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No. 85, October 2013


What is in this newsletter?

1.  The Past is the Past is the Past is the Past

2.  Can you really know everything????

3.  Why not explore your soul realms?

4.  So how are you doing with this “ascension” stuff????

5.  A recap of our work after Levels 1-50…

6.  Let’s have some fun:

7.  Almost finished

The Past is the Past is the Past is the Past

A few days back we had a stunning insight while coaching a participant: We have no history.

In a flash we understood that what we believe to be our histories is simply our current thinking about our previous thoughts about people, circumstances, and events that may or may not have occurred at all.

In “Requiem for a Nun” William Faulkner wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” That sure sounds right; at least it did to us for a very long time. Now we need to tell you that we have a black belt in dealing with the past ranging from processing family of origin issues to unpacking cultural legacies. I expect you might know what we are talking about.

Explaining our current experiences and limitations in terms of the past comes from an innocent misunderstanding of the nature of human experience. According to that misunderstanding, we can be affected by people, circumstances, and events outside of us.

In reality, it happens like this. We think something, then we think something about that, and we think some more. Our thoughts pile up, creating our day to day reality. That reality comes from our thinking; it really doesn’t have anything to do with people, circumstances, and events.

We explain one set of thoughts with another set of thoughts, all the while believing that our experience is being created from the outside in by people, circumstances, and events. We think, and the gift of consciousness makes our thinking appear real.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the nature of the human experience. That’s how it works, and it’s rather wonderful to see the limitless creative potential of Mind as expressed through thought and consciousness.

It’s just nice to understand what’s happening when we momentarily get hornswoggled by the belief that something in the past is holding us back in the present. When we find ourselves stuck, it can be really useful to see that the only thing keeping the past alive is our thinking about it. Apart from that, it’s not possible for the past to hold us up.

So what’s to be done when you find yourself preoccupied with thoughts of the past?

Nothing. Really.

Thought is a continuous flow. If you leave thoughts of the past alone, they will soon be replaced by new thoughts. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen, because every moment holds the infinite potential for new thought.

As Mark Twain observed, “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” 

Can you really know everything????

The following is a pondering… sorta written by a friend of mine with, of course, some blathering’s of mine…..

American! Are you bored? Jaded by the government shutdown and the squishy Tea Party imbeciles who caused it, but not quite yet completely paralyzed with fear that the world is closing in around you?

Worry not: There is a way to know almost everything. There is a way to add mountains of wonderfully specific, yet somehow insufferably vague data to your collection of paranoia, your secret bucket of looming gloom. It’s a completely legal, scientifically approved way to feel like you are suffering nothing, but are just on the verge of getting slammed by nearly everything. What could be better?

There are metrics. There are services. There are increasingly popular companies that will scan, dissect and pick apart your very DNA and tell you, to the Nth degree, what you might or might not be prone to, which of a few hundred ailments, tendencies and afflictions are picking at the scabs of your deepest dread.

Also! Which colors suit you best, which foods and prescription meds and workouts, what kinds of dog, why you should never wear plaid or vote Republican or do push-ups, crane your neck, eat asparagus. I’m exaggerating. But only a little.

Because this is important, this is helpful, this is the level to which we are obsessed, curious, desperately needy. Knowledge is power! Disease is everywhere! You probably have about, say, 15 already, and don’t even know it! Good job!

I am skimming this article in, wherever it was, (Men’s Journal I think???), about how one guy was able to whip out his very own personal DNA map, an individualized genomic panel courtesy of one of those infamous, saliva-scrutinizing companies – in this case, 23andMe, the company founded by Sergey Brin’s wildly rich wife – to tell him he was maybe prone to blood clots, info which he then gave to his doctor, who then properly diagnosed a formerly mysterious ailment, thus helping said man quite tremendously and perhaps even saving his life. Is that not fantastic? Sort of?

Have you heard of 23andMe? Or its brethren, Inherent Health or Pathway Genomics, et al? You might have. They are fascinating and terrifying and strange, all at once. They exist as hungry spinoffs of the Human Genome Project, wherein the entire DNA map of the human animal was laid bare just enough to help everyone get informed/freak the hell out.

Because we are Americans, is why. Because there are few cultures in the world as desperately obsessed as ours with trying to analyze every iota of existence and experience so as to quell our collective anxiety, all in a vain attempt to prove we have a clue to how it all works, when of course we have no such thing. Because no such thing actually exists.

But never mind that now, because we’re currently caught in a mania over metrics, a collective fetish for manic self-improvement through measuring, tracking, scrutinizing every possible muscle twitch, drop of sweat and genetic marker to try and make ourselves better, more efficient, healthier, savvier, when the only things that ever truly achieve such goals are the same as they’ve always been: Eat well, not too much. Exercise every day. Meditate. Have lots of sex. Get outside. Love like you mean it. Quit whining. Read a book. Never vote Republican.

There now. All better.

Here is a question: How much do you want to know? Here is another: How much do you think you can know? About the body, this life, the planet, your tiny and infinite place in it, about how all of these are living, pulsing organisms, fluxive and biddable, never the same one breath to the next?

The degree to which this fact is a comfort or a nightmare is the degree to which you will love like candy or loathe like a genital rash the likes of 23andMe. And organized religion. And hardline politics. And sweat-tracking wristbands. And the DSM-V.

The DSM-V! Do you know it? The newly published update to the classic manual of misery that tells psychiatrists and psychologists just how many syndromes and phobias, obsessions and fetishes you have? I bet you do. It’s the single greatest reference in existence to inform you that you’re now a paranoid, obsessive schizophrenic as a result of believing everything 23andMe sends your way. See how that works?

There’s a catch! It’s all a lie. We really don’t know. We really can’t know. Every discovery about the nature of the human animal, about how the brain, the heart, the soul is undercut by the fact that it wasn’t true before, and won’t be true again, once it’s supplanted by another idea that will come around very shortly just you wait. This is the fabulous truism known since the beginning of the beginning: Time is not actually linear and neither is wisdom, neither is your body’s innate lust for existence, neither is the map of what it means to be alive. Want to make God laugh? Tell her your certainty.

Wait. Be not misled. I do not decry the tremendous leaps we’ve made in wisdom and knowledge, tips and tricks, advice and know-how. I will never disparage the astonishing advances in medicine and science, insofar as they are just more contributions to the messy color palette of existence. Discoveries anchor us to this reality, keep us moving and curious and tantalized. As William Blake put it: Eternity is in love with the productions of time.

But there is wicked irony afoot. We are a culture that loves to think we know, to think we’ve developed a greater recipe than anyone: Democracy is best, capitalism is righteous, God loves us most, gays are (or rather, were) evil, my team is better than your team, those people are wrong, America is benevolent and we never bomb or massacre anyone without a really good reason, except when we do, which is frequently.

What is our greatest desire? What do millions want more than anything else? To be told the answer. To be told exactly what to do to achieve maximum wealth, health, true love, without having to go deep, go inward, do the real work of introspection and spiritual examination, and find out for themselves.

Drug companies, politicians, organized religion all depend on this collective aversion, this dread of the true self. They are happy to tell you what to believe. They are happy to feed you enormous lies for profit and power. Ironically, they have less of a clue than anyone. Most often, they mean you ill.

So we ask again, with a bit more solemnity, mixed with wry irony: How much do you think you can really know? Turns out your answer reveals more than any app, any metric, any genomic panel, any manual of psychosis ever could.

Why not explore your soul realms?

It has been told to us that soul consciousness is the next step in spiritual awareness. 

When you first enter the soul realms, they seem almost silent compared to the regular levels of spiritual consciousness.  When we first experienced full awareness at the soul level (as many of you either have or have and not known you had), it seems as though we were in a world filled with a light, silvery mist.  Gradually, as our mental senses acclimatized to this new level of consciousness, the mist; cleared away, revealing a wonderful world of rainbow colors, subtle fragrances and gentle sounds.  We found ourselves in an ocean of harmony, in the home of the beautiful and mystical “music of the spheres.”  This is the multi-dimensional level of consciousness, which resides everywhere.  It is here that the soul aspect of your consciousness resides.  In this heaven-world of light, sound and higher mental energies, your soul works ceaselessly in support of our physical incarnation.

In our third-density physical world, it may seem strange to realize that another part of our awareness exists in such a heaven-world – but yet, it does.  You can reach into this beautiful space at any time …. Centered and balanced and grounded… and allowing your whole self to be integrated… this is what you’ve been working towards your whole life….  Perhaps, it is only momentary at first… but with practice of allowing… the time will increase….

So how are you doing with this “ascension” stuff????

We’ve read so much recently about ascension and how we are all doing… or not doing…. The material is so diverse, conflicting, negative, positive, and it goes on and on and on.  Everyone has an opinion… and many believe their opinion is the only one that is correct.  Again, read, talk about, mull over, etc…. and YOU decide what is right in your own belief system.

As the new energies anchor and heighten more and more chaos is appearing to spread through the lives of those who live here.  Even with all the information being spread around so many ways, I am always surprised by the amount of folks who even with the force of these energies are determined to still hold on to the lives they have.  These are the same folks who ask and ask and ask what to do, how to do it, etc.  – Yet people DO not necessarily do the do… they talk and yet still use an enormous amount of energy “running” to stand still.  This is entirely each person’s choice – I understand that… at least we do until we get the emails, phone calls and texts… or we read another blog asking “what the fu&*&^?????”

This “durn” awakening process is a process that begins inside of you… it began the moment that your higher self-began to make itself consciously available to you in your physical being.  It probably began very slowly… bit by bit by bit guided by your own higher intelligence.  If it (higher intelligence) was happy with the way you were living your life… it happened much, much slower.  Lifetime after lifetime, your higher self let your human mind determine how “much awakening” you would experience.

Alas, then something happened…. It may have happened within you, or something or someone mirroring “something” you didn’t have – and didn’t know you didn’t have… so you began searching.   It is NOT possible to begin to search for something more in your life while keeping your life in a neat little compartment that you had kept it in….  YOU changed your own energy vibration..  Remember YOU did it.. You changed everything.  This is not the influence of anyone else other than you “waking” up… your higher self-saying… “Oh, my… let’s widen our experiences, etc.”  No one did this to you… You are always in full control, no matter what it appears is happening at your physical human conscious waking mind level.  This doesn’t mean we’ve not had false starts, folks trying to interfere, etc… we’ve all had those… it does mean on a higher level, your higher self has always had control and ready to step in when needed by presenting what you needed at each particular time and circumstance to get over the hurdles, etc.

This awakening process is not a slightly shinier version of the life that you are living at this moment; it is precisely because your higher self does not align with the life you are/were living that you have “woken’ up and have lurched forward.  This ‘allowing more chaos’ to unfold as the teaching of distortion tries to prove to you all of this.  This will see you try to defend what is — and have you attempt to build it up… while all the while, you are filtering out all the distortion patterns.  Remember the old teachings… you cannot build a solid house on quicksand…???  Well, you are now choosing to get rid of the quicksand….

To begin this process – believing YOU can choose at a physical conscious level to “wake up the 3D mind” …having YOU try to “fit” things into your life… and believing that YOU can control ANY part of your life – is to, well, walk in the teaching of distortion — the universe has sent you a variety of teachers, reading material and experiences to make YOU more aware of YOUR OWN HIGHER SELF is the one really guiding YOU through these changes.

In our personal life, we have had various people who spend a great deal of energy defending their lives to us.  It sometimes appears as if even trying to have a conversation at times is impossible.  They forget or perhaps don’t know that it is their higher self in charge of this human life experience.  The whole process is one which the high self-undertakes prior to incarnating.  Under 3D earth we somehow were all taught to place the “blame” on others around us for all that unfolded within our lives.  This worked to lower our energy vibration and to keep us from hearing the whisperings of our higher self. 

The life that you are here to live is created by you but it is created by your higher self.  It may appear to many of you at this time that you have no idea what is unfolding and as a result, you are holding on tightly believing that if you can makes plans and choose when people enter or stay in your life, then you are somehow ahead of the game.  EVERYTHING is frequency, if you do not want people to enter or leave your life at this time – then DO NOT ALTER YOUR FREQUENCY.   It is not possible to alter your vibration and KEEP everything the same…. This is one of the biggest teachings of distortion that is anchored into the 3D earth.

Many believe that to be spiritual is to spend the weekend reading some books, going to some events and dabbling in some hobbies.  This is also distortion and was created to further lower frequency.  This does not in any way – mean you shouldn’t do any of these…  just understand that the whole spiritual arena is akin to a religion. Spirituality has nothing much to do with ascension.  The ascension process is the evolution of the human race within the universe in which it resides.  It does not matter whether you believe in god, angels or the second coming of Jesus.  All is the 3D overlay created by your higher self to allow you to process the evolution of the human race within the human life experience it is creating around you.

We have folks telling us that we are at a different stage in the ascension process than they are… and are using this to justify their own refusal to listen to their own higher selves.  Believe me, we are all in the process together… the stupidest thing anyone can do is to compare yourself to another person’s journey. 

Huge changes are now unfolding across and within the vibration of the 3D earth.  If you are trying to hold on tightly to all that is within your human 3D life experience, then understand that at a deep level you have no trust in your higher self.  Your higher self is guiding you ……

A recap of our work after Levels 1-50…

Just in case you haven’t kept up with the continued work we do…there is life after Level One: Crystal Removal…. In fact – we continued bringing in level 2-50 – although they are called levels, they are by no means hierarchical and can be piecemeal or in any way you choose.  We though we were done, but, alas, with all the “awakening” journeys… the shifts, the openings, the multidimensional changes – new work and processes just kept hammering at us … since the new work was clearly more multidimensional  – we choose to call them “chapters”…. Again, although in numerical in nature… and they do build upon each other, by all means, they do not need to be done in order.

    • Chapter 1: Repairing the Fractured Multidimensional Energy Field

You “suddenly… have had it”… and the world, for a bit, becomes off kilter. So what is happening? What is going on?

We are in the process of integrating our physical body into our multidimensional bodies.

Our physical third dimensional body has the answer.  Our physical blueprint needs to be unlocked and expanded to include our multidimensional energy field, the “All of Us” blueprint.  We have been able to bring everything back together but have not had the proper way of repairing the multidimensional energy field until now.  We will now have access to the blueprint and the correct glue to repair everything.  What we have discovered is that as we learn to increase our vibrational rate to include higher dimensions, we are finding a jumble of fractured pieces of our multidimensional energy field.  It is like a bag of energy full of broken dishes.  We are a mess, broken and scattered about as a result of all the earth changes, traumas, volcanic eruptions, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.  Our energy field mirrors the energy field of Mother.  If there is a trauma or chaos of any kind going on with Mother Earth, this same energy can be noticed within our aura and physical being.

    • Chapter 2: Balancing the “new” body

Are we here or there, up or down, or in or out? You can’t describe this as being like a roller-coaster ride because we are being pulled in so many different directions all at the same time.

We are rapidly as a human species.  The evolution of our species is a quantum leap to an immortal species with 48 chromosomes that have 12 physical strands of DNA and 10 etheric strands of DNA.  Our three-dimensional biology is being alchemically shifted from carbon-based matter into that of multi-dimensional Silicon Crystal.  All of our cells must be transformed from carbon to crystalline so that we can withstand the tremendous amount of Light that will be streaming into the planet from the Central Sun.

Dr. Max Lagally, a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at eh University of Wisconsin, Madison, theorizes that silicon (crystalline) membranes could bind DNA.  In other words, Silicon can support life.  Internally all our cells are being changed from an organic structure to a crystalline structure, the perfect prism through which light can pass for illumination.  Our crystalline bodies will then convert that sunlight directly into our new source of energy.  Some are comparing this energy form to be like electricity.  This will be what powers us.  We will survive on sunlight and very little food.  Our blood will be more like liquid light.  Our old blood was made up of sodium and chloride (seawater) medium and floating in it are atoms such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.  The liquid light has gold silicon, selenite, platinum and other monatomic atoms.  So our body is the receiver of the light from the central sun in conjunction with the liquid light both providing the means to energetically nourish the body.  Cosmic Rays are the substrate and these come into the body through the crown chakra much like waves, or wind from the central sun and our local sun.  These rays can also flow through energy portals which are received and transmitted to the meridians or electric channels of light running through the whole body.  So we help you to learn how to ground our new crystalline body and to help you stay centered and balanced.

    • Chapter 3: The Key is the Infinite Heart

Your HEART must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Divine or Creative Energy which will be so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.   Is your HEART open?  Do you possess the key?

With all the shifts that we are physically going through and all the drama and chaos that is going on in the world around us, it has been extremely difficult to keep our bodies open and flowing.  The KEY is the Infinite Heart… It must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Divine or Creative Energy which will be so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.

The KEY is the Infinite Heart… It must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Dive or Creative Energy which will be so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.  This can be achieved by allowing the flow of this energy to go through the Infinite Heart and not through the head.  As soon as the head or the ego tries to control the process, the flow cannot proceed.  The manifestation of miracles is blocked.  What results is a feeling of being in “limbo”, as though nothing is happening in your life.  You are creating he energy “dead-ends” by not being willing to accept the miracles that happen in your life.  Your rational mind says – no, this is not possible – and so you close off the energy and refuse to allow the manifestation.  You live in a place of seeming nothingness, when you could be in a place of great richness and abundance if you would just allow your heart to lead you there.  All that is required is that you let go and just experience what you need to feel and cease always needing to judge and analyze with your head and then react with your ego.  Your ego just needs to be trained to work in harmony with the heart and allow the heart to be the primary leader.  In the past so much of your energy went into resisting what you truly desired to manifest and what the universe desired to give you that you exhausted yourself trying to hold old programs and beliefs in place.  With your heart fully open, only the, will you enter into your INFINITE HEART and you will be able to manifest your desires.

    • Chapter 4: Connecting vertically, horizontally, spherically

The key to individual and planetary liberation is to connect vertically, horizontally and spherically.  Is your head spinning yet, if not, it should be?

Only the hear, opening wide – vertical, horizontal, spherical – can distill the transformed atmosphere within which his nature can shift from polarization into oneness, flowing through this very human drama in a way that is good for all concerned.

So here we are in this lifetime, incarnate in a lower vibrational body in the third dimension.  What is different about this current lifetime is that it is shifting from carbon based biology to a crystalline based biology.  Each dimension has many levels that we have gone through to increase our vibration rate to precede to the next level of awareness.  It is through the multidimensional relationships between angle of particle and anti-particle spin that multiple reality fields can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other.  As a planet evolves through this process, the rate of particle pulsation and thus the speed at which it moves progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.  This actually is the process of evolution through the dimensional scale.  We assist you in creating a vehicle that will assist your body in its current state of density to shift into your multi-dimensional universe to speed up your physical consciousness so you can integrate and expand more rapidly and with less stress on your physical body.

    • Chapter 5: Just Hanging on by a Thread

If we anchor our energy into the 3rd dimension, will this limit us? Does it “bind” us to just the 3rd dimension or is it the first step we should take in merging with all the dimensions?

What we realized is that our souls have never been in this vessel we call the human body.  There are times when soul can be a great distance from the body (termed out of body) and times when it is close to the body (termed in our body).  Soul is connected to us, the physical body, via a silver tread.  What is it supposed to be?

Our soul has not merged with our physical vessel in this lifetime or any previous lifetime.  In fact our soul has not merged with any dimension.  You have been connected to your soul via the silver thread or cord – but not merged.  Your vessel has always been temporary on for that lifetime.  Your soul will remain connected and outside your physical body (vessel) in any future dimension that you are working toward reaching.  With this thought in mind, “How can you ascend in this lifetime without merging your soul with your physical vessel?”  We merge your soul into this lifetime’s physical vessel and by doing so will be the precursor to merging your soul with all future dimensions.  Once you are “merged”, becoming one with the physical body and soul – you will be able to use all your psychic talents, (seeing, hearing, knowing, etc.) in ALL dimensions.

    • Chapter 6: Success Centering

The world is within us all… if we aren’t whole, neither is it. Can you find the courage to shed light on your remaining hidden pockets of inauthenticity and Love, LOVE, Love  yourself through to divine impeccability?

We really need to know who we are without all our trappings and protection.  We need to be true and authentic with the ability to communicate our spiritual beliefs in all that we say and do.  We can no longer hide in the background for we will be eventually be a bridge to help assist and guide others they find you.  The main function of this chapter is to learn to utilize the flow of energies to bring our inner selves to our outer world… to learn how to get more comfortable in our new human skins to the point that we allow ourselves to be seen and heard.  Success Centering really shakes and breaks everything up to the point that it is much easier for you to process and release.

    • Chapter 7: Awakening the Pivotal (Infinity) Chakra

Our Pivotal (Infinity) Chakra will be awakened/activated. 2. It will strengthen our connection to Mother Earth. 3. The next step in learning how to time travel with the new merkaba. 4. Restore our inner connection to Source. 5. Connects us, Humanity to the Elemental Kingdom which balances out the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

At this point in time we know that proper breathing, meditation (intent), less dense physical body, along with the vibration of love are things we must master to accomplish our goal but something was missing.  The Pivotal (Infinity) Chakra is located deep within the earth and varies in depth from ½ a mile to a mile or more depending on the energy of the moment.  This inner connection to Source will provide us with additional nutrition that our souls have been lacking for thousands of years.  We were separated from this form of nutrition that we have been starved from since we were transplanted here from various universes or star systems.  This is the next step in learning how to time travel and we are replacing the outdated merkaba with a new mode of transportation.  Also, by acknowledging and accepting the Elemental Kingdom, we can work in partnership with these beings to assist Mother Earth in raising her vibration and shift to a crystalline based system.  It will strengthen our connection to Earth and help us stay centered and balanced.  The question now is, “What is our Merkaba?”  Our merkaba will be taking our body with us and that is what this chapter of work is about. 

    • Chapter 8: Physical Cellular Recalibration

Stopping the aging processes in our bodies

The human cells have been preprogrammed to die.  The human body was not originally designed to wear out and die.  This chapter deals with turning on the part of your cells that have been turned off so the body does not age and wear out.  It is a very physical piece that you will be working on and it will take some time on your part to accomplish.

    • Chapter 9: Unlocking your Inner Cellular Tapestry of Protection

Removing all the layers of protection from each cell revealing the brilliance of your inner core

We have gotten to a level of vibration that requires each cell to vibrate faster and channel more light. This can’t be done with all the layers of protection we have placed on each cell. Chapter 9?s work is removing all the layers of protection from each cell revealing the brilliance of your inner core.

    • Chapter 10: Storm Before the Calm

This chapter of work offers you the baton to your cellular orchestra (human body). We serve as your concert master/mistress, getting everything in tune and focused. Then you take center stage, pick up your baton and begin to play your soul’s human concert.

Each cell vibrates by itself.  Each cell in our physical orchestra (body) is practicing and getting ready for an event that is about to happen.  It is really noisy and you wonder to yourself how this will ever come together to create beautiful music.  All our cells are vibrating like they have never done before not knowing that they are an integral part of the soul’s human concert.  Think of how many cells that make up the human body…  each cell playing its own note loudly… at this point we are  not in harmony with our own body let alone the universe. This chapter of work brings all parts of you into harmony for your soul’s human concert.

    • Chapter 11: Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth

Once you have successfully connected with the “New Vibrational Earth, 2.0? and your vibration has increased to a certain frequency, you will feel a very definite energetic tug of war within you. We literally unplug all of your lifetimes that you have lived on the “Old Vibrational Earth, 1.0? so you can fully exist in the new vibration. It is just like upgrading your cell phone, new phone – same phone number.

Chapter 11:  Releasing the Old Vibrational Earth, is literally what we will be doing.  If you feel as though you are in an energetic tug of war.  You need this work.

There may be a problem that is coming up.  We have anchored ourselves in the “Old Vibrational Earth, 1.0? for many lifetimes.  With the previous Chapters of our work, we have progressed and anchored ourselves in the “New Vibrational Earth, 2.0? in Chapter 7.  As we get more comfortable with the higher vibrations there will come a time when you will need to separate from the old vibrational earth. 


There you have it…. I guess our purpose continues….  If you have time, do read the full descriptions on the website ( http://drsmick.com/level-services/  and click on each topic)… they are an interesting read….   Interesting job we have, huh?

Let’s have some fun:

 2013-85-October 2013 Mickelson Muse 1

Look at the tree and choose the one that is immediately most appealing to you. Don’t think about it too long, just choose, and find out what your choice says about your personality. Have fun!!!!

The results!

1. You are a generous and moral (not to confuse with moralizing) person. You always work on self-improvement. You are very ambitious and have very high standards. People might think that communicating with you is difficult, but for you, it isn’t easy to be who you are. You work very hard but you are not in the least selfish. You work because you want to improve the world. You have a great capacity to love people until they hurt you. But even after they do. . . you keep loving. Very few people can appreciate everything you do as well as you deserve.

2. You are a fun, honest person. You are very responsible and like taking care of others. You believe in putting in an honest day’s work and accept many work-related responsibilities. You have a very good personality and people come to trust you easily. You are bright, witty and fast-thinking. You always have an interesting story to tell.

3. You are a smart and thoughtful person. You are a great thinker. Your thoughts and ideas are the most important. You like to think about your theories and views alone. You are an introvert. You get along with those who like to think and learn. You spend a lot of time, thinking about morality. You are trying to do what is right, even if the majority of society does not agree with you.

4. You are perceptive and philosophical person. You are a unique, one soul of your kind. Next to you there’s no one even slightly similar to you. You are intuitive and a bit quirky. You are often misunderstood, and it hurts you. You need personal space. Your creativity needs to be developed, it requires respect of others. You are a person who clearly sees the light and dark sides of life. You are very emotional.

5. You are self-assured and in charge. You are very independent. Your guiding principle in life is ‘I’ll do it my way.’. You are very self-reliant and know how to stay strong for yourself and the people you love. You know exactly what you want and are not afraid of pursuing your dreams. The only thing you demand from people is honesty. You are strong enough to accept the truth.

6. You are kind and sensitive. People relate to you very well. You have many friends and you love helping them. You have this warm and bright aura that makes people feel good when they are around you. Every day, you think about what you can do to improve yourself. You want to be interesting, insightful and unique. More than anybody else in the world, you need to love. You are even ready to love those who don’t love you back.

7. You are happy and unflappable. You are a very sensitive and understanding person. You are a great listener who knows how to be non-judgmental. You believe that everybody has their own journey in life. You are open to new people and events. You are highly resistant to stress and rarely worry. Normally, you are very relaxed. You always manage to have a good time and never lose your way.

8. You are charming and energetic. You are a fun person who knows how to make people laugh. You live in a state of harmony with the universe. You are spontaneous and enthusiastic. You never say no to an adventure. Often, you end up surprising and even shocking people. But that’s just how you are. . . You always remain true to yourself. You have many interests and if something proves of interest to you, you will not rest until you acquire a profound knowledge of this area.

9. You are optimistic and lucky. You believe that life is a gift and you try to achieve as much as possible and put this gift to the best use possible. You are very proud of your achievements. You are ready to stick by the people you care about through thick and thin. You have a very healthy approach to life. The glass is (at least) half full for you. You use any opportunity to forgive, learn, and grow because you believe that life is too short to do otherwise.


Almost finished

So… having fun yet?  I found a photo of one of the places we walk in our area… Alki … you can see Seattle in the background… we walk there because it is flat and has wonderful walking paths for over 5 miles right next to the water.  Although very calm in this photo, on windy days, this is a wonderful place to experience lots of wave action.  Now that you’ve seen it, you can take a walk with us.


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