Level 08: Aging, Going Into Immortality


This level is giving the individual the ability to become physically immortal in this lifetime.  Immortality means you have the ability to choose when you can “leave” the physical 3rd dimension. (It doesn’t mean you HAVE to be physical forever). In ages past, the people who were vibrationally ready achieved immortality through a series of tasks, using the chambers in the pyramids or the kivas of the indigenous people.  These tasks may have taken many lifetimes.  Immortality to us means that our soul comes to live in our physical body(ies).  (Bodies meaning, the physical, mental, emotional plus the spiritual).    Our bodies merge as one in this 3rd dimension, but isn’t limited to the third dimension.  Our bodies become multidimensional.  This level is done absentee and is not dependent on the other levels. Cost $880.00.

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Aging… going into immortality

Soul learns how to live in the physical body

Interestingly enough, we (as 3rd dimensional humans) have come to a time in our lives where we have a choice of immortality.  Can we actually choose immortality????? If so, does just the act of choosing mean we are immortal…or are there things we need to do in addition to “intent”?????  What is immortality anyway???  According to Webster, “the quality or state of being immortal”…immortal – “exempt from death..exempt from oblivion.”

In ages past, sages and the vibrationally ready folks who chose immortality did it through a series of “tasks” (including, but certainly not limited to: the chambers in the pyramids, the kivas of the indigenous people.. all sorts of rigorous, specific challenges) they completed through a series of lifetimes.  (If you are interested in actually knowing how the ancients did it, Gregg Braden’s work is a good starting place). As we increase our vibration rate, our bodies are merging into one. (Just how many do we have???) We have come to a time in our development that we “get to” do it all in one lifetime— totally integrate the body, mind (mental and emotional) and spirit (soul).  I know this is talked about again and again…. We hear everywhere about body, mind and spirit…. in fact, it is used so much that it has become the “Kleenex” word of the “new age”.  No one can define exactly what it means and it certainly means something different to everybody.   The words scare the bejebees out of the conservative bunch because they think it is new age and the new age folks are as clueless as anyone.  So we will give it a definition for this write up… and understand that it is for this work.  I won’t even begin to attempt to define it for others.



Price: $880.00

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