Phase 2 – Chapter 11: Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth


There may be a problem that is coming up.  We have anchored ourselves in the “Old Vibrational Earth, 1.0” for many lifetimes.  With the previous Chapters of our work, we have progressed and anchored ourselves in the “New Vibrational Earth, 2.0” in Chapter 7.  As we get more comfortable with the higher vibrations there will come a time when you will need to separate from the old vibrational earth.  Chapter 11:  Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth,  is literally what we will be doing.  If you feel as though you are in an energetic tug of war.  You need this work.

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Chapter 11 – Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth

The winds of change have not abated and neither are they about to.  We hear groans of agony from many of you, but just be assured that you will find encouragement and support, not destruction and chaos.  You chose your destiny a long time ago by opening yourselves up for these new energetic emissions.  By opening yourselves up even more – these winds will literally fill your sails and give you better momentum towards your destination.  What some people will be construed as a devastating blow to their dreams, will for you become a mighty push in the back to continue forward.

There are many people still clinging on to the loosening roots that keep them tethered to the old, it will not be good news.  For this time, the roots will finally start to give way and unless they shift their grip and grab on to something more substantial such as you have, they will find themselves in a free fall towards seeming oblivion.  We all have a choice, the choice is an open one for those who have not decided.  The timeframe for the final decision is not an indefinite one.  There will come a turning point that says yes or no, as in “yes, I want to relinquish my grip on the old” or “no, I refuse to open my eyes and my heart to this powerful light.”  Remember, the old cannot survive in this powerful light that keeps pouring in, for it cannot thrive in such a high vibration that is becoming the new source for this whole planet.  Mother Earth has already started to hum to a different tune than before and as such, everyone not humming alongside her will feel out of tune in all sorts of ways.  So, for those still putting their fingers in their ears to block out the sound of NOW, it will be a hard time ahead.  Everyone can sing along with this new heavenly tune or vibration if they want to.  No one is excluded, all it takes is to literally unplug their ears and their heart and the song itself will fill them up to overflowing.

This is a choice that each member of the human race must take for themselves and it is a choice that must be taken on a soul level, not a superficial one.  For then, and only then, will you start to listen with your heart, and that is the one way to be able to join in this uplifting choir of human voices that already singing along with that beautiful tune of the heavens above and the Earth below.

There may be a problem that is coming up.  We have anchored ourselves in the “Old Vibrational Earth” for many lifetimes.  With the previous Chapters of our work, we have progressed and anchored ourselves in the new vibrational Earth in Chapter 7.  Chapter 11:  Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth,  is literally what we will be doing.

If you can imagine Lily Tomlin using the old phone systems where the operator would take a phone plugs (Concentric Plug) and grounded circuit in to the main telephone circuit board which connected you into polarity.  What we will be doing is disconnecting all the lifetimes that you have lived from the old Earth.


The early telephone cords were made up of two wires or sides of a telephone line, termed tip and ring.  These terms originate from the early days of telephone service when concentric plugs were used that had one wire connected to the plug tip and another to the ring on the shaft.  When this was inserted into ta socket, a telephone connector world first connect the grounded circuit side on the tip, followed by the active battery potential on the ring.  In the United Kingdom, tip and ring are referred to as the ‘A’ (Earth) and ‘B’ (battery) wires.

Remember you have already downloaded ALL the valuable information from the lifetimes that are pertinent to you and your purpose.  You will innately know things and wonder to yourself, “How did I know how to do this or that skill?”

As with our Human Mother along with the energy of Mother Earth, we inherit three major energies (essence, vitality and spirit) at birth.  The difference with the two mothers, is that the umbilical cord is cut from our human mother.  At the time our umbilical cord was cut our connection to Mother Earth was formed for this was our new source of nourishment.  We have already plugged our energy into the New Earth.  We need to be unplugged from the Old Earth.

Essence Energy – is the most concentrated or dense vibrating energy.  It is associated most closely with our physical body.  It is located in the lower chakras area along with the Kidney Organ System which includes the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova.  It is considered to be the root of our Vitality, the physical substance out of which our life unfolds.  Our essence can be lost through excessive stress or worry.  It is also depleted in men via excessive sexual activity and in women via abnormally heavy menstruation.  Your essence can be restored through dietary and supplements as well as through regular physical exercise.

Vitality Energy – our life-force energy is that which animates our bodies which allows movement of all sorts.  This includes the movement of breath in and our of our lungs, the movement of blood through the vessels, the functioning of the various organ systems, etc.  Vitality Energy is located in the stomach area of the physical body and is associated with the liver and spleen organ systems.

Spirit or Mind Energy – is the largest sense and is radiant.  The spirit energy is located in the chest area and is associated with the Heart Organ System.  It is the spiritual radiance that can be seen shining through a person’s eyes – the emanation of a universal loving-kindness, compassion and enlightened power.  It is almost as if an individuals heart brimming with wisdom, forgiveness and generosity.  So spiritual energy can be witnessed as radiance – what allows it to actually be a source of light.  The brightness of this light depends on the cultivation of the essence energy and vitality energy.  It is only through the temple of a strong and balanced body that a radiant Spirit can shine.

So, if you are eating and resting well, breathing properly and exercising gently, and not feeling tired, most of the time you are not tapping into your Essence Energy because you are using the daily acquired Vitality Energy for regular activities.  Again, your Vitality Energy comes from food, air, rest, etc. and can be easily replenished, whereas you Essence Energy cannot.

Releasing the old vibrational earth is or can be quite emotional.  She has been with us and nurtured us through sickness and health.  This connection has sustained our life and I am grateful for this connection.  Remember this shift is something that we have been working toward for many, many lifetimes and the time to release is now.

So why would you consider this…






This internal “tug of war” situation causes energetic pressure to rise within each of you.  There will be parts of you that wish to “go back,” and there will be parts of you actively wanting to move forward.

It is time to pull the plug so we can BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE.  This chapter will take us 8+ days to complete working over three hours each evening depending on your readiness factor.



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