Christmas Special

Beginning Your Outward Journey….

What does this mean????

This journey up until this far has mainly dealt with the development of your inner-self.  Now we are encouraging you to break out of all you inner patterns and begin to experience the world beyond self and learn how to deal with this world and yet remain centered and balanced.  So, you are learning to be IN and OF the world and beyond.  You may feel that you are becoming more and more isolated and hermit like.  It is more and more difficult to be out among other people and your social circle is getting smaller and smaller.  In order to survive, we have to cope and deal with others on a day-to-day basis.  WHAT WILL HAPPEN IS THAT YOU WILL BEGIN TO CLOSE DOWN FROM EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU.  This work will help you survive and flourish.

We are offering these levels of work to you at this time at a very good price.  This is how we are paying it forward and helping you on your journey.  This Christmas Special is being offered now and through December 25, 2014.


Segment F:  Beginning Your Outward Journey (Levels 26 thru 32) Click on each title for a complete description of the level work.

o    Level 26: Opening Your Personal Amalgam Portal

This is the same feeling we have with this level, happy, excited and proud. For those of you who have reached the proper level of maturity, passed all the tests, it is time for us to give you the keys to time travel.

o    Level 27: Phoenix Rising, From Out of the Ashes

These reactionary physical patterns are no longer relevant and are hindering your ability to remain neutral, centered and grounded which enables your decision making process. When the amygdala receives signals of potential danger and begins to set off a series of reactions that will help you protect yourself, you want these signals to function from your current state of knowledge and awareness.

o    Level 28: Filling the Void of Loneliness

By doing this level you will be more in tune and balanced with everything. You will literally be more in tune or tone with nature (plant, animal, mineral kingdoms) and the world around you. Communities will open up to you in ways you never expected.

o    Level 29: Entering the Field of Cognitive Awareness

You will finally be free of some very deep psychological pain and issues that seem to have been stored deep in the marrow of your bones.

o    Level 30: Essence Retrieval and Restoration

The ethereal body is concerned with our physical state of well-being. It becomes vulnerable when we give away parts of ourselves, have it stolen, or just lose it through daily living experiences. We retrieve all parts of the essence and restore them to the way it was originally at birth and will give you exercises so you can keep it intact.

o    Level 31: Merging Pleroma with the Physical

We came from the Light (Pleroma), and became physical (separated from the light), we die (return to the light), up until this lifetime. We can now merge the physical with the light. Yea!!!

o    Level 32: The Creative Conscious Authentic Self

As a result of this level, the awareness of our Creative Conscious Authentic Self broadened our world, increased our vision, unlocked the doors to our fullest potential and further opened us to possibilities we never thought of or imagined.


Total cost would be $5,098.00….. but Special Christmas Special Cost… $1000.  Email us if you are interested at: .  For payment… go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information,, choose friends and family and put in the above amount.

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