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“Our Story”

One Saturday afternoon a few of years ago, Loren and I were at a rock and gem show at the State Fairgrounds quietly minding our own business looking at some quartz crystals. We have always wanted to own a crystal family. A man suddenly appeared in front of us at the table we were standing at.

He told us that he had an urgent message for us and could we go discuss it? We were at the rock show basically because we like rocks; we’ve never been “into” the properties of rocks – at least then. We usually don’t rush into things – we usually evaluate, study, and then decide – but for some reason, that day, we told that rather derelict looking chain-smoker to come over to our home and we’d listen to his message. This was so out of character for us, it nearly scared us to death. We arrived at our home and for the next ten hours, he told us this astonishing story:

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Loren was born on the day they tested the atomic bomb in New Mexico, 1945.  Diane was born the day they dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.  We have never figured out the significance of that information but feel as though it is significant.

We have been friends and partners since 1963.  We brought two children into the world, and are lucky now to call them our friends.   Our earlier lives centered around the idea of gathering knowledge and information thus acquiring a number of different degrees.

In the early 1990’s we were in a number of major automobile accidents forcing us to shift from the “normal” life to a life that was more abstract,  a life that was shifting outside the normal realm of society.  It was during this time period that we started to open up more to the possibilities of other realms of existence.

Work Experience

1960’s we both entered the teaching environment. We taught both in the classroom and participated in the administrative roles.

1970’s Uncle Sam was calling Loren to participate in the Vietnam conflict serving as an illustrator developing training aids and graphics instructor.  This adventure took us to Oklahoma, Illinois and Colorado.  During this time Diane continued to teach, went to school,  taught children with special needs (gifted and talented/learning disabilities), and developed curriculums on the state level for kindergarten, gifted and talented, and learning disabilities.

1980’s We entered the corporate environment. Diane became a stockbroker then a market research director.  Loren became an art director then shifted to a corporate trainer.  Toward the end of the 80’s we shifted from the corporate world and into the world of private counseling as psychologists.

1990’s We shifted to the multi-dimensional world.  We started with hypnotherapy, became Reiki Masters, started intuitive counseling, medical intuitive counseling, channeled various levels of clearings, and developed various systems of energy clearing and balancing.



Loren D. Mickelson (PhD, MA, BS) and Diane A. Mickelson (PhD, MS, BS) are fourth degree Reiki Masters and are certified clinical hypnotherapists.  We bring a varied eclectic educational and experiential background to help facilitate an individual’s change.

Loren and Diane have the ability to facilitate change. Their work can be done in person or absentee (using your birth date and your full name).  Not everyone is able to visit with us personally due to the distance between us.

Information will be sent to you explaining the work completed.

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