“Our Story”

One Saturday afternoon a few of years ago, Loren and I were at a rock and gem show at the State Fairgrounds quietly minding our own business looking at some quartz crystals. We have always wanted to own a crystal family. A man suddenly appeared in front of us at the table we were standing at.

He told us that he had an urgent message for us and could we go discuss it? We were at the rock show basically because we like rocks; we’ve never been “into” the properties of rocks – at least then. We usually don’t rush into things – we usually evaluate, study, and then decide – but for some reason, that day, we told that rather derelict looking chain-smoker to come over to our home and we’d listen to his message. This was so out of character for us, it nearly scared us to death. We arrived at our home and for the next ten hours, he told us this astonishing story:


The Story…


Over 45,000 years ago in Lemuria, there were politicians who wanted to remain in office for life. The average life span was 700 years at the time, so it is not surprising that the people in important positions wanted to keep them. Their motivation would have been no different than what we have in today’s government.

Crystal Implants were the ultimate punishment for “wrong” political behavior. We asked, “How can an implant 45,000 years old still be working?” He continued – By knowing more about Lemuria/Atlantis you will understand this. At first the actual answer to that question is difficult to comprehend.

The answer would be, by using a crystal’s natural properties and the soul energy principles. Since, we as a society have not been exposed to ‘soul energy flow principles’ it’s not hard to imagine the confusion that answer, without explanation, would cause. Scientifically advanced Lemuria/Atlantis had ancient records recording the principles of the soul and it’s awesome energy. The tremendous effect of an intangible, invisible thought upon the tangible, visible physical world was taught in their grade school. Acupuncturists of today work on the principle that an invisible flow of energy when blocked, causes disease in the physical body.

When released, that same energy will heal the body and keep it healthy. For healing purposes, Lemurians/Atlantians valued this knowledge and used it in conjunction with their energy soul charts. They knew, when in the body, the soul emits a strong measurable energy at specific points. They knew each point had an effect upon their life.

Lemurian/Atlantian energy studies pointed out individuals with high-energy flow as having incredible abilities. A high-energy flow person could, with a little practice, have complete mastery of the natural physical laws. He could be a natural teacher, philosopher, healer, or leader. Given the opportunity, his natural charisma attracted followers. The higher energy was not necessarily an indication of good. It merely pointed at ability. With thought alone, high-energy souls could change the planet, change any government, or change anyone’s mind. After a slave revolt, a politician hypothesized the possibilities of a new crystalline invention designed for animals.

Crystals were discovered to have an effect upon ferocious animals. A crystal implanted within an angry goring bull’s skull could be ‘programmed’ to send a calming energy to its brain. It permanently tamed the animal. It was a valuable agricultural invention, taming formerly dangerous domestic animals from premature destruction.

Crystals, the politician reasoned, could be thought programmed for almost anything. He knew the mind was comprised of pure thought. By limiting the mind’s ability to think, subsequently the person would be limited. A limited mind, decreased potential, would make most change extremely difficult. If a crystal could be programmed to calm animals, could it actually calm parts of a “slave” mind? Perhaps if implanted in potential trouble-making slaves, they’d not try overthrowing their betters.

That is how it all started in humans. At first, implanting slaves and test-tube babies, whom they called “vat babies”. It was reasoned at the time, that both were classified as animals, not humans, so it was all right to do implants. Pretty soon, however, the leaders started checking the energy flow of all newborns, implanting all that might endanger the leadership of the time.

We listened quite attentively, and this last sentence struck a nerve, as we had regressed a client back to the Lemurian Days where she had been an infant selected for a crystal implant. We certainly didn’t understand the regression at the time, but it was beginning to make sense. Crystals were actually implanted by cutting into the soft tissue and placing them in strategic points within the body. We asked how a crystal programmed 45,000 years ago could be affecting us in this life. He replied that it is the nature of crystal programming that a program continues until it is erased or removed. The Lemurain/Atlantian Control Devices were crystals implanted and programmed to limit and decrease potential.

The programs created frustration and ineffectiveness. The programs in those crystals were never erased. Here is where it can get complicated. Mercury used during an implant surgery caused mental confusion. Combine the mercury and confusion with endorphins (a hormone secretion present in the brain in times of creative thought and in times of pain), the estrogen/testosterone levels and a programmed crystal sliver created the 45,000-year effect.

Added to all this are the problems surrounding physical cell memory and your own personalized subconscious programs that has affected this life and every life since then. By now our Lemurian bodies are dust, but the crystal buried within us did not lie dormant. Back in its natural environment, it resumed its natural physical growth pattern with the program merely waiting for you to incarnate into a body of the same sex as you had when in Lemuria/Atlantis.

Your Lemurian/Atlantian device crystals can be likened to a radio station and your body a tuned in, turned on radio. In this example the crystal’s program is the wavelength used in radio; invisible, clear and strong. Your mind and brain are accepting this program. Unlike the radio example, you also subconsciously send and receive transmissions. Subconscious thought is transmitted and received by everyone. That transmission is invisible.

Like the crystals, you, in turn, broadcast out your own programs. Remember the feelings you have when some stranger gets too near; feelings of ‘warning, danger, stand back’. Your mind is receiving a message, a message the stranger is transmitting. All minds send and receive invisible thought. What if the subconscious invisible thought is ‘everyone abuses me’? The thought will attract in people and situations to abuse the sender.

If the subconscious thought is ‘I am successful’, the thought will attract success. The attraction is to the thought. Crystals were programmed thoughts of limitation. Your strongest natural ability has been programmed to be your weakness, causing you great personal frustration each lifetime. It’s extremely frustrating, knowing internally that your life really could be easier if you could just remember how ‘to do it’. Imagine a life without limitations; without interference.

We asked, “What can be done to stop all this?” The old man replied that the crystal implant could be removed from your memory and mind. The actual crystal systems can be found and their programs erased. By doing so, the crystals are removed. The systems have to be removed in the opposite order in which they were implanted.

Our next question was to ask if we had devices. He said those who have crystal implants know without being told by someone else that there is something wrong. Often when hearing about devices, they instinctively know to ask their inner-self. The man looked at me and said, “Diane you can see.” “Of course I can see” I replied. He went on to say that I could see auras.

Another mystery word – Auras – what in the world are they? He told me that auras were energy around individuals – and they had color. Well, sure, I see that – but doesn’t everybody? I looked at Loren – who is one right brained creative sort of person, and stated, “Your see the colors around the man, don’t your?” He just looked at me blankly…… There I was – approaching middle age and someone is telling me I am seeing something – and have seen all my life, that most others don’t see…… The man turned to me and said, “You see those “lights” in Loren’s field.”

Of course I did.. he went on to tell us that these were the imprints. He took out a small slab of rhodocrosite and placed it on the back of Loren’s hand. He placed small crystal “lasers” in well worn holes in the slab and proceeded to turn the laser like he was unscrewing “something” – to my amazement, the “lights” went out, one at a time in the joints in his hand. He proceeded to put the slab on various parts of Loren – always turning, lifting, etc – until the last “light” was gone.

It took over three hours. I watched in amazement as he worked on our daughter, then me. I was so dumbfounded, I didn’t ask any questions. As he finished clearing me, he abruptly got up, collected his “tools” and started for the door. We all were saying our goodbyes and thank-yous at the door when he leaned over and grasped Loren’s and my hands and said “This is your life’s work – only you will be doing it differently through energy”.

We just stood there – dumbfounded – and whispered “Not in this lifetime – it isn’t”. He just smiled and left. It was nearly 5:00 AM – but finally our left-brains checked in – I don’t know where they’d been – but they were absent.

We sat down for the next 4-5 hours and wrote down literally hundreds of questions. We were at the doors when the show opened on Sunday – we couldn’t wait to find answers to our questions. We rushed over to the man’s display. There was no display, there was no man, and there wasn’t a listing for him for the exhibitors. We went to the show’s organizers – there never was a display there – no man, no display. We looked at each other and vowed not to talk about this strange weekend. We went home and there on our dining room table was the crystal family & other points we had purchased. We still have the lovely crystals – but – ‘boy’ has our lives changed.

Initially, the changes weren’t necessarily positive. You have to keep in mind, we didn’t know what it all meant, what to expect, what was going on. We were rather resistant to change. Another way to say it, we processed kicking and screaming the whole way. Through “downsizing” our corporate America jobs were eliminated.

We’d go interview for other jobs and be hired, but then downsizing would happen. It was almost funny – If you want to downsize, hire us! In the next three years, we had the opportunity to be in numerous auto accidents, try our hand at several occupations, and be involved in a rather horrendous lawsuit. Wake-up calls—the other side was banging us on the head.

During this time we had people show up at our door and state that they’d received our name and address in meditation – they were told that we could help them. We’d say “no we can’t “ and quickly close the door. We’d never tied together the energy work we’d be exposed to and “the work” people had asked us for. Our lives were becoming murkier and murkier – we were a lifetime low. We’d established a hypnotherapy business. The business was going fair, but something was missing, somehow things still didn’t fit. One day new we were at a store waiting in line to purchase something. Loren had some coins in his hand and gave them to the clerk. The clerk jumped back and dropped the coins and exploded with “Whew, those coins are burning hot – are you a Reiki Master?’

We had no idea what the clerk was talking about. Loren’s hands always get hot, he has always been able to put his hands on someone’s head and draw out a headache. This was normal for us; his whole family is like that. Remember this was a way of life, way before “hands on healing” became popular. The clerk went on to say that a Reiki Class was taking place that afternoon. We took the class and for the first time, Loren understood what his hands were doing. During the next few years, we were initiated into the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree Energy Work by individuals who presented themselves to us and told us the were sent by “spirit” to do so. Our lives were so strange by then that we just accepted and hoped somewhere along the line, someone could clue us in.

Little did we know that someone would not be physical. I am a lucid dreamer. Five nights in a row, I had the same dream – I received the “key” to life. I would shake Loren awake and exclaim, “I have the key to life”. He would ask me what it was…by him asking me, I would immediately wake up, shrug and tell him I couldn’t remember. On the sixth day, a group of individuals showed up at our door – stating that they knew we could help them. Quite different than before, I invited them in and told them – “Sure we can help you”. Loren stood at the edge of the living room in shock. Everyone sits down and I proceed to tell all of them the story of Mu/Lemuria/Atlantis.

They asked if they had implants, and I say, “Yes” and proceed to make appointments. When the group leaves I ask Loren, “what have we done?” and he says “we”?” Well, if worse comes to worse, I know we can do something in Hypnotherapy. That night, in my dream state, I am taken before that White Brotherhood (I know now what they are, but I surely didn’t then…). I’d never heard of them although I thought I’d recognized a couple of them. They tell me that we keep asking what we are supposed to be doing, and they keep telling us…… but WE aren’t listening. We are to clear individuals of the imprints. They go on to tell me that Loren’s energy will turn on the “key” to the main switches and with my ability to see, I would turn them off, lift them out, and the Brotherhood would take them away to be destroyed. Now, this is the sixth night of lucid dreaming, I’m not waking Loren up again – so I figure since I went to bed with a problem, my left brain solved it – in other words…. I made it all up.

The next day I had to go to the post office in downtown St Paul. At noon, in a major city, the traffic was horrid. My little Honda Civic stalled in the middle of a major intersection, stopping all four lanes of traffic. People were giving me interesting hand signals and yelling graphic language. There I sat, middle of the day in my car wondering what is going on.

Suddenly on my dashboard appeared the same group of individuals that had visited me the night before in my dreams (only it is daylight and I am awake sitting in my car in traffic). They leaned over and very sternly ask: “Are You Listening??????” Finally, I get it, this was real. My car started on its own and I went home. I told Loren what had happened and how to do the removal. That is how it all began

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