Level 06: Soul Monad


We all belong to esoteric families (soul families).  These are not the physical families we incarnated into in various lifetimes, but families of non-physical nature that we emerged from the God-Source with.  We clear all members of your soul family (monad), by doing Levels 1,2,3,4,5 on each member.  It clears your group consciousness on a soul level. You feel more connected – clear – in tune.  This level is done absentee. Cost $660.00

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An individual’s soul: Time is not linear.  When you are in the focus of this lifetime, you exist in a state of awareness that is called this time/space continuum – the present, the year 2001.  It is like a fabric, where this is a beginning, present and future… it is linear.

But, the past and the future exist at one with the “now” (simultaneously).  One is not necessarily more easily seen than the other is, except  when we do past life regressions, etc – we look backwards and can perhaps “see” how this could exist, but at another time.  To many the future doesn’t exist because it hasn’t happened yet. This isn’t true.

The past and the future happen at the same time the “now” does.  They are both as changeable as the “now”. . Beyond this time/space continuum, there are other dimensions where time and space do not exist. This place is beyond the “veil of fear”… beyond the grid of fear.  You expand to these dimensions regularly while at the same time are a part of the time/space continuum, the “now”.

Many of you are becoming aware of this, but what many of you are not aware of is that your soul is multi-dimensional.  Your soul seeks to learn, looking to acquire different qualities.  A quality, such as trust may be what soul is wanting to learn.  So your soul extends outward to many directions – lifetimes, to understand. Some of these lifetimes will help you with the need for trust, others will offer you opportunities to extend trust to others.  The number of lifetimes will probably be beyond comprehension — they are not linear… they all happen at the same time.  So, your soul is not fragmented, but has extensions in many lifetimes at the same moment.

So what is a soul monad??????   This is the group your soul belongs to.  All members of your soul monad will have extensions going into various time/space continuums also.  It is very rare for soul members to be present in the “now” at the same time (for example the year 2001), but it could happen.  There is much for soul to learn and experience.  Once your entire monad is cleared (Levels 1-5), you will feel more connectedness with members of your “group”… you will have more access to all talents that you and your monad share.  In fact, you have made it easier for you and your soul family to accomplish lessons and experiences.  So enjoy!!!!


Price: $660.00

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