.

Energy Worker:

“You sure did a lot of work! When I had my energy work done yesterday; one person said she felt four of my symbols coursing up my spine. They both said they love the work you’ve done with me; they likened my energy to be like I’m an electric fence; the kind you’d find surrounding a farmer’s field used to keep animals on farmer’s property; and they described their hands as though they a blade of grass strapped around this electrified fence. They said they could feel the energy passing through their
hands, like you can when you hold a blade of grass around the electric fence wires, but they were protected from getting electrocuted because they weren’t actually touching the hot wire!

I healed for the first time yesterday. Prior to last evening; I’ve felt foolish trying to apply energy work through me; but last night I was so confident and it was an amazing feeling to help someone in pain.”

Massage Therapist:

“I think I am aware of the results of some of your work.  I feel like clots of stuck material are leaving my body, esp. throughout my pelvis and up along my spine to about my rib cage.  It feel like eons of pain just bubbling away–like tissue bubbles when you put peroxide on it.  I walked through a restaurant last night in heels with the most grace I have walked in ten years.  I floated and it felt wonderful!!!!!”

Energy Worker:

I have had the privilege of doing all the levels of the Mickelson’s work.  The level I remember feeling the most immediate difference was the crystal removal.  I had a lot of crystals.  I remember Loren telling me I would be able to stay awake during meditation because I would no longer have to leave my body to be connected.  He also told me that crystal removal would allow me to go from point A to point B directly without going by way of H or G first.  As I drove around doing errands that day, I knew that my life had just changed and I recall how peaceful and whole I felt.

The other work I have asked the Mickelson’s to do has been absentee and I have experienced it as more subtle.  My sensitivity, my clarity about the issues of my life has become enhanced in very subtle ways.  I have grown more confidants about who I am and I have become willing to own what is happening in my life.  The work feels good.  I get excited when I am aware that I have had work done and look back to see that change really has occurred and I feel a sense of harmony.

I think the relationship work is also wonderful and has healed the relationships between my children and me.  There is little feedback to this work from the Mickelson’s themselves.  That is sometimes frustrating.  As time passes I recognize that it is all about inner knowing and my outer need to know.  It has been my pleasure to participate with them in their work.


This work strengthened my faith (Level Two – Removal of Negative Beliefs).  For the first time in my life I totally understand the difference between religion and faith.  I plan to integrate this new information into my Sunday sermons.

CEO, Fortune 500 Company:

A friend told me about the Mickelson’s.  Out of curiosity, I contacted them.  Although extremely skeptical, I had them do Level One Crystal Imprint clearing on not only me but also my management team and also had them work on the business chakra (clearing/balancing).  The Mickelson’s asked on a soul level because “my team” is pretty conservative and wouldn’t be open to this type of work.  I also didn’t want to be questioned about my mental stability.  I could not believe the changes in the dynamics of the team.  They were subtle, but “business-changing”.  Each individual performed beyond each person’s expectations and the team as a whole was more cohesive.  We out performed our goals that year and have steadily grown each year.  Every time a new member joins the organization, I contact the Mickelson. I also have the balance the business chakra at least once a year.  The next step for me is to expand the clearing to more of my workforce.

Chief Financial Officer:

I have never been aware of my body; I am more of a “head” person.  I did Level One at the insistence of my wife, just to have her quit “talking” about it.  I didn’t notice any changes, but many of my colleagues and friend kept telling me how much I had changed, how peaceful and un-reactive in situations that I would usually “blow” my top in.  When the 50th or 60th person (none of whom I had told anything to about the work) asked me what in the world I was doing, I decided to spend some of my “head” time and see if or how I had changed.  To my amazement, I was doing things that I had previously though I couldn’t or was fearful of.  I didn’t get as stressed over things that had previously sent me over the wall.  Yes, I had changed.  The changes were major, but happened subtlety.  I plan to proceed to the next levels.

College Professor:

I have more to comment than will fit into one testimonial.

In 2001 I did the Relationship Chakra one year after having walked away from three primary and important relationships: a career position as a University Professor, a boyfriend and geographic location (where I lived). Although I had abruptly and simultaneously ended all relationships, they continued to “pull at me”.  I found myself, in particular with job/career to be repeating the very negative patterns that I had run from. In searching for a new job I found myself attracting or bumping
into (undesirable) former colleagues in the uncanniest places and circumstances or people just like them.  After experiencing the Relationship Chakra work I found that this “pull-to-engage” in old energies had been lifted. Not that conflict, painful emotions or memories were resolved: but I have begun to identify patterns ahead of time or as they are happening, observe the energies surrounding the relationships and make choices. To be specific, with the former boyfriend, within a year I was able to come
into a new relationship with him as a friend. With the former career position I reached a point where I successfully recreated myself as an independent educator/content producer within the same professional community.  Bumping into old colleagues who attempted to wound my university career no longer pushes buttons. In fact, I feel warmth and compassion toward them. I returned to live in the geographic region that I had painful memories and which I blamed for all my hardships. It was as if the Chakra work cleared lifetimes of constricted, convoluted and knotted patterns that I did not have the power to until by myself.


“I always “knew” inside that I was an artist… but I lacked the confidence.  Now I paint everyday and have had two showings in New York City.”


“Getting rid of my limitations has turned me from a closet writer into a published one… 5 books so far.”

Retired Archbishop of the Catholic Church:

“Who would ever believe that at my age and level of experience I’d consider doing this work?  My biggest concern is still that I can’t talk about this to my church.  My life changed, I became more of whom I knew I was inside.  It has not interfered with my faith, but it has made it stronger.  I truly understand the difference between outside religion and inside faith.  With all the extraneous garbage gone, I am at such peace.”

Pastor of Lutheran Church:

“Doing the Level Two Clearing of Negative Beliefs allowed me to become more compassionate and non-judgmental pastor.”

CEO, Fortune 100 Company:

“I was an unwanted child, I have never felt love, but knew I was loved.  Having the conceptual vibration work done, I feel love… I feel it throughout my body.  This has been life-changing for me.”


Level 1

Winter of  ‘93.   Done back then through hypnotherapy.  It changed my life. Had a history of  abductions. I always felt that I was running for my life and trying to hide myself from them. Level 1  shut down the implants.  I was off their radar. For the first time in my life, I felt I had control of my body, and mind, and most importantly, my life.

Level 2

Belief Systems. Helped me break through lifetimes of ingrained fear based belief patterns that distorted my soul’s essence. My mind began to feel freer and more expansive. I began to perceive myself in relationship to the universe differently. I began to be less invested in what was “right” or “wrong” and started to go within to listen to my inner truths with less interference from these old beliefs systems. It helped my begin to shift my perceptions of myself and the world move out of a
fear based models of reality.

The Matrix

Wow! It disengaged me from my mother’s and father’s soul matrix. I now had only one set of operating systems engaged in me. When I became detached from my parents, I was able to distinguish a separateness that allowed all three of us to be  more clearly our own selves. There became less enmeshment and dysfunction in our relationships and I was able to develop more distinct, healthy, respectful  boundaries between us.

The third matrix removal was like lifting a curse from my life. There was nothing for fear, and low vibrational energies to adhere to anymore. I became like teflon…..nonstick and easy to clean.


Better known as the Love Child Attunement. I was able to feel love down to my core for the first time in my life. It became a constant, steady presence that resonated with in me with a strength and vibrancy that I had never experienced before.

Level 3

It felt like the frosting on the cake after levels 1 and 2. Having my soul’s symbols reactivated brought in a vibrational clarity within myself, a sharper, clearer image of who I am came into focus. Kinda like digital cable……….

Level 4

Holy Crap, Batman!  This work turned my whole life upside down. I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. My whole sense of  reality was completely disrupted. I was released from the confines of  3rd dimensional consciousness……time and space were just projections of the mind and my mind found a new challenge in that recognition……still does some days, but its getting better.

Business Manager:


I have received the benefits of levels 1 – 8 of Mickelson’s spiritual work, and they have done exactly what they said they would do at each level with 100% effectiveness. The long-term benefits and results have varied depending on the degree of commitment I made to carry through with my part of building on the new, solid foundations they created at each level.

After they did the work at each level, I was aware of subtle changes most of the time, and dramatic changes some of the time, but I always “knew” that inner changes had been made. I sensed the changes sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes mentally, sometimes spiritually and sometimes with all kinds of combinations of these. As I worked with each new level and built on the foundations they laid, I became a more balanced person with a deeper understanding of life, and with a greater freedom to live as I chose to live because I was able to get rid of most of (I’m still working on it) the concealed negative baggage I had been dragging around with me from both this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

It is very important to understand that working with the Mickelsons is a partnership. When they do their part but you sit on your derrière waiting for something to dramatically change in your life, you will see results, but probably not to the degree you wanted or expected. To get the maximum benefit, you must be willing to build on the solid foundations they lay and be committed to creating changes in your life.

Each level of their work is important and can create dramatic, positive benefits in all areas of your life, but I have to say, level 8 has blown me away. It changed my outlook on life completely and at every level of existence. The changes are just beginning, but boy is it a fun ride so far.

Would I recommend that you work with the Mickelsons? As always, check in with your inner guidance. But I do say, if you are ready to make significant, positive changes in your life and are willing to work at it, the answer is yes.

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