Level 04: Multi-Dimensional Portal Alignment


There are three portals associated with each individual (one on the physical body, one in the auric field and one on the outer edge of the auric field).  Each portal is assigned a Gatekeeper who is an Ascended Master.  These portals, when aligned, allow a person to become truly multi- (or inter-) dimensional.  This alignment takes a serious level of commitment because it opens up processes from other dimensions as well as the 3rd dimension or physical plane.  It is what is described as ascension while living on the physical plane.  The word completeness is used to describe this level.  It is like “coming home.” Cost $450.00

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Multi-dimensional Portal Alignment

(What in the “world” does this mean??)

Please do not think for a minute that we have the answer to that question.  We would like to offer some insights that individuals have shared with us during their integration period, scientific explanations, translations “fro the other side”, plus a few of our insights thrown in.  The biggest trouble we are all having is trying to put into third dimensional terms – multidimensional terminology and experiences.  We just can’t quite express what we are feeing, seeing, sensing, doing, etc.  What is occurring?  What is happening to our bodies?  How can the body can change to where it (or we) can disappear, and move through space and time in an instant?  This phenomenon is very different than an out of body experience, where the spiritual self (or soul) can distance itself from the physical body.


Welcome to the World of Beyond” is how one individual described her experience.  Fourth Level is your passport – aligning you with endless possibilities of travel, both within and beyond other dimensions, other galaxies.  You are a forerunner, mapping the pathways for other to follow.  It is a full reunion of body, heart/mind, and spirit in alignment with heaven and earth.  People have called the re-aligning all different kinds of names.  It sometime is called physical, mental, emotional, and soul integration.  We chose for consistency sake to call it body, heart/mind, and spirit, but realize that we are all talking about the same thing.


Every person has three portals.  Each portal is a gateway.  Each gateway has an assigned gatekeeper.  Together you (your gatekeeper and you) work as a team enhancing and accelerating the growth for each other.  The gatekeepers are the “Heaven” connection and are ascended masters.  You are the “earth” – together you form a bridge.  Portal 1 is the Gateway to the body and earth (made up of land and oceans).  You can work with your gatekeeper in healing the body and/or earth healing.  Portal 2 is the Gateway to the heart/mind.  Heart/mind connections are very important for in the heart lies the answers and insights. Working with Gatekeeper #2, you are able to access more readily the true answers for yourself.  Portal 3 is the Gateway of spirit. This is the jump point to the world’s beyond.  This is where the journey begins.  Remember the old “space movies:?  To go into the secret lab you had 3 stages to go through – put on your “space suit”, acclimate your air to accept the new environment, and then walk in.  This is the Fourth Level – each portal is important and is hierarchical in nature  – 1 then 2 then 3. In the new “space shows” (Babylon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, etc.), they create jump points (worm holes) to go across galaxies and quadrants in their space vehicles.  The Gatekeeper of Portal 3 creates the jump point and your spirit is the vehicle to take you to places you’ve never dreamed.  So buckle your seat belts – enjoy the rides of your life!!!!


In scientific terms it is like the actual quantum shift that particles of matter take when they turn into photon, or particles of light. As third dimensional beings, we see and experience ourselves as solid objects of matter.  Matter, in scientific terms is any substance that is composed of atoms and occupies space.  The amount of matter that is contained in an object is determined by its mass.  The mass or weight of an object is determined by the number and the arrangement of the electrons, neutrons, and protons of the atoms that make up the object.  Depending on the surrounding, this mass can actually change in size, shape and form. (Are your eyes crossing yet?)  A good example of the is H2O. This is water (as I am sure you are all aware).  Water can be in at least three states: ice, liquid or vapor (gas).  They all have the same atomic number, but are in different forms.  It is easy to see ourselves as solid objects of matter.  Just look in the mirror.  We are made up of at least three comp9nents:  Body, mind/heart and spirit.  We can see these components easily in three-dimensional form – as our physical body.  We don’t think “oh, this part is my body, this is my mind/heart and this is my spirit (soul).”  It is all one (as water is just water although it has components that comprise it).


How can we possibly change our form like water? It appears the best answer comes from the equation E+MC2.  What Albert Einstein was saying here was that matter (M) and energy (E) are interchangeable in form?  To understand this better, let’s take a look at energy.  Energy is simple the ability to perform work.  There are different types of energy: kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic and molecular energy.  Energy is involved when you move an object, or when you heat something.  It’s present when an object emits light.  Energy is there taking a part in every chemical reaction.  All these forms of energy are found working in our bodies all the time.  Energy can actually be changed from one form to another.  For example, electrical energy can be converted to light, radio waves, heat, motion or it can cause chemical changes.  It can also interact and change other objects by being either absorbed or released from that object.  The study of electrons and how they orbit around the nucleus is an example of this.  When electrons move from a higher shell or orbit to a lower one, the shift is accompanied by an emission of energy.  The; movement of an electron to a higher energy shell or orbit is called excitation, and these energies are typically expressed as photons of electromagnetic energy or LIGHT.


As a third dimensional living, breathing, spiritual “object”, we are continuously changing.  We are constantly experiencing these electromagnetic shifts in every cell of our body all the time, but we normally have seen ourselves a solid objects of matter.  Level Four assists us in effortlessly shifting ourselves through the ranges of “ice” to “liquid” to “vapor”.  Or for humans from solid matter to vaporous mist to pure energy (light) while still having all the components of body, mind and spirit.  This is what the ancients called ascension.  Level Four aligns the portals (rings or shells) of the body (perhaps like the electron shells of an atom).  This alignment seems to affect the quantum mechanics of the matter of our physical body.  This realignment provides the matter in our bodies with the unlimited resources of energy.  This increases the potential for the entire “body (body, mind/heart and spirit): to shift its form in its entirety.  Water changes it form by temperature.  We change our form by vibration.  As our vibrational rate changes (or shifts) – our form shifts.


One of the key differences appears to be the fact that prior to the alignment, we all “soul” traveled.  That is our soul left our bodies to hang around in all the other dimensions.  What happens after the alignment is that your entire “being or essence” will travel – your body and mind/heart as well as your spirit or soul.  It feels quite different and again, there are no words to actually describe it.  Re-united body, mind/heart and spirit (soul) is ascension as opposed to death where the soul leaves the body and mind/heart behind.



Price: $450.00

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