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Phase 2 – Chapter 16: Awakening the Multidimensional Mid-Brain


The multidimensional mid-brain is a dense, seemingly rock solid, impenetrable area of our brain that need work as we journey towards our multidimensional “beingness”.  When we learn to accept and realize that we are multidimensional beings, the life we planned for was a limited concept of ourselves and no longer fits.  Our multidimensional mid-brain will expand your ability to receive and transmit Light and Energy (vibration or sound and can include colors) in the mode that is needed at the time of transmission.


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Chapter 16: Awakening the Multidimensional Mid-Brain

The human mid-brain is perhaps the densest part of physical body.  Our mind contains so much information and we feel that if we open it up to allow the energy to flow, we will lose all that we have learned or will actually lose our mind. So, now we are turning our attention towards this seemingly rock solid, impenetrable area as we journey towards our multidimensional “beingness”.

Changes are happening at such an increased rate that it is difficult to predict not only what is happening tomorrow but what is going to happen in the next hour.  Our life has become more like the Seattle weather and the many different convergence zones.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Seattle area, we have the Olympic Mountain Range to the West and the Cascade Mountain Range to the East of us with the Puget Sound.  The Puget Sound is salt water and is affected by the tides.  The inward and outward flow of the tide is like Mother Earth taking a breath of air for tides brings life and nourishment.

Sometimes shifts or changes are occurring in our (Loren and Diane) bodies and we have been guided to put language to what is happening so we can assist others who are ready for this process.  The shifts we are undergoing have to do with recognizing ourselves as being more than physical and human.  The current physical aspects of ourselves are a very small part of who we are.  It is like we are having a battle within ourselves. On one side, our higher self is reaching towards the stars with expanded consciousness, greater knowledge and a better connection with God or Source.  The counter balance to this is the physicalness which continues to bring out our humanity, how we ground and connect with Earth, our orientation in time and our relationships with each other.

We are not alone here.  The TRIBE that we have created also helps us ground and keep us physical – this does include our guides, angels, spirit animals, etc.  But we are more than physical. When we learn to accept and realize that we are multidimensional beings, the life we planned for was a limited concept of ourselves and no longer fits.

Some of our old belief systems (religious) dealt with polarity, the dichotomy between things spiritual and physical.  As we have and are continuing to clear our physical bodies of these beliefs that we were programed with, it boils down to the fact that we need to be in BALANCE which allows us to access more and more realms of consciousness.  We balance our physical body. We balance our etheric body.  We balance our spiritual body.  We do each of these separately.  NO MORE!!!  This is what part of the problem has been.

There has been such an increase in energy flow that almost feels like we are going to blow a fuse.  The exercises that we are developing will help you deal with this great influx light and the vibration that are flowing through the core of our essence.  It is causing us to make plans, set goals, etc. because that is what we have done in the past and it does not work right now.  The other characteristics are depression, frustration, and an insatiable yearning for what we do not know.

As we are getting closer and closer to being who we are meant to be we have got to take a look at these vibrations.  You just have to go out and take a look around and see how many people are listening to music via using iPods or MP3 Players, playing music on car radios, in malls, in elevators, in stores, etc.  It seems that some people anger more easily to the point of causing harm to people around them.

The emotions and feelings that are moving through us now are not meant to be resolved at this time.  Nor can these feelings and emotions be released at this time. In fact, it is really impossible for us to resolve or release them – parts of us are ready while parts of us are still locked in the third dimension.

Everything is NOW.  Everything is HERE.  In the Universe of Your Perception, everything is YOU.  Watch without interference. Interpret without prejudice and, when situations indicate, Act without Hesitation.  The Power of ONE dwells fully within you NOW.

Part 1:  Awakening the Multidimensional Mid-Brain

What this appears to us is having the ability to allow more energy and light into the physical body. Right now, believe it or not, we are only receiving a partial amount that is there for us to use.  By doing this chapter, our multidimensional mid-brain will expand your ability to receive and transmit Light and Energy (vibration or sound and can include colors) in the mode that is needed at the time of transmission.  You as an individual do not have to determine what is happening at the time you transmit your thought or the intent of your thought but you have to have the original thought at the time. The clearer we are of our personal issues the better the transmissions will be, that is why it is so important for us to be in our body.  As time goes on you will have the intuitive ability to add additional layers and awareness to your work.

For those of you who do your work multi-dimensionally through meditation, dream state, hands on healing, visualizations focused on problem areas of the Earth or Universe, this chapter will enhance your abilities to ground as well as the areas your purpose directs your attention. You will learn to be more aware of exactly what and how once you begin to recognize you talents and inner abilities.

The image that I get as a result of this work is a multi-faceted crystal like lotus flower with bright light radiating from deep inside the flower and as light passes through the crystal petals this light can refract into rainbows of light.

Our physical eyes may be more sensitive to light as we integrate this work.  You may find that you will need to wear sun glasses even on cloudy days.  You may even start to see energy radiating from things that you have not seen before.  This is not a physical visual problem that you need to have checked out.  You are not developing cataracts.

Now is a time to look at who you are and what you have become.  Many issues in our life have been mirrored back to us through other people so we could know what we need to work on with ourselves.  Many of these issues we chose to ignore until these issues continued to be repeated again and again until we realized what the message was that we were supposed to learn and change.  We continue to work and adjust every day for it is a never ending process.

We need to be in balance with our male and female energy and by doing so we will be able to develop our intuition.  Our individual latent abilities, and our spiritual potential, we need to feel our way into deeper experience of that feeling-oriented, and developing the words to describe what we are experiencing.  We need to become more accustomed to using language to describe or interpret the symbols, pictures and sensations that are being presented to us.  Learning the art of paying attention to your intuition, you will need a little practice before you achieve proficiency.  YOU are the one who needs to interpret your symbols and pictures for they have been presented to you and will mean something to you.  If you ask someone else what something means to them, this information may be skewed and interpreted differently than intended.  So… be receptive to the “small voice within and the symbols and images of your intuition.  The more you pay attention to your intuitive insights, the more you grow to realize how profoundly correct they are.

Do we still have unimaginable potential just waiting to be unlocked?  When you examine the functioning of the human brain, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Part 2:  Tuning the Mid-Brain and Physical Body

We have the power to create physical health and mental health, simply by paying attention to the tapes running in our minds.  We have the option to let that tape keep running or to make a new recording.  We harness the power of the mind in our defense when we choose supportive, healing words that foster good health and high spirits.  All we need to do is remember to tend the fields of our mind with the attentive and loving had of a master gardener tending their flower beds or garden, culling out the weeds so that the blossoms may come to fruition.

Through the activation of our light, we do have to float for a while to release the limiting mentalities, the cords and attachments ad to hold the frequency of our higher aspects light.  This can be one long phase or “on and off” over the separation of time.  There is a time we all have to process or to come down.  This too can happen in increments over time or it can be a crash landing, depending on the journey we have chosen.

We expand; we land and repeat the process.  This is how we Quantum Jump and anchor all in the physical here on Earth.  Each landing can be abrupt until we learn the process.  It takes our awareness each time to do this easier.

Fusing other dimensions in this physical body can be challenging; we are not going anywhere, we are in a different physical dimension and different timelines, continually.  We master the physical and integrate all into one.  We walk in multiple dimensions, simultaneously and we move between them all constantly, simultaneously, without completely losing our mind.  Our existence is a purification process, a remembering ourselves as divine love again.  No more separation, no more struggle inside, no more inner fight.

Time Travel occurs within each individual every day.  It happens quickly and we rarely notice that anything unusual has happened.  The experience of traveling in time requires a certain Mind State decelerated enough that our third dimension senses can pick up on it.  Most of that mental “software” is safety sealed – so we cannot open and utilize it until our consciousness reaches a certain “pitch” on the vibratory scale (That acceleration of pitch and the expanded perception which naturally accompanies it which is the essence of what is happening with the mid-brain and multidimensionality.).

As you know the earth’s vibrational rate (Schuman Resonance) was 7.  Or folks use the number 8 — for years and years…. It was literally locked into this rate – however – in the past 20 years or so, it has increased and has a range from 8 to ????.  What is the vibrational frequency of the earth?  The Schumann Frequencies are the ‘sound’ of the earth.  It’s like hearing the sound of a big drum, with that drum being the earth’s resonant cavity. Only a few days ago, the Schumann frequency hit 16.5.


The vibrational rate depends upon where YOU are individually – Group energy vs individual vibrational rate.  It appears as though our mid brain is our “hold out” to keep us from having our whole body vibrate multidimensionally.  That is why we can readily soul travel – taking everything with us everywhere except the body… Now is the time to consciously be able to actually be multidimensional.

Multidimensional means ALL dimensions… our beliefs differ from folks – we have been told by our guides, that this means we will be all dimensions – not traveling from one to another but a melding of all. This definition is different with this chapter of work than with previous chapters.  Remember the third dimension is a dimension…. We will have access to it and all others…


This chapter of work involves us working with the mid brain getting it prepared to increase its vibrational rate and when that is done, introducing vibrational ways to assist the mid brain to slowly adjust the vibration to the needed vibration.

As forms of like in nature grow in spirals,

two spirals from the unified field

balance each other and open

a gateway to transformation.

Together people and dolphins enter

the universal celebration of co-creation.

Awakening the crystalline matrix of our bodies,

releasing the thoughtforms of separation,

and radiating the loving harmonics of communion.

                     Joan Ocean


All the work you have done with us so far has prepared you for Chapter 16.  Due to the complexities and time involved, this chapter will cost $1750. I know this sounds terribly high, but it really does take a LOT of our time and energy.  Let us know…



Price: $1750.00

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