Crystal Implants – Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?

Have you had the feeling that you ought to be able to do something but can’t?

Have you ever felt that your life really shouldn’t be as hard as it is?

Have you ever felt ineffective no matter what you’ve done?

Have you had unexplained pain for years?

Do the things you do to improve your life not seem to work?

Do you shift from one additive behavior to another?

Do you feel helpless to change it all?

Many people are silently disturbed because erratic behavior seems to be becoming a part of their daily life.  Searching for an answer many have turned to therapy.  Others to self-improvement seminars, books and tapes.  For some that works out to be all they need.  Others are not so lucky.

We believe that many people aren’t happy and are unable to change because they have active Atlantian or Lemurian crystal implants (now imprints in the etheric body) which have remained throughout many incarnations.  These crystals are programmed to cause confusion, frustration, create limitations and ultimately prevent you from becoming who you are meant to be in this lifetime.  They actively and currently prevent you from having a good life and are part of your soul, which affects your DNA.

The crystals can be removed safely through a process that we have developed over the years.  The number of programmed crystals, crystal systems and the complexity of the master crystals were in direct correlation with the soul-emitted energy level.

Time is of the essence, and the earth is changing and shifting, the people who lived during Atlantis or Lemuria need to be awakened and come forth.  This is one way that you can be of great assistance to yourself in your development during this incarnation.  It is an opportunity to get these energy systems cleared.  They can all be removed during one session.

Perhaps we can offer you some help.

Loren and Diane have the ability to facilitate crystal imprint removal.  This can be done in person or absentee (using your birth date and your full name).  Not everyone is able to visit with us personally due to the distance between us. A printout explaining what was done will be forward to you by e-mail or the postal service.

We look forward to working with you in person or through correspondence.

Loren D. Mickelson (MscD, MA, BS) and Diane A. Mickelson (PhD, MS, BS) are fourth degree Reiki Masters and are certified clinical hypnotherapists.  We bring a varied eclectic educational and experiential background to help facilitate an individual’s change.

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