Level 09: Physical Clearing of Stored Memories uniting Body, Mind & Spirit in the Physical


We have been working very hard to be spiritual (spirit) and increasing our intelligence (mind).  What we have not been doing is taking better care of the body.  So we have our spirit and mind operating at a higher vibration while our body is operating at a lower vibration.  Our body is carbon based and has stored many things in it over this lifetime.  In order for our bodies to vibrate at a higher rate (one to match the spirit and mind), these memories or traumas need to be cleared from the body.  Level nine is sweeping (defragging, scanning) the body, and clearing it from the memories, messages, traumas, etc. that have been stored in the physical body.  The goal is to get the body, mind (logic and emotion), and spirit to the same vibration (triple point).  It is as this point the body, mind and spirit can become light waves while still each keeping its own integrity. Cost is $990.00.

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Physical Clearing of Stored Memories uniting Body, Mind & Spirit in the Physical

Think outside of the box….  remember that information is neither negative nor positive… it is just information.  We found the following quote in 1994… have kept it for no apparent reason, but it seems appropriate to share:

“Energy is neither created nor destroyed and our soul is energy since life force is energy.  You have to expect reincarnation because no other energy is destroyed.  Why wouldn’t we just continue to change and transform????”  Anonymous, heard this quote: 3/94

Through all the different levels of clearing that we perform, it is very evident that we have come through many processes of clearing many different aspects of our human experience that have accumulated over our many lifetimes.  As we progressed through each level that was presented to us, we gained another aspect of ourselves back that had been lost over many eras of time. We have become clearer and have developed the ability to be flexible in channeling the energy that is needed. It is now time to bring the physical body up to speed with the mind and spirit.

Prerequisites for this level:

Level 1 (Crystal Imprint Removal), Level 2 (Soul Beliefs/Matrix Energy Patterns), Conceptional Vibration, Fear Chakra, and  Level 7 (Past Life Patterning). Level 8 is optional, but you will want it done sometime to get rid of the aging symbol.

About this Level:

This level is all about the trinity of body, mind and spirit.  It is about all parts of a person working in conjunction with one another.  The level will be split into two parts… the first part will be the physical body clearing. The second part will be the uniting (in harmony) of the trinity of body, mind and spirit.

Many of us have been brought up in a religion with the message that “soul” is out “there”.  Even now, folks talk about “Light Body” as being separate, “out there”. This is a lifetime of unity.  Letting soul (your light body or whatever you call it) come into the body for unionship with the physical body and mind.  No separation, all parts working in tandem together.  The Spirit (soul) totally integrates with Mind and Body… no one entity having more power than the other.  It is balance/harmony/consensus of the three.  What does this mean….. consensus is when all entities have a say in what is going on.  The definition of consensus is: General agreement or opinion – mutual understanding. This means ALL have to agree, in consensus. You do this by compromising but not losing your individuality.

The spirit (soul) is the belief that something else exists, the trust that it does, the faith that it does, a knowingness that we are more than just 3rd dimensional, that we are part of something bigger… that something else exist.  It can be called God, Goddess, The Divine, Spirit, Source, etc.  We can’t see it, it just is.  You can’t see oxygen, but you know it exists. An imperfect example, but an example nonetheless, is H2O… water…. it is a solid (ice)(your body), a liquid (water) (mind) and a gas (vapor) (spirit).  Spirit is like the gaseous form of H2O –  you don’t see it, but it is still there.

For purposes of this level, we need to define what we mean by mind. Our explanation in the trinity of self is the balance between the logic and emotion.  (We can hear the groans, and the “oh my’s”, the “not according to so and so’s”, and the “who do they think they are’s”, but remember, we are offering information. Take the pieces that fit and eliminate the rest).   It isn’t as if one hasn’t been taught that the mind has power, logically and emotionally.  We know the power of the mind. All things start with “intent”  with “thought” to get the energy flowing. The logic is driven by the emotion of feeling or passion. They work in harmony together.  This is the most important (in our opinion) aspect of the mind.  The problem is that we have let the mind try to control the body.  We have treated the body as a vehicle with no intelligence.. the mind is the driver, with sometimes no consideration to what the body either needs or wants. Even applied kinesiologist practitioners whose job it is to ask the body what it needs, ask with preconceived ideas about what the answer is.. and the person being tested can control the body’s responses by thinking what the body needs.  The answer will come up – voila, what the mind tells it to respond.  It takes a very clear mind on both the part of the practitioner and the client to get a good reading on what the body really wants/needs. Many times, hands on practitioners will listen to what the client has to say, but “listens” to the body and will start working where the body wants to start. The client will say “my lower back hurts” and the practitioner hears, “start at the upper left shoulder”….  the client will get huffy, but pain usually starts dissipating because the clinician listened to the client’s body and not the mind of the client.  We’ve been taught that the body is a temple, thus meaning “take care of it, treat it well, etc.” BUT, the body is more than a temple. A temple is just an empty building; your body is a living, breathing, intelligent entity. We’ve been listening to what the MIND thinks the body wants instead of asking the BODY what it wants. We’ve spent so many, many lifetimes (this one in particular) working on spiritual things, working on understanding mind things, that our body is behind the spirit and the mind. It is denser, heavier and it is easy to think about leaving it behind and let the others transcend.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you know that kind of thing. Your carbon energy body will change form and wait for soul to retrieve and connect with it.

Your body stores information, not just in your brain (a place where nearly everyone thinks all knowledge is stored in a body), but in your entire body. Candace Pert, a pharmacologist and professor at Georgetown University, discovered neuropeptides in every cell in your body.  “The mind and body communicate with each other through chemicals known as peptides,” says Dr. Pert.  “These peptides are found in the brain as well as in the stomach, muscles and all of our major organs, and so on.  I believe that memory can be accessed anywhere in the peptide/receptor network.”  She wasn’t looking for them  – she was a “pure” scientist working on some other project and “came” across this amazing discovery.  (It has also changed her whole perception on how she views things.)  So, it is a scientific fact that every part of every cell in your body “thinks”.  There are thinking parts in each and every cell in your body.  This means ALL of your body can “think”.  The problem arises when the body doesn’t know how to communicate with us or does the mind know how to listen to it.  It is like a “beaten” child who has never had a voice, and all of a sudden, you ask the child what it wants.  The only way the child has been listened to is by acting out or being silent… the body has “acted” out by using pain as a signal.

Mankind has always tried to duplicate what Nature has already created, often without fully understanding the processes involved (or even in spite of it).  Then, as our knowledge and technology progresses, we continually refine our inventions to more fully replicate Nature, and even surpass it in some cases. From observing birds, we were inspired to fly, first with crude balloons and gliders and eventually achieving the escape of Earth’s atmosphere via the space shuttle.  Fish swimming and breathing underwater has prompted the development of such varied items as scuba and submarines.  Muscles have led to engines, ears to microphones, and eyes ultimately to satellite imagery.  And our very brains inspired us to create the computer in an attempt to recreate its incredible powers of computation and data-storage.  However, as the brain isn’t fully understood, it wasn’t realized that not only the brain but also the entire body stores memory (the neuropeptides mentioned above, for example, as well as the ultimate storage medium – DNA – which is far, far beyond our capabilities to duplicate, let alone truly comprehend, at present).  Whereas, living organisms are carbon-based, computers are currently mainly composed of silicon-based components (though recent advancements in the production and manipulation of carbon nanotubes and ‘bucky-balls’ (buckminsterfullerite) may soon change this.)  Silicon and carbon are in the same elemental family (see a Table of Elements if necessary); both consequently sharing many physical and ‘behavioral’ characteristics, such as having four unpaired electrons in their outer ‘shell’ and preferably assuming similar tetrahedral (think pyramid) configurations when forming stable compounds (CH4 – methane – is a simple example).  For comparisons sake, you can think of the body as a computer’s hard drive.  As everything that occurs is saved on the hard drive, everything you experience is ‘saved’ within you body (imprinted with/upon your very cells or molecules).  On a hard drive, items that are deleted aren’t necessarily removed from the hard drive itself, and can still often be accessed if you have the proper programs.  The body acts in a similar manner. Whereas an event might be ‘deleted’ (for example: an injury can heal, or experience forgotten, or even a trauma repressed), it is still imprinted within the body; and can potentially be accessed (relived) by using various “programs”. These can be anything from simply smelling a particular odor, visiting a specific locale, experiencing a similar event (re-breaking a bone), or getting body work (massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, rolfing, etc.)

There are ways of removing these not-so-deleted items so that they are unrecoverable (or un-relivable in our case). Your computer can be cleared by utilizing specific programs that over-write the unused portions of the hard drive, making multiple passes (or sweeps) until all deleted material is truly gone.  This can be done for the body as well.  The first part of Level 9 consists of ‘sweeping’ the body with prescribed ‘program’ to rid the body of stored memories.  However, where you can utilize a generic, pre-made program to clean up any computer, a special program has to be written/created specifically for each person.  This is because there are many methods and mediums of storing memory within the body (to give a few different examples or data storage: VCR tapes are recorded magnetically, CDs and DVDs utilize lasers, LPs are etched so that there data is retrieved through vibration…), everyone has different experiences throughout their lifetime, and even the same event will be experienced differently by everybody since it will filtered through their own 5(+/- ?) senses and processed according to their current ‘mindset’ (current beliefs, fears, preconceived notions, past experiences…) – even the same individual will experience the same event differently at different times in their life. So, each individual requires a unique program developed especially for them, consisting of a combination of elements – including, but not necessarily limited to, such things as vibrations, harmonics, optics, aromatherapies, magnetics, acoustics….(Please note: One of the preceeding elements is NOT more important than the other – it is not just sound, it is not just frequency, it is not just vibratory rate, etc…  Instead, it is a combination that is unique to EACH individual) – that when used in the proper sequence is specifically tailored to transmute/absorb/negate/dissipate the body’s stored memories. This program will be used absentee to sweep your etheric and/or astral body (and thus, physical, as all are one), performing multiple sweeps as needed or dictated until the body is clear. Once clear, we will ‘write-protect’ your body, so that any subsequent experiences will not be imprinted and thus start the whole process over again (we are being intentionally vague concerning the particular materials and methodologies involved – not out of malice or stinginess, but out of concern to help protect those who invariably attempt the process themselves without understanding the underlying complexity and end up being ineffectual or even detrimental).  No, you don’t get the programs when completed – this would defeat the purpose of you getting rid of the stored messages and increase the possibility of re-creating them again. We cannot tell you at this time how long it will take you to completely clear your body. It all depends upon what is going on in your life, how you process information, how strong your mind is (i.e. how much you keep trying to control the process with your mind and trying to analyze the process), how many stored memories are present, and how well you are keeping up the assignment of getting rid of old messages (the messages of who you aren’t) and creating who you choose to be (because without the old stored messages, who are you?).  Once cleared, the physical body will be freed to better ‘keep up’ with all of the improvements you have made to your mind and spirit through other level work, or whatever else you may be doing.  Have you noticed, as you progress, an increased tendency to become ‘ungrounded’? It may be that your body is ‘bogged down’ by all its stored memories and cannot react fast enough to match your increased mental and spiritual abilities. To return to the belabored computer analogy: when your hard drive gets too full or fragmented it runs progressively slower and more inefficiently, and crashes more often – freeing up memory and ‘defragging’ improves speed and reliability.  This analogy could also work to help explain in part why we age (apart from belief systems telling us to) – the longer we experience life, the more clogged our bodies get with stored memory, thus running slower and slower until we fatally ‘crash’.  A cleared body can potentially run indefinitely, which ties in well with Level 8’s immortality piece… Those of us who are exploring the body’s ability to regenerate (or simply not degenerate) will benefit immensely by not having the body continually remember past injuries and feel the need to replace the scar tissue or calcification we have so painstakingly removed from old ‘war wounds’… Heck, most of us will simply be happy be ‘grounded’ more often….

The second part of Level 9 is the coming together of the three parts of self – each having its own identity, but working in balance and harmony.  With the connection, a symbol will be put into the joining point to “seal” the trinity.  This will be done at a time (you will know when) that, again, is unique to you.  You will KNOW what the symbol looks like, we won’t be permitted to know because it is personal just to you.  This is a time, when truly, you are one with yourself. We cannot give you a timeline because of your own free will, again, what is going on in your life, how you process, etc.

Once the mind, body. and soul are in ‘synch’, quite a number of things may be possible (limited only by your imagination)…Energy and matter are intrinsically related (E=MC2). So it stands to reason that if you speed up an item (your body, for example) enough, it will be converted to energy.  Can this explain how the physical body can become invisible, or become a ‘being of light’ (‘light body’ takes on a whole new flavor, no?).  Once you are energy/light, traveling most anywhere become practically instantaneous.  And when (if) you decide to reconvert back into a solid object, who’s to say what form you take?   On another note, there is the idea of other dimensions.  If memory serves, every dimension has a characteristic frequency or vibratory rate. If so, simply changing your own frequency/vibratory rate to match a particular dimension should allow you to shift from one plane of existence to the next like you were stepping into the next room…

Why even consider this level?

This grand experiment that we are a part of…you know the one where the universe has not only given us free will but has also given us a chance to ascend with all parts (spiritual, mental, physical) intact, has been prophesied, theorized, channeled, but not done before.  We are all writing the “book”.   Over all our lifetimes, we have processed, learned, changed, etc… until this, our (could be) final lifetime, we can finally bring all parts of us together infinitely.  Because energy is never destroyed, but changes form… we have, thus, changed form physically for many lifetimes. We have “died” -our body and mind changed forms, but weren’t destroyed. This is a lifetime of gathering ourselves together.  We thought it was “soul” retrieval – when, perhaps it has been body and mind retrieval.  Perhaps our soul was intact, but many other parts of us had changed form – waiting to be gathered in this lifetime.  When finally intact, now we can learn how to change – “shape shift” – because we finally “get it”.  Our whole being-ness is particles/molecules that can be vibrated (etc) and has the ability to go from dense 3rd dimensional form to energy waves of light – but it is still us.  As we work on the physical body with massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, rolfing, etc, our body heals, but the memories of the injuries are stored.  For instance, we took care of the scar tissue surrounding a wound, but the body has memory of the wound and continues to create scar tissue, far after the wound and scar tissue created while the wound was still there.  We want to get rid of the stored memory.  We want our bodies clear so we can vibrate faster so ultimately we can shape shift or tele-transport (which requires we have a body).  Can’t you just think of all the possibilities????? But, a caution…., IF you are considering it to be a super human, a super hero.. then think again.  You have spent eons, lifetimes, trying to learn balance.  Trying to think in terms of super hero is ego not in check (enough said on that subject).

Back when we introduced Level Five (going through the Veil of Fears), we told you about the three ways of leaving. 1.  Physical body death.  Soul leaves the body and crosses over.  Body goes back to an energy body in the earth, actually waiting to be re-united with soul.   (Mind at this point can either go with the soul or can stay with the body. The body doesn’t at all have a voice) 2. Spiritual Decision: Like Jesus did, changing his entire essence into energy (body/mind/spirit) and crossing over.  (We’ve had many “how dare you talk about that'” and “you are the devil’s spawn” when we have talked about this).  When in actuality, some indigenous Indians and Aborigines do this all the time.  Jesus said something like…. “As I do this, so can you…” (how do you know he was only referring to physical stuff???)….It is faith and the knowingness you deserve to do it that makes it possible.  This is more of an instinctive decision than a conscious decision. (The body is now pure energy and cannot be physical again.) 3.  In this lifetime, you have the free-will choice of uniting self: the body, the mind,  the spirit.  There are NO wrong answers… it is your free will.  YOU get to decide. This choice uniting the trinity of the self.


Price: $990.00

If you have any questions, please email us at drsmick@drsmick.com; or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information [drsmick@drsmick.com], choose friends and family, and put in the appropriate amount.



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