January Special Offering

Launching in 2015… ready —- set —- goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

We like many people this time of year look at the past and look forward into the new year with the intent of establishing goals that we want to work toward achieving in the coming year which usually covers the body and mind.  With this in mind we would like to work with you on your spiritual awareness segment.

We have been asked by many of our clients to bundle packages of our work so they could take advantage of what we have put together.  That is why we have been putting these special offerings together.  This month we have bundled “going forward” types of levels together to help facilitate a new start in 2015 plus are adding any level of your choice to go with the package…


From the Segment G: Developing Greater Awareness, we have selected:

The supreme accomplishment of human beings is to attain this level of attention while retaining the life-force.

You will be able to relax into this alternate state of conscious without fear of getting lost in the process.

In order to explore this new element we have had to free our bodies of the existing energies (physical denseness) that have kept us earth-bound. Practicing, perfecting and trusting in our abilities on these journeys are our keys to success.

You will be able to understand and/or communicate multi-dimensionally and have better access to multidimensional “intent” that is in the “unified field”.

Plus any level of other work you choose.


Total cost would be $4084.00 plus the cost of whatever other level you chose….. but January Special Cost… $895.  Email us if you are interested at: drsmick@drsmick.com .  For payment… go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information, drsmick@drsmick.com, choose friends and family and put in the above amount.

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