Phase 2 – Chapter 17: Multidimensional Immortal Body of Light


Our dense material body is subject to gravity, time and dimensional vibrations. Our physical, third dimensional chakras become unbalanced as well as our multidimensional chakras. This chapter involves clearing, balancing, activating and connecting your chakras on many different dimensional and multidimensional levels. Your Multidimensional Immortal Body of light will be activated when your vibration reaches the proper harmonic resonance.


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Chapter 17: Multidimensional Immortal Body of Light

Our dense, clunky, material body is subject to gravity, time and dimensional harmonics.  It requires a great deal of energy to maintain physicality.  This energy comes in part from our physical surroundings, but a much larger portion of energy is programmed into the Zero-Point Field to hold matter into its programmatic bond.

Our physical being is not used to experiencing such density, you often feel depressed, anxious, stressed, pressured, heavy, dark, morose, even angry and frustrated and out of touch with your true nature.

The gifts given to us in the form of expressing and experimenting with physicality is that our Divine Lightness incarnates as Spirit has NO limitations at all.  It is INFINITE.

The fact is simply this… WE WERE NOT BORN HERE… we simultaneously descended and ascended into this physical realm, experiencing the illusion of duality firsthand by our very manifestation of pure potentiality into physicality.  Bit by bit we descended Simultaneously, bit by bit we also ascended.  This is why you may have cognitive remembrances of both rising into form and falling into our current state of beingness.

Our awareness of unity, oneness and how to manifest the creative divine light throughout the universe and to make divine light in the densest parts of the universe while in our physicality was lost bit by bit as we descended into our denser, Earthly body.  Likewise, our earthly body bit by bit ascended up through the underworlds to meet us in the womb of our mother.  Soon after it is borne, however, egoic mind and matter manifest into separateness, forgetting it is not separate from the earth it inhabits.  We forget what is ours and what is not ours.  What we borrow and what we are.  We borrow the physical form from the material plane.  We are not of the material plane but from realms beyond it.

In order to incarnate in the physical body, we descended through many encoded realms.  Some of us made deliberate choices to stop at specific realms, others of us made it through all of the encoded realms to land heavily into the physical body in preparation for birth.  We enter a material form to manifest as a spirit in a living body bidirectionally, simultaneously. In order to incarnate in a dense physical body, our spirit has to travel through many portals or gates.  It is like we have to have the correct codes in order for us to incarnate in the right time/space/dimensional realm.  These codes translated to the corresponding chakras.

Most people are well-aware of chakras.  They are spiritual organs that emit energy, thus forming the world around us.  Most people assume there are seven chakras.  The base chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.  While it is true, that most human activities and actions do take place on these levels, these chakras are far from the only ones.

We also have to bring down our Diving Light through the dozen Heavens which are also laced with 13 encoded matrices that are the ascending Harmonic Realms, 12 of which we descended through into the physical body just so we could experience physicality and have access to our creative consciousness at the same time.

There are chakras, both above Sahasrara, and below Muladhara, as well as minor chakras all across the body.   The sub-muladhara chakras are the chakras that can be considered most evil (but aren’t evil – we consider them negative but they are a part of us), as they represent base urges and instinct.  These chakras are located in the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and the soles of the feet.

  1. Atala:  The first lower chakra, located in the hips, governs the state of mind called fear, which is truly a bottomless abyss.  Someone in this consciousness fears death, fears life, even fears God and other people.  This center is also the home of lust and promiscuity.
  2. Vitala:  Here anger predominates, and burning resentment.  Anger comes from despair, confusion, frustration or lack of understanding.  People in the consciousness of this chakra, centered in the thighs, are always wrathful, mad at the world, even angry at God.
  3. Sutala: This chakra, found in the knees, governs jealousy, wanting what one can’t have.  Jealousy is a feeling of inadequacy, inferiority and helplessness.  People in sutala consciousness covet everything, often deny the existence of God and are contentiously combative.
  4. Talatala: Prolonged confusion dominates here, giving rise to instinctive willfulness:  to get rather than give, to push others around and pursue materialistic advancement over all else.  Greed and deceit prevail in this dog-eat-dog state of mind, centered in the calves.
  5. Rasatala: This chakra of the ankles is the true home of the animal nature.  Unmitigated selfishness prevails, of seeing to the well-being of “number one” first.  The suffering of others is of no concern.  Jealousy, anger and fear are intense, even high, states of consciousness.
  6. Mahatala: This is the realm of consciencelessness, or inner blindness to the effect of one’s actions, of negativity and deep depression.  Those living in this chakra of the feet steal freely, taking what they justify as theirs anyway, feeling that the world “owes them a living.”
  7. Patala: Here, in the soles of the feet, is the abode of destructiveness, revenge, murder for the sake of murder, torture and hatred expressed through harming the properties, minds, emotions and bodies of others.  Hatred and scorn abide here.  Malice reigns supreme.  Reason seldom reaches this state of mind.

The Alpha and Omega chakras exist outside of the physical body.  They have not been addressed in chakra information prior to the late 1980’s and early 90’s. These centers have been dormant for humanity as a whole until the mid-1990’s.  The beginning of the new millennium we all received a mega shot of divine energies to help us remember our true identity.  The Alpha and Omega chakras are finely tuned regulators for electric, magnetic and gravitational waves.  They serve to anchor us to the frequency for the divine structural blueprints for all sentient species.  When open and operating, these centers regulate waves amplitude and frequency.  These waves stimulate and support the flow of life force energy in the 1 ¾ inch tube of Light.  The waves assist in coordinating the physical body’s transformation to the preexisting template of one’s Lightbody.  Our Lightbody (or immortal body of Light) is the primary communication link between the soul, the brain, the center of inner wisdom and universal consciousness.  The Alpha Chakra, located 6-8 inches above and about 2 inches forward from the center of the head, connects one to the immortal body of Light, which vibrates at a level described as ‘completely spiritual’ … no more me, my, mine.  The Omega Chakra, located 8 inches below the end of the spine, connects one to the planetary hologram and to the entire holographic grid of incarnations.  The Alpha Chakra is like the repository of time/space imprints and the Omega Chakra as the key to entering that repository.

We have mainly been focusing on the chakras located in and around our physical body.  It is now time to open the door to work with our chakras that are located in the other dimensions.  Yes… our multi-dimensional chakras.

IT IS TIME TO BALANCE EVERYTHING… Energy balancing is currently under way, bringing everything that is polarized as close to the mid-line as possible.  When people are being infused, especially males… with a High-Level Feminine Vibe… it becomes extremely hard to think.  Don’t try.  Allow your intuition to tell you where to focus, what to do. Be advised, those decisions won’t necessarily seem strategic or even make sense.  Nevertheless, simply follow that flow, the “Dominant Tone” in your consciousness, until mental faculties are brought back on line.  The “Dominant Tone” represents that Focus of Attention which has currently captured the most bandwidth in your perceptual field.  It has “control” of your “steering wheel” for a reason.  Honor that reason for the moment.  There are lessons to be learned.


2016 is the year of Revelation. It is the year in which all the changes that up till now have been happening at a very deep level, or hidden behind a protective veil, are coming to the surface and becoming obvious to even those without intuitive abilities.

It is the year where magic starts to make it back into public awareness, where the Light starts to shine through all the old habits we’ve been hanging on to, where the secrets we’ve been hiding are coming out and where more and more people start to look around and say “Hey, things are different. What happened?”

So much has changed in our world since 2010.

For the longest time, people have been sleep-walking through life, stumbling from habit to habit, barely looking up even when they bump their head, driven by fear and anger and greed, never even realizing how dark a world they lived in.

Now, people are beginning to wake up from their dazed sleep and slowly open their eyes to the world around them.

Waking up is not easy. Waking up means realizing everything is different from anything you’ve known before. It means realizing that much of what you’ve been telling yourself all your life has been a lie, a polite half-truth at most, and that you don’t actually know what’s real and true at all. It means finding that what you’ve done all your life suddenly isn’t working anymore, and people are responding in ways you can’t predict. You’re encountering strange situations you don’t understand, and it’s all very confusing.

To make the process of waking up to a new world easier on people, much of the changes have intentionally been hidden from view. You didn’t have to wake up with bright lights glaring into your face and alarm bells ringing loudly around you. You got to sleep in a little, and now you’re starting to hear some birds chirp and you may smell fresh coffee.

The year of revelation is the time where people all over the world are starting to wake up, rub the sleep out of their eyes, and begin to see what’s around them. Without having to go through years of crazy and intense change, without any fear, they get to slowly discover that their world is more beautiful and colorful than it has ever been, and that the things they’ve been too shy to hope for are coming true. They are beginning to smile.”

Energy is coming in now, hot and heavy. Even those whose Veils are still completely intact are feeling the uneasiness of the New Vibrations which are upon us! Wherever there are weak spots in a person’s constitution, aches and pains may ensue—as well as awakenings of sensation that, in some cases, have never been felt before. Have patience! It all settles in if we give it time. Breathe, Stay well hydrated, and Rest when Necessary.

Watch you don’t get drained, always come back to your own power and get centered.

Be mindful that if you are strongly empathetic you may feel like you are losing yourself to humanity and all its pain. Call yourself back and breathe compassion through your heart.  This way you can be of service without losing your sense of self.

September 2016 was the longest month in the history of everness.  In some ways it was also the most excruciating, and yet, because we have spent so many years preparing for the ultimate (repetitive) death that we would all have to walk through last month, there was also a growing sense of capability… maybe even mastery… as we persevered through some of the oldest demons of our existence one last time.

For those of you who took a final inventory of your most ancient wounds and have fully realized your wholeness… that the defragmentation journey is official over… the door to your new reality is now opening.  This month we begin to make our way into the next 9-year cycle of our divine-human mastery, one that no longer requires suffering in order to evolve/expand/experience life on earth.

It may not feel that way yet as we have been hollowed to a point of near non-existence, but we are still pivoting from empty too full… refilling our love cups with only what is true.  It will continue to be a slow and steady strengthening but our new beginnings are anchoring and we are starting to tap into the new potentials that are fully aligned with our soul’s truth.

As we dissolve our old world identity the new world opens to us which is why we waded through the death of our past self/life for 30 very long, very thorough days… at least half of which we spent engulfed in seas of uncertainty and non-meaning.

It is time now to experience a new/true physical expression of self and so last month was akin to a grand finale moment for many, a last hurrah and final foray in separation… not just the finality of the year, or even the last 9 years… but of lifetime after lifetime of painful/limiting karmic and repetitious patterns.  What that sounds super great, the reality is that this cycle is/was not going out without a fight…

The equinox followed up by the recent black new moon has seen to it that we are/were all presented with a last minute sobering dose of truth… an inner-awakening of falsity that in some cases we had no idea we were upholding, and if we did, it wasn’t until now that we understood why.  In order to complete our sojourn in duality we are all being called in one way or another to rip off the Band-Aid covering our deepest wounds and own up to past choices that may have felt true at the time, but now require us to balance out the effects of our unconscious cause.  Any cold hard consequences that we were misguided into believing to be our truth have finally presented us with the opportunity for radical, Permanent change.

For the rest of 2016, we will all be held to our new truth, asked repetitively to act on it… to make certain that we honor our heart and inner authority over outer authority or other authority, in order to carve out the New (NEURAL) pathway bridging us to the new world/year.

The light at the end of the death/birth tunnel, the eclipse portal, has called all those who are purged of density back home and now that we are beyond September and can view it more objectively, we will begin to notice just how much dead weight we actually dropped.

It has been said before that to get through the eye of the needle means not attachments to the third dimension, but what we found last month is that even the TINIEST little thoughts/feelings/actions that maintained a false sense of security have/had to be relinquished, given over for our greater good.  In some cases, we were even forced to let go of our attachments to letting go.  In the best cases this meant finding some new outcomes to our most painful past experiences… facing our fears with brand new perspectives in lieu of over identification with our wounds.

The extent to which we were successful at this last month will see a radical shift in consciousness this month and onward as the phase of seeking lost parts of ourselves ends and the journey of living spontaneously, courageously, empowered as love begins in earnest.  October will feel like a whole new world is opening up to us.

With such ENERGY ACTIVATIONS awaken and excite elements within us which would otherwise remain dormant.  In a human nervous system, their effect is something akin to having a bomb go off, suddenly and without warning.  The first symptom is shock… numbness, even ringing in the ears, blurry eyes, confusion and a sense of overall tiredness and immobility.  Those effects eventually pass.  Sometime afterwards, sensation begins to return like Novocain wearing off after dental work.

Unusual physical symptoms don’t always have their origin in the third dimension context we inhabit.  Some activations take place off- planet, and sympathetic nervous systems react to them.  For example, it is not usual to develop rashes and patches of red skin, even though there doesn’t seem to be an immediate physical reason they are there.  The bodies of some people are like fine violin strings… sensitive to vibrations which ordinary perceptual mechanisms overlook… being played expertly by some masterful part of self.

Many of us are being reconnected to energy sources and environments on a daily, weekly, hourly basis… which make no sense to our current mindset, yet have profound relevance as they suggest the presence of alternative realities we also inhabit.  There are ways to go inside, when the time is right and begin recording details and blueprints of our journeys elsewhere.  These seeds of alternative memory can make total sense if we dare to build new frameworks of belief which also include them.  To do that requires faith and imagination.  Not everyone is ready to exercise those muscles in consciousness quite yet.  So the activations continue.  What comes around and remains unnoticed will go around again until it is.

So, the Soul Star Chakra is located approximately 6 inches higher than the crown chakra… it is said that despite being outside of the physical body and above it, this chakra is often referred to as “seat of the soul.”  This is because it can connect the soul to enlightenment by sending it divine light.  It is the catalyst to heightening your relationship to the universe… This is the chakra that ascends you beyond the human ego… within YOU.  The soul star chakra is also very important.  The vital cosmic energy that is collected through the Stellar Gateway, located approximately 12 inches above the Soul Star Chakra, is channeled through the Soul Star and makes universal energy usable for stimulating and keeping all your chakras balanced.

With this chapter, we revisit each chakra in each dimension

  1. Chakras 1-7
  • Cleared
  • Balanced
  • Activated
  • Connected
  1. Chakras 8-12
  • Cleared
  • Balanced
  • Activated
  • Connected
  1. Alpha and Omega Chakra’s
  • Cleared
  • Balanced
  • Activated
  • Connected
  1. Muladhara Chakras, worked with individually and together as a whole
  • Cleared
  • Balanced
  • Activated
  • Connected
  1. All the above chakras are connected as a whole working system now DONE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cleared
  • Balanced
  • Activated
  • Connected

The process is long and arduous… We take you into the VOID…  working with OM breath, we do a series of 13 steps of sacred encodings… The VOID is sacred encoding #0;  OM is the Sacred Encoding 1 where we all are ONE with all and all are one, etc… Continuing with sacred Encoding 1, we work with the expression of breath and the feeling of first movement and it goes on and on until we get to Sacred Encoding 144 where Physical life forms are now multidimensional… working with the Zero Field of Pure Potentiality… the physical form is simultaneously inhabited by the individuated spark and becomes the tool through which all is created and perceived.

This is a very long and complex (hopefully ending) to Drsmick’s journey…. We truly think except for balancings, centerings, clean up occasionally, this completes our responsibility and what we ‘signed up for’ as our mission this lifetime….

Let us know if you are interested.  We’d like to be able to gift you this (we think) last piece of work we offer.  But, alas, we are not (yet) in a financial place to do so.



Price: $3000.00

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