Phase 2 – Chapter 13 + Testimonials

We introduced Chapter 13: Shifting the Paradigm of False Beliefs (Cycles, cycles, cycles) a few weeks ago… we thought you’d like to read what a few folks ha to say about the new work… In Loren’s and my opinion, this is the most profound and useful work we’ve ever brought “through”.  Do take a moment or two of your time to read what a few folks had to say about the new work:




The question with Chapter 13 is just where do I begin.  What a journey this has been.  Just when I thought I was done with all my issues and pent up emotions, new gateways are opened up (by the Mickelson’s) so I can process my multidimensional issues.  This life has turned out to be quite an adventure that has taken me down many paths and many paths I did not want to revisit.  But by going on those paths I was able to clear up many old issues that I had been avoiding for eons.  This chapter encourages you to revisit old memories, both positive and negative, to help you find the keys to unlock and remember the original source of an incorrect belief that has been effecting your entire life.  When this belief is discovered and you can see how silly the cause was in the creation of this belief, it is then easy to release and change.

The Mickelson’s have provided exercises and hold safe nurturing environment for me to finally process these long overdue issues.  They hold the keys to the multidimensional gateway so we can channel higher vibrations and reach higher dimensions. It took a while to understand that we had to learn to process issues that existed in other dimensions.  Once I learned to get out of the way and let everything flow through me, not analyzing anything, it became much easier, faster and less painful emotionally.

I find that I can observe and not be drawn into the drama of life that goes on all around me.  By doing this I can allow everyone else their own individual process.  My life has become less stressful.


Chapter 13…. What can I say?  I have been working with Drs. Loren and Diane for many years.  What appeals most to me about their work, although most of it is very subtle – yet transforming, is their willingness to (this will sound strange) to be there for me, but let me do my own work.  They are true facilitators – opening doorways that I didn’t know existed.  They do their work, preparing the way for me to do mine, they hold space for me, have shown me how to try to stay balanced – and if unbalanced, have shown me how to “get into balance”.   Chapter 13 has been the most dynamic yet… the most transformative for me.  I am slowly learning to know “me”. What a ride this has been and I am so grateful for the trip.


Ok so I ‘woke up’, absorb things like a sponge, raised my vibration, learned a boat load of new things and it was grand! Then over time life got in the way, moving my home, taking care of an elder family member, changing jobs, and having friends and family members pass over.  My once keen sense of intuition/awareness seems to have faded away. More of life’s obstacles are being thrown at me and the patterns I ‘dealt’ with are reappearing.  Why? Didn’t I wake up and ‘become’ spiritual? Don’t’ I practice being mindful and being in the moment?

Diane and Loren’s work has helped me to regain and then raise my vibrational level.  They helped me delve into not just recognizing my patterns but working to find out why they developed in the first place. What you find may surprise you. Some were not what I would have thought at all. Their exercises and also their own examples help you to become acquainted with yourself again – a new you!

While going through these exercises (mind you I’m not finished),  I’ve have found my physical self with more aches & pains, the release of toxins, headaches, tiredness, changing tastes, electrical charges and even my hair parting on the other side. I have been questioning all my beliefs as well as knowledge and where that comes from.  There are benefits to this work as well. I have been regaining the sensitivity of intuition, gotten an increase in dreams, received tons more synchronicities and faster, had a lessening of sensitivity to 3D surface chatter or drama and the gaining of a bigger picture that is more balanced and calming.  I find myself viewing things from a different perspective with a new heighten awareness.

I would definitely recommend working with Diane and Loren on these exercises it is like giving yourself a second wind or a jump start to your internal battery as well as gaining a new friend – yourself!


If you want to learn more about patterns that are keeping you stuck and ones you’ve thought you’ve dealt with but keep resurfacing, I would definitely say do this work!!  It has helped me to figure out some of those messages that I heard growing up and how I “interpreted” those messages.  It is not about blaming anyone but is about learning what message you got and when you got it. Once I learned this it became so much easier to let the old pattern go!  Diane and Loren helped to clear the way for me to be able to do the work. Letting go of those past messages has helped me to move forward in many ways. I am starting to figure out those things that make me happy!


Chapter 13 is must do work if you finally want to get at the core of that destructive belief or habit. It’s equally important if you want to find the core of that gift or talent you continually question, deny, second guess, judge, condemn. While the work is mine to do, I know for a fact that Loren and Diane are there holding the space and making timely comments, especially when I need to get out of my head. For example, I know I have the ability to be even more visual than what I allow. In working through some memories, I recalled my dad teaching me, in his grounded very practical way, visualization. On the surface, he was helping me with geometry and trigonometry. He would bring home plans for a part they were making at work. Looking at the plans, he helped me build the image in my head, so I could then draw it out on paper. He would also bring home small parts, tell me how it was made, then ask me to figure out how to check it to make sure it was built and drilled correctly. You have to picture the inside of the part to see how it was made, then find the angles to measure to see that they are correct. The thing is, I do this every day at work now, but have been judging myself for being such a freak. I have also really been limiting myself because of this judgment. I haven’t totally gotten to the root of this yet, but it feels near.

Dad taught all of us kids this way and I believe we all use this skill in our chosen professions. It wasn’t taught in psychic terms, but that’s what I labeled it (and not in a kind way) at some point in time. That point or points in time and the words or deed that made me put the brakes on is one of the things I am searching out. I was talking with my dad about these lessons in a dream a few nights ago. As I started to come out of the dream, I very clearly heard Diane say, “Now un-woo it”.  Plain and simple, I visualize body parts. I distinctly remember when I was first told of being a “Medical Intuitive” and how badly I recoiled. Terminology is part of it, but there is also something that I am just skirting the edge of that now feels safe to explore.

Loren and Diane, thank you for bringing Chapter 13 forward, doing your work for this chapter and holding such a safe space for us to do our remembering, clearing, and correcting.


Chapter 13 has been the most profound work that I have done with Drs Loren and Diane Mickelson. (Although, their Level I work is the Keystone to everything else they have done over these years.)

I began the work in December 2014, and have been doing the work and exercises provided by the Mickelson’s. I am becoming more aware of my actions and choices I make in any given moment. I am recognizing patterns that run through my mind and in my life. I am suddenly gaining incredible insights and significant pieces of information that I couldn’t fathom before I began this work. I am beginning to pull the loose ends and lost pieces of my life back together. I am getting a more complete understanding of how I became who I am today.

Drs Mickelson’s work is helping me recognize/discover the fears and limitations that I’ve been embracing throughout my life. I feel like I can now examine them from a more objective or neutral place.  It’s easier for me to determine if they still apply to me. And when they don’t, I’m able to reframe them, or simply release them.

The most surprisingly wonderful thing that this work is providing me is the increased ability to recognize all the wonderfully love filled supportive people, and things surrounding me. I am settling into a place of deeper love, appreciation, and gratitude for myself, my friends and my family.

I am looking at everything around me differently. I am beginning to be able to lift my heart higher, and open it up in a way that I haven’t had the opportunity to do before. I am taking conscious steps into my journey of self-discovery. I am able to do this with a pace and eagerness that I haven’t had before.

I’m not a shallow person who sleeps walks through my life. But this work has allowed me to feel more awake, alive, and real in my day to day life.

This is not a just a healing event. It’s a process, a journey, that I will not be able to complete in a day, week, or month. My feet are more steady on this path, and, and I am getting acquainted with a more authentic me.

Drs Loren and Diane have described this work as a way towards integrating myself as a multidimensional being, and I believe it. I encourage everyone who reads this to take a leap of faith and do this work.


Chapter 13 is a good reminder of we are on a path of self-discovery.  As you listen to your inner guidance and write down all the messages you receive as you quiet the mind you become more aware of the real you.

This new chapter is all about journaling the messages and working through your personal issues and given the opportunity to resolve them. This is not an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly process, this is an ongoing lesson that you will continue for the rest of your life. This is not a process that can be done by somebody else, and cannot be done in a day.

Thank you so much Drs Loren and Diane Mickelson you are an inspiration to all those that are on this path of self-discovery.


I highly recommend Chapter 13 by Loren and Diane.  Chapter 13 has been an incredible jump in my process of learning my false core beliefs. It has helped me tremendously to realize and release old patterns of false core issues and has definitely quickened my awareness. This has been incredibly life changing, giving me new direction and drive. The knowledge is in me now and I am continuously learning more all the time. Loren and Diane are Spiritual Trail Blazers and amazingly talented. I am forever grateful for how Chapter 13 has immensely changed and improved my life in all respects.


The Dr. Mickelson’s Chapter 13 on becoming more and more awake to belief system messages that we have lived out believing that we were these beliefs and messages was a powerful awakening to discovering who I really was as a responsible creator of my own life.  Made aware of the different stages of personal development I realized why I had trouble trusting and why I had felt so much shame in my earlier years of life.  In looking closely and deeper and deeper at my belief systems, some accepted just by being human, some received from my family, others school, government and other organized environments, I discovered many false messages about myself and was able to create new and affirming messages that I say to myself regularly.  A very important awareness with this Chapter 13 for me was in listening carefully to the disempowering belief system messages inside of me and writing them down I found a deep emotional and/or spiritual wound, held in place by these disempowering messages.  Once enlightened to this wound and the messages surrounding it, it became possible to release the emotional charge and have greater understanding and release of the disempowering belief patterns.


I know life is better/easier after Chap 13.  I need to keep doing the looking for positive evidence of my new beliefs — it is so easy to keep seeing the old evidence instead. I think the “charge” on the negative aspects I unearthed is MUCH less though.  I am working on that and will let you know if I see some positive results.  I am to remain more neutral about it all.

Meditation is easier for me to do consistently which has helped me to be more centered and grounded.  Being completely honest, I still don’t want to exercise without the guidance of a trainer.   I will get a trainer again in the near future and go that route. It really works for me — in fact I loved it.

I especially loved the part 4 exercise when I figured out my strongest chakras. I didn’t know much about the age development of chakras or the #8 and above chakras — so they were especially cool (#8 is my strongest one)! I would love to know more about developing those strong chakras and tapping into my shamanic powers. Let’s do more of that! 🙂


Now:  to the work itself:

Chapter 13:  Shifting the Paradigm of False Beliefs (Cycles, cycles, cycles)


Here we are celebrating the beginning of a New Year, 2015.  This year we had our grandchildren over to help us celebrate.  During the evening we talked about things that we had learned in the past year, honored the changes in friendships and relationships, addressed the emotions that had gone on and discussed things that we would like to do in the new year. It was fun listening to what a six and eight year old thought about and their plans for the New Year. We made popcorn, brought out feather comforters and lots of pillows because we were all going to watch movies and sleep on the floor in the living room.  We had our bag of noise makers, things that pop, tiaras and hats getting ready to welcome in the New Year. We stayed up to 12:30am, which was the latest they have ever stayed up (grandparenting does have it privileges).

The past year was very difficult for us.  There were a number of physical problems that occurred and we went in to a deep depression and did not have a handle on why this was happening. Some of these events were triggers that activate our different core beliefs. We looked forward to 2015, the beginning of a new cycle, a breaking away from old patterns and cycles, getting ready for the annual change.  But, whoa, and how??? We were clueless on how to begin!!!!

We all have done many things in the past decades to get us to this point…

Shamanic journeys, Reiki, Mariel, Kufudo, Cleanses,  Palm readings, psychic readings, Intent, Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, Soul retrieval, Affirmations, Positive thinking, Counseling, Past life regression, Reading Akashic records, Exorcism, Psychic surgery, Listening to tapes, gurus, Sweat lodges, Beating drums, drum circles, Journaling, Bathing, showering, Saging (smudging), Candle burning, making lists, recording, burning ceremonies, Astrology, Tarot readings,  Medicine cards, Angel readings, Healing jewelry, Stones for healing, protections, etc. all of which has helped each of us to get to where we are now.  Ok, then, why do these various patterns, habits, beliefs keep popping back??? AND, even more, why does it only happen when we are above the grid, high vibrationally??? You know, multi-dimensionally???  This DOES NOT make sense to us… or….. didn’t…..

2014 has been a difficult year for us as multidimensional beings walking between dimensions.  We have no roadmap. This has not been done before.  It has been fraught with reemerging patterns, beliefs, habits that we thought we had been working hard to get rid of , clear ourselves, etc. (wtf… sorry but…).  We do not know what is going on,  or didn’t know at the time.  We then started to look at all the information that we have been receiving and collecting this past year, wondering why this mis-mash of information was coming through.  We started putting 2+2 together and began getting answers and putting things together.  We are moving from total conscious third dimensional beings to totally multidimensional conscious beings (read this over 4 or 5 times to understand and ‘get’ this).  We were only getting rid of the patterns, habits, beliefs in the 3rd dimension and not at the multidimensional level where these patterns and cycles of time and experiences reside .  This does not mean that all the work that you (we) have done in the past did not work because it did work.  Our 3rd dimensional bodies are pretty darned clear.   Our multidimensional bodies are at a higher vibrational rate and can be addressed now.

One thing we learned as a multidimensional being is that we still have to work on our issues – but this time – multidimensionally.  Even higher beings, guides, angels, masters, archangels, etc. have to work on their issues.  How do you reach higher vibrational levels?? You work on what issues are holding you back.  We need help from each other in order to get to the next step.  Ah, now all that information we have been given over the past year — now made sense.  We were given the exact directions on how to work – multidimensionally – with these cycles… we tested the techniques on each other… what “they” say is “exact” directions, turned out to be – “Huh?” “How?” “Are you sure?” this went on and on and on, until we finally figured it out.

What we have found to be difficult is first of all being aware enough to identify the core belief(s) that you have been holding on to that is causing us to have seemingly repeated patterns, habits, etc.  This core belief(s) has been holding you back from going to the next level. They(or it) are from a combination of lifetimes that needs to be addressed in this ascension lifetime.  Remember, this is the first time we are ascending with our physical bodies.  You may have been working on this belief all of your life but have not yet been able to get to the source of this false belief, pattern or habit until now. What we have learned is some false core beliefs come in bundles or interconnected mental agreements.  How old were you, or cycle of life, when these core beliefs were introduced to you and how have they affected your life.


What are the inner messages that continue to haunt you and no matter what you do to release these patterns, you still have not been able to get to it’s original seed.  Have you been playing the comparison game, judgment game of yourself and others, becoming a chameleon when you’re around others in order to fit in, relationships, etc.?


Another major influence to us is the Sun, especially this time of year when the days are shorter and many of us experience a lot of gray days.  The amount of energy streaming at us from the sun outweighs any energetic influence from the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, or any other celestial body.  Our orbit around the Sun is the most powerful cosmic cycle that affects us.  How has these many trips or cycles around the sun influenced us on our journey to becoming an infinite being?  The ultimate consciousness behind all Creation, it encapsulates the idea of infinite, all-encompassing consciousness beyond which nothing else exists.

This chapter of work helps you crack the code to getting to the source of the patterns that we have been working on, that never seem to “go away”.  Included with the exercises you will also get to read each of our experiences with this new chapter of work.  We have written our experiences, our “trip”, “process”,  “journey”, or whatever it is called as we each hone onto our key belief(s)….  This is some of the most profound and difficult work we have ever done, but WOW!!!! we cannot believe the difference to each of us individually on our ascension journey (remember ascension is a journey not a destination).  The exercises we provide you will truly be used again and again as we go forward on our journeys.

“Turn! Turn! Turn!”

(The Byrds Lyrics)

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones
A time to gather stones together

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace
A time to refrain from embracing

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late!


We saw this ceiling light hanging in a shop that had layers upon layers of plastic strips that to us looked like the restrictive bands.  These bands were like the cycles that seem to by binding OUR light from shining outward from the center of our being to the universes beyond.  If you choose to do the chapter, you will be removing these bands or cycles, letting your light shine.

Cost: $1070.00 – time sensitive, the price will be increasing soon.  (This chapter will continue as things are revealed and will be extremely time consuming for the both of  you and “us” Our work is opening up the doorways, pathways – clearing debris and holding the space for you – your work is find “you”.)….We are available via email all the time to answer questions and/or if you run into “stone walls” along the journey.   So, if you have any questions, please email us at or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information,, choose friends and family and put in the above amount.


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