Level 05: Going Through the Universal Veil of Fears


There are five steps to level five. This phase is honoring yourself for all the work you have done in this lifetime, recommitting, reconnecting and releasing.   The steps are like levels of self-discovery and clearing on the deepest levels that you can imagine.  This Phase gives you more access to the other dimensions. Cost $550.00

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Going Through the Universal Veil of Fears

To explain this level, we have to back track a bit.  As you have completed each level, you have been universally “readied” for something by the Divine.  Each of us, as we have processed, has at times wondered what the heck it was all about, but did it anyway.  As we cleared, we would be shown glimpses and be given insights – we all figured out it was something about ascension (but this word has become a Kleenex word of the New Age… no one really know what it means).  Level Five is truly “Walking Between the Worlds”.  You are all at a crossroads – you’ve worked very hard for completion in this lifetime – the good news is that you have done it; the ishy news is that you have another choice to make.  There are three choices (kinda like answers on a multiple-choice test, only this time all are correct.)

1.      Death/Rebirth.  You die a physical death and are reborn into another body.  This is like the reincarnation process; only you are not doing it karmically, but instead by choice.  You make the decision for some reason known only to you.  You may do it because your body is just too worn out to continue in the physical form it is presently in… Who Knows????  Doesn’t really matter, but it is a viable choice.  You will do your purpose just the same as it is now, but in another body.  You could be “reborn” into a baby or walk-into an adult body.

2.      Ascension as Jesus did it.  You die a physical death, but become spirit to continue your purpose/ mission.  Another viable choice.  Individuals who choose this one, just don’t want to be in a physical body anymore.  Nothing wrong with this choice.

3.      Ascension in your physical body—-Walking Between the Worlds.  You “do” the ascension while in your physical body—awake and present during the process.  Your body goes through the void, the dark side of soul, etc.  It is like it quickly dies and rebirths itself physically… you appear to be the same, you look the same, but truly become multidimensional.  This also is an option.  Not the only choice, but a choice.

Soooooooooooooooo, you have choices.  You absolutely cannot make the wrong choice.  Level 5 is all about being lead through the veil of fears that surrounds the earth.  You will be gently led through it to the other side, into the other dimensions.  As you “capture” the feeling on the other side, it will never leave you.  It is called “Being beyond the grid of fears”.  You think, feel, and act differently when you are in this place.  As time proceeds, it gets easier and easier to maintain the “feeling”, the balance, the freedom.

For now, there is an assignment or two to help you.

1.      Letter of Intent

You write a letter of intent to the universe.  Acceptance of who you are in your totality.  This means physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.  Acceptance of your mission/purpose.  You may not be clear on exactly what it is, but acceptance of the fact that you are here for some reason.  Commitment to doing this mission/purpose in the physical on the physical plane.  This does not mean you are just physical, it means that you accept having a physical body while doing your projects associated with your mission/purpose. After you complete your letter outlining your acceptance and commitment, burn it – send it off into the universe.

2.      Personal Pilgrimage.

In comparison to the Ancient Ones, The Egyptians, Mayans, various indigent Indian tribes, etc., who had to do their initiations in sometimes extreme rigid, ceremonial steps, conditions and places (pyramid chamber, kivas, caves, etc), your life has been your series of initiations.  Did you hear this???? YOURLIFE has been your series of initiations.  This means just by living in this time of planetary evolution… you have gone through your series of initiations.  You’ve been doing them since your birth this lifetime.  That makes you unique and very special. You are the one the ancients prophesized about.  Instead of the rigid steps that others in the past lifetimes had to follow, each initiation often taking en entire lifetime, you have lived your initiation.  Gregg Braden has written much about this time of NO Time that the Ancient Civilizations predicted.  Even in this lifetime, great writers such as Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey channeled profound information on Ascension that is too rigid and not necessarily applicable to you.  It isn’t that their way doesn’t “work” or wasn’t correct.  It was just written for the time they lived in.  Even the most prophetic writers didn’t “know” exactly what this time would be – because it hadn’t happened.  You are truly the ones who are living in the Hopi term of “NO TIME”.  You chose prior to coming in .. in this lifetime, the opportunity to “Walk Between the Worlds.”

Soo, for this step, you take a personal pilgrimage for a half a day or more to a place that is special to you.  It can be to a nearby park, a lake, the MN North shore, and a sacred site, any place special to you. Take along paper and writing utensils.  Meditate, contemplate, pray, walk, sit (whatever you are comfortable with) and go over your life.  As you do this, jot down all the events that brought you to where you are today.  They do not need to be in chronological order or only the positive events in your life , we have learned from the seemingly negative events, also.… just write them down, nonjudgmentally. Joshua Stone in one of this Ascension books wrote down his steps to ascension – which are unique to him.  They total 420.  He includes profound things like his study of religions, the Course of Miracles, Alice Bailey’s work, the 22 Sacred Paths of Yoga, The Teaching of the Masters, etc, but also, he includes learning joy, learning to laugh, dealing with mistakes, exercise, healthy diets, cleanliness, hypnosis, giving up arguing, chanting, drumming, silence, not having  gurus, homeopathic medicine, etc. as essential steps for him.  (Remember your list will be unique to YOU, so it will differ from his.)  Your life has been your initiation.

Your initiations/relationships have brought you to where you are today.  List them, celebrate them.  This day(s) of personal pilgrimage is for you.  Enjoy. Do not skip this step.  You might want to take a look at Joshua David Stone’s list in Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing, Volume 8, pages 195-205.  Don’t go buy the book, just pick it up and look at his list if you need a reference.  You will soon discover that you have had lots of initiations in this lifetime.  Keep this list as a reference for you to look over every once and awhile to see what this lifetime has been all about.  Keep adding to it, your life is ongoing.

3.      Energy Flow of the Well of Dreams — a MUST exercise to incorporate into practice. Remember that chakra (Well of Dreams Chakra) at the back of the base of your skull?  Well, you are going to fun some energy into it and create a cool infinity sign within you.  Send the energy into the Well of Dreams;  Send the energy from there up out the front of the Third eye Chakra; Continue the energy and loop around the back of the body into the back of the Heart Chakra;  Bring it into the middle of the body and shoot it up through the Crown Chakra;  Curve the energy around towards the front of you and bring it back into the front of the Heart Chakra, into the middle of the body up through the Crown to join the flow going around to the back of the heart.

Last of all, enjoy… remember there are no wrong choices……



Price: $550.00

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