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Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson provide a variety of services that help facilitate your journey. Our website is the bridge that connects us to the world.  There is a lot of information here for you to read so please take your time going to the different sections and links.  This work has been our life over the past two decades and the work still continues.

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What to do???? Oh, what to do???? Where to start??

We know our body of work seems daunting/way-out-there/wordy/profound/enlightening/etc…..; we are trying to take the inexplicable/unexplainable/other-worldly/multi-dimensional information we received into some sort of order that is readable and, even, perhaps,…. understandable.

Our purpose is to bring information through to assist our process/growth/journey during this lifetime… make sense of it… try to “get it down on paper”… and share it with you… We use the word “level” because, frankly, we could not think of another word 25 years ago when all this started… (and incidentally we thought there would only be Crystal Removal…. no more)… when the next work “came through”  we just called it level 2… etc… The word level means: even, equable, or uniform.  Although each level of the work came through in a certain order and it builds on each other… each level is really a stand alone process.  They have all been part of “our journey”… you may have approached some of our services via another avenue….so you would not need to do those particular levels.   Added to the Level Services are Additional Services… things that just “appeared” along the way that really did not fit anywhere else… they are ad hoc services that at one time you may need/want, etc…. We made a short little videos on quite a few of the levels/services… that would also be a good place to start.

We suggest — that every one should start with Level 1: Crystal Removal… removal of limitations and/or obstacles… from then on, use this like a menu to pick and choose… your intuition will lead you the level or service we offer that is something you need or something that will help you on your journey.


Segment A:  Removal of Blockages and Limitations (Levels 1 thru 6) We recommend doing this first before starting any of the other Segments.

Feeling limited, exhausted, low energy, have the glass ceiling effect or blocked?  This level is where you should start to facilitate the changes you are seeking.

Plagued by negative beliefs or have been indoctrinated by wrong information on your path to seek truths?

Living without a blueprint?  How we can retrieve yours.

Freedom from the physical!!! Soul travel with a passport and guides.

Breaking through your personal fears to experience your joy and happiness.

Feeling more connected with the members of your “group” which makes it easier for you and the members of the soul family to accomplish your lessons and experiences.


Segment B:  Recognizing Life Patterns (Levels 7 thru 9)

In each lifetime we had established many patterns… examples of these patterns could be: alcoholism, disease, guilt, victimism, martyrism, killing, plundering, betrayal, abandonment, fear of success, fear of failure, (the fear list could go on and on), deservedness, fidelity, the list is endless….. Are you ready to let them go?

Can we actually choose immortality????? If so, does just the act of choosing mean we are immortal…or are there things we need to do in addition to “intent”????? What is immortality anyway???

This is a lifetime of unity. Letting soul (your light body or whatever you call it) come into the body for unionship with the physical body and mind.


Segment C:  Reformulating Self and Coming Together (Levels 10 thru 12)

The transition of taking something finite and going back into infinite is what takes place when the Veil of Forgotteness is removed. One of the first connections you will make is with Universal Energy itself. When you tap into this energy, it is the energy which ties all things together. It is the energy that connects all life together. What an awesome experience!

You are in a state of oneness with all that is.  At that moment, all the outer worlds of you have aligned with all your inner worlds….  How do we get there?

This level is the connection, made beyond the Veil of Fears that blends all like hearts as one or you are in harmony with the All That Is. Universal Chi is a Universal life force that we have not been able to tap into until our physical bodies were clear enough (crystalline based) to receive this high level of vibration.


Segment D:  Self Readiness (Levels 13 thru 19)

Any distortion creates fog in the auric field, and the fog then makes it hard for anyone to see clearly through our own energy field. The more dense the fog, the harder it is to see one’s truth.

With this level you are being given the gift of Visionary Creativity. In a way we are being challenged to create a better world.

The Earth is evolving and therefore every organism on the Earth must also evolve with it, because we are intimately connected. The body and the planet are built in the same way.

This is the energy and intelligence of creation, creating something from absolutely nothing. We are tapping into the actual pulse of the universe.

By making a connection with “home” will make you feel more complete, more balanced, certainly – more connected to family.

You will be able to access levels of the universe that your vibration resonates with. As your vibration rate increases you will have access to more levels.

The shadow self is neither good nor bad, but it has a density that we need to clear out. It is a way of liberating yourself from conscious or unconscious bias that we have been carrying for a long time.


Segment E:  Inner Readiness (Levels 20 thru 25)

The time has come for the fabric of the soul and spirit to be woven back together so it can vibrate at the same rate and remain flexible to endure any situation that we find ourselves in.

Words cannot describe the feeling and emotions that come up after making this connection; it is like a sense of belonging that we have personally never felt before.

What if a delusional seed cloaks and conceals truth within us? This delusional seed was planted in the embryonic membrane prior to birth…. This seed has been planted again and again since the beginning of time.

When your heart chamber is allowed to assist you in orchestrating your life rather than your mind, everything becomes more in tune with like energies When more people shift their belief system to this new way of thinking, and begin to live according to that belief, conflict will begin to fade. Your life will be more fluid.

Our purpose or passion may not appear as we mentally think it is. The rules that we have worked from in the past no longer fit our template. In fact, in all probability, it may be quite the opposite of what you expect.

Then whatever issue manifests itself as energy in the upper level of consciousness, you then recognize it, to embrace it tenderly and transform it. What intent you set with your mind, you will be able to work through the issues that present themselves to through breathing, walking, smiling, driving, exercising, etc. transforming them into different vibrational zones of energy.


Segment F:  Beginning Your Outward Journey (Levels 26 thru 32)

This is the same feeling we have with this level, happy, excited and proud. For those of you who have reached the proper level of maturity, passed all the tests, it is time for us to give you the keys to time travel.

These reactionary physical patterns are no longer relevant and are hindering your ability to remain neutral, centered and grounded which enables your decision making process. When the amygdala receives signals of potential danger and begins to set off a series of reactions that will help you protect yourself, you want these signals to function from your current state of knowledge and awareness.

By doing this level you will be more in tune and balanced with everything. You will literally be more in tune or tone with nature (plant, animal, mineral kingdoms) and the world around you. Communities will open up to you in ways you never expected.

You will finally be free of some very deep psychological pain and issues that seem to have been stored deep in the marrow of your bones.

The ethereal body is concerned with our physical state of well-being. It becomes vulnerable when we give away parts of ourselves, have it stolen, or just lose it through daily living experiences. We retrieve all parts of the essence and restore them to the way it was originally at birth and will give you exercises so you can keep it intact.

We came from the Light (Pleroma), and became physical (separated from the light), we die (return to the light), up until this lifetime. We can now merge the physical with the light. Yea!!!

As a result of this level, the awareness of our Creative Conscious Authentic Self broadened our world, increased our vision, unlocked the doors to our fullest potential and further opened us to possibilities we never thought of or imagined.


Segment G:  Developing Greater Awareness (Levels 33 thru 50)

You will be permanently connected into the Plenum Consciousness grid of like-minded individuals.  You all are trailblazers in this lifetime, you chose to be.

Intuitive decision-making enables us to react quickly in situations that involve a high degree of uncertainty.

To have the ability, if you choose, to go to the Akashic records to a lifetime when your DNA was pure, free from disease, and bring it forward to this lifetime and integrate the pure DNA. By integrating the new pure DNA, the disease will never come back. That is what a quantum individual would do.

Wouldn’t you choose a reality that has unlimited potential and creativity?

You will gain a more centered life view which creates the potential for you to live with a more sense of purpose and direction if you choose to.

The supreme accomplishment of human beings is to attain this level of attention while retaining the life-force.

You will be able to relax into this alternate state of conscious without fear of getting lost in the process.

In order to explore this new element we have had to free our bodies of the existing energies (physical denseness) that have kept us earth-bound. Practicing, perfecting and trusting in our abilities on these journeys are our keys to success.

You will be able to understand and/or communicate multi-dimensionally and have better access to multidimensional “intent” that is in the “unified field”.

This level relates to reclaiming the power and energy that you have lost during this lifetime. Your level of awareness is linked to the amount of power and energy that you have available to you. The ideal condition is… a lot of energy, perfect control and sobriety.

At this point in time you do not have access to all the levels of your DNA. After the work is done with the Carotid Gland, you can awaken your DNA. You can open the doorway to the spiritual things that you have studied and learned in the past and this will be yours again.

We alter and strengthen various energetic centers that assist you with the flow and storage of energy. We cannot believe how different it is to go out in public places such as malls, grocery store, sporting events or just driving when there is a lot of traffic.

This level balances the elements of EARTH, WATER, AIR AND FIRE to the point of Quintessence making it no longer hidden or implied. By taking this power back, we are told you may have the ability to diagnose and heal yourself more naturally. In order to do this we have to go back through all of your past lifetimes reclaiming the elements from those lifetimes.

This level expands the gold light exercise and kicks it up a notch or two thus helping us stay centered and grounded.

The purpose of this center of energy is to screen vibration-like information or data that is coming to us. It acts like a filter or decoder that makes illegible information to this human form legible or more understandable.

We can receive energy and information directly from Source, via our Oversoul. The axiatonal lines and the spin points are actually part of our etheric blueprint as is the new axial circulatory system. This system connects the spin points that lie along the acupuncture meridians to spin points in every cell in our physical body.

By doing this level and practicing the exercises you will feel more whole as a multi-dimensional being and it helps you to become more in tune with your world(s).

We have found after doing this work, energy flows easier, things seems to be manifesting in a more rapid, controlled state in all aspects of our life. Channeling is much clearer and “cleaner” and understandable.


Segment H:  Phase 2 – New Beginnings

You “suddenly… have had it”… and the world, for a bit, becomes off kilter. So what is happening? What is going on?

Are we here or there, up or down, or in or out? You can’t describe this as being like a roller-coaster ride because we are being pulled in so many different directions all at the same time.

Your HEART must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Divine or Creative Energy which will be so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.   Is your HEART open?  Do you possess the key?

The key to individual and planetary liberation is to connect vertically, horizontally and spherically.  Is your head spinning yet, if not, it should be?

If we anchor our energy into the 3rd dimension, will this limit us? Does it “bind” us to just the 3rd dimension or is it the first step we should take in merging with all the dimensions?

The world is within us all… if we aren’t whole, neither is it. Can you find the courage to shed light on your remaining hidden pockets of inauthenticity and Love, LOVE, Love  yourself through to divine impeccability?

1. Our Pivotal (Infinity) Chakra will be awakened/activated.
2. It will strengthen our connection to Mother Earth.
3. The next step in learning how to time travel with the new merkaba.
4. Restore our inner connection to Source.
5. Connects us, Humanity to the Elemental Kingdom which balances out the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Stopping the aging processes in our bodies

Removing all the layers of protection from each cell revealing the brilliance of your inner core

This chapter of work offers you the baton to your cellular orchestra (human body). We serve as your concert master/mistress, getting everything in tune and focused. Then you take center stage, pick up your baton and begin to play your soul’s human concert.

Once you have successfully connected with the “New Vibrational Earth, 2.0” and your vibration has increased to a certain frequency, you will feel a very definite energetic tug of war within you. We literally unplug all of your lifetimes that you have lived on the “Old Vibrational Earth, 1.0” so you can fully exist in the new vibration. It is just like upgrading your cell phone, new phone – same phone number.

Our filters have been removed so we can interpret messages from source that coincides with our purpose.

We need to address the patterns, habits, beliefs in the multidimensional levels where these patterns, cycles of time and experiences reside.

The inner most core is an area that you have stored and hidden from the outside world. When you look for this it will feel solid and cement like. Chapter 14 is getting rid of this cement-like tomb that has now become part of your reality.

The function of the brain must change in the course of the ascension process. By opening the left brain portal, human consciousness opens for the multidimensionality of the higher realms. The left and right brain become connected in the ascension process so that both emotionality and spirituality are synchronized (working together).

By awakening our multidimensional mid-brain, we will increase our ability to receive and transmit Light and Energy (vibration or sound and can include colors) in the mode that is needed at the time of transmission.

This chapter involves clearing, balancing, activating and connecting your chakras on many different dimensional and multidimensional levels which will eventually activate your Immortal Body of Light.

Why are we here? We hold the vibration and blueprint for what the world is becoming. In order to do this we need to be clearer (by getting rid of our personal patterns) and more centered which will allow us to channel more energy. By doing so, everyone will remain calmer in the area we live.

By energetically installing a vibrational capacitor, you will be able to handle the higher vibrations and light that is required at this time without burning out. The higher to lower vibrations and light can only ascend and descend so far without assistance. The vibrational capacitor is what we need now.

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