Types of Crystal Imprints


Crystal Imprint

Crystals that were imprinted in the actual physical body and at death in that particular lifetime becomes an imprint in the etheric body in the same place it was implanted in the physical body.  Between lifetimes, these imprints are carried as part of the soul memory.

Crystal Systems

Many crystals implanted at the same time in a particular order and were connected by energies programmed in the actual crystal.  Systems can have just a couple of crystals to thousands of crystals.

Eras Implanted

    Starseed (before coming to earth plane)

    Mu (earliestcolony – some say not yet third dimensional)

    Lemurian (3rd – 4th dimensional colony, motherland to Atlantis).



Photos 1-3 above are a photos taken from an obscure book called Subtle Bodies, but not titled what we titled them.  When at an old, old bookstore in the early 90’s this book fell out at our feet opened to the pages with these photos and (wooooooooo- wooooooo) a voice told me that they were actually photos of the earlier implants… Starseed, Mu and Lemuria

Photo 4 at left is a picture Loren drew of what I explained to him an Antlanian Master Crystal looks like, but magnified soooooooooooooooooo much larger… than they are actually very, very small, but resemble a credit card.

There is a lot of controversy as to what existed, when, where, etc.  We are not here to prove any of this, but to just state what era the imprints came from.  Not everyone was implanted in every era – it does not mean you didn’t live in that era.

Starseed and Mu

These crystals, when implanted, were very large.  In fact, they were about the size of your thumb.  There were not many crystals to a system and it was more of a hit or miss implantation.


These crystals were very small slivers resembling what today we would call a string of Christmas Tree Lights.  The crystals were grown and programmed in laboratories to limit a particular area, organ, chakra, ability, etc. Many of the crystals that were implanted together for a specific reason were called a system.  Wire did not hold the crystals together, but programmed energy did (thus making it appear like a string of lights).


These crystals are actually called “Master Crystals”.  The Master Crystal can be compared to our computer chip today, carrying hundreds of programs or limitations in just one crystal.

They are about the size and shape of today’s credit cards – only made of crystalline material.  It only takes one of these Master Crystals to regulate or control a person’s body, and this type of crystal is programmable today by other dimensions.

It is like figuring something out and suddenly having a door shut in your face; everything suddenly changing; knowing the “game plan” and having someone (thing) change the rules on you.

WHAT THESE SYSTEMS OR MASTER CRYSTALS COULD AFFECT (limitations orblockages, etc.  This list is not limited to the below, but could give you an idea of what kind of limitation was imposed upon you in a previous lifetimes).

This is not medically based and is not in anyway meant to give any kind of medical advice.

Head – thinking processes; memory; obsessive/compulsive behaviors; letting in universal energy through the

Crown Throat and Respiratory – ability to give and receive information; speaking; breathingHeart – the ability to receive and give love; self-worth; self-confidence; receiving abundance; spirals and cycles; ruts; relationships

Endocrine and Lymph – affecting glands and organs; immune system.  Body’s ability to detoxify.

Solar Plexus – intuitive abilities; emotions (dealing also with spirals, cycles, ruts, etc.)

2nd Chakra – feelings and sexual emotions

Root –  creations of children or ideas (creative abilities); survival issues

Skeletal – limitations related to actual movement of energy through the body – ability to bring in grounding energy

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