Phase 2 – Chapter 12: The Power of Re-interpretation


In order to get rid of all our old patterning, it has felt as though our physical body was totally destroyed. This chapter basically is the recreation of a new human vessel with new and improved parts on a cellular level for our multidimensional experience. Our filters have been removed so we can interpret messages from source that coincides with our purpose.

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Chapter 12 – The Power of Re-interpretation

With everything that has been going on around us, it feels as though we are in a grand cycle of destruction and creating ourselves anew.  It feels like we are being pulled apart, and then put back together with new improved parts creating a new vessel for our human multidimensional experience. This process is very dramatic but is all part of the ongoing upgrading that EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN AND BEYOND, is in a flux of changing.  This is all about remaining flexible so we can easily evolve, grow and develop new ways of learning.  As new things are mastered and learned, our cells again go through processes of being upgraded with more potential.

We are becoming a completely new being remodeled from the inside out, particle by particle, atom by atom, single cell by single cell.  They are not being replaced by mere copies of themselves, but are being replace by more advanced copies of themselves.

OPENING THE DOORWAY TO CO-CREATION… is Chapter 12.  We feel that this is the last chapter in this series. Nothing is by chance. Everything has been programmed to act in a certain way.  The only thing that can alter this is our own free will.  As our vibration increases, we gain more responsibility and have more access to information as these doorways open.  We have to learn and think in different ways.  We were watching a show the other evening and the statement was made, “If you want to solve this crime, you need to think like a criminal, not like a detective.”  Another thought along this line, a few years ago people were wearing bracelets that had the letters on it, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), which applies to this analogy.

The only difference is that when we more firmly establish our form of communication with God or Source, we will be communicating with Source and our Source within us and the Source within others and all things.

Recipe for Communicating – What Would Source Do (WWSD)… You first will start with an idea.  What kind of research do I need to do to see if this idea is valid?  You can write this idea down and also formulate a plan on how to do your research.  Are there people in the know?  Can you do searches on the internet?  Who can assist you in refining your search, your network of friends?  You never know who may know someone with the knowledge that you are seeking?

We are part of the “Source Machine” or plan.  We all have an individual purpose and function.  There is a master plan.  If you trace the voice or voices that provide you with thoughts ideas or answers… it all comes down to one single thing… one single operator, the governing force behind it all, namely that would be the “Voice of the Creator… Source or God.”  You know you are part of this voice and a product of this voice.  All parts of you, body, mind and spirit, are becoming a multidimensional being.  It takes your voice, along with an infinite number of voices to fulfill the creators plan.  Sometimes you may feel this plan is chaotic, but it is the only recipe for creation.

Everything needs to communicate with everything else, like a choir of voices all talking to each other divulging their secrets.  Everyone has full access to “Universal Mind” so there are no real secrets in Creation, for every single particle, every single fraction of it is privy to what everyone else is doing.

Consider yourself and everything (every minuscule particle) that makes up you and your physical vessel. Your physical vessel has been constructed by these particles from the Sea of Possibilities; all of those single particles are behaving both as singular specimens, but also as one coherent object.  It is like your human vessel is in fact walking inside a cloud of single minded entities, coalescing to form a single minded being.

It takes each particle of your human vessel to be aware and open to receive information from God or Source, decode this information and bring it into our reality through whichever media available to the individual.  We need to be creative.  For creation is what happens when two different sides collide and in this case, it is energy and consciousness.  The ghost of consciousness needs to rub against the slightly less intangible form of energy in order to create mass.  You and I are the voices, the whisper, that insistent voice speaking out to become from the Sea of Possibility, but we are also that being created from this Sea of Possibility, by millions upon millions of obedient particles coming together to form themselves, but also to form a whole wherein you can reside.

You are a vital and living part of this transformation.  It’s like magic, and you are the one that makes this magic happen.  It has come to be that you will be asked to share this secret with the rest of the creator gods that walk unwittingly around on this planet alongside you.  You have been let in on the secret, but many others have not, soon they will and then this will all take a whole new turn as they all start from scratch all over again by recreating themselves as you have done.

Think about it, from light, air, water, basic minerals found in the crust of the earth, and time, (at lease 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell) the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.

We are in this grand cycle of change.  It is as if we have been going through a process of destruction which involved the breaking up of old outdated patterns that no longer apply.  It is about evolving, growing, developing by way of learning and are now in the process of self creation.  We are becoming new by being completely remodeled from the inside out, particle by particle, atom by atom, single cell by single cell.  Your being is becoming new, the untouched, the untried, the virgin territory of uncounted possibilities.  This must be done in order to survive and thrive in this new energetic environment.

We are here to play out the games of peace, the ones that will give new light to the word learning to live from love.  This is not what we have been accustomed to in our old physical form.  For then, it was all about learning by living under a superimposed yoke of fear, a yoke that now has been dismantled for us to the point that it has lost its powers over us.

This morning as we were driving along a road that we have driven on hundreds of times, it seemed as though we had never been on the road before.  It was very foggy so we had to pay attention to every turn in the road.  When we went over a bridge you could not see the bottom.  The thought that everything is the same came to mind but it really is not the same.  YOU REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION.

As we were experiencing this new world, Diane looked at me and said that all of our guides/angels have changed.  Our guides, angels, advisors, fairies, gnomes, etc., also have to make the transition to the new world.  It doesn’t mean that they will not come back to us; they may, for choices are being made on more levels than we can imagine.  This is another reason we may feel alone in a New World.

The human race has no reference point for anything that is unfolding at this time and if you allow the human mind to teach you as it has in the past, you will go into a sort of holding pattern and you will end up trying to “control” instead of allowing everything to “flow”.

 In order to allow flow, you must allow your SELF to adapt, to change routines and allow new experiences to unfold.  There is a natural rhythm to life in the universe.  Learn to feel the rhythm and allow yourself to sing.  All Are One means that All are in Harmony.  So start humming…

Much of this chapter of work includes clearing the past dimensional timelines which will help you to come into full alignment in this dimensional timeline for this is the only one in which we move into the new earth in truth.  There are many things that appear to be something they are not.  We need to develop our awareness because it is relatively easy to fall into the optical illusion that is life on planet earth and not Check the vibration of what is being shown to you.  You will also be able to receive pure light.  These light waves are different and are as a result of the recent solar flares.  Our physical bodies will be like Pure Conduits for this light.

After this chapter of work has been done, we invite you to sit down and get reconnected with the brand new you, for trust us when we say, there is not one single part of you that has not been dismantled and resurrected in such a way, you will need some time to really and truly feel completely at home in your new vessel.  It is YOU, that will become the voice of consciousness, the creator that has provided you with this formidable vehicle to interpret information being sent to you via the Sea of Possibilities and it is YOU who has asked for this chance to re-educate yourself to the ways of receiving, interpreting and dispensing the valid information that fits with your interests and brings you joy and happiness.  YOU are the creator of yourself; you are a house guest, so treat yourself with the utmost of respect, for you certainly deserve it, every single little fraction of you.

Our path has not been clear, we have not been able to see ahead because of the dense fog but yet we know deep inside that if we take the next step there will be something under our feet.  This chapter of work leads you down the pat to the doorway to the “Sea of Possibilities” which will enable your new physical vessel to interpret the information that the Creator or Source is providing for you.  You are needed as an interpreter and communicator of this information.

So… again we say, Chapter 12 completes the multidimensional dozen.  We don’t know where it will go from here but we remain open to the possibilities.  This chapter should be done as soon as feasibly possible.



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