Phase 2 – Chapter 14

 Chapter 14: Hiding in Plain Sight

As we become more open and continue to process things that have been stored and locked into each cell, we begin to look and sense things from a different point of view.  Even science has been making new discoveries as vibrational rates increase such as the following example.

Recently researchers working at the University of Virginia saw a lymphatic vessel in the brain of a mouse.  These lymphatic vessels are not supposed to be located in the brain.  This elusive lymphatic vessel has remained hidden throughout decades of research.  Their existence in the brain suggests that our brain is directly connected to our immune system, which in turn may unlock doors for future study of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction equaling some form of change for the future. In the fields of biology and medicine, when you understand something, you can then start to find new targets for treatments.

As in our daily lives, many of you have misplaced and found something during the past few weeks and months.  Items that people have inquired about are keys, check books, toys, cell phones, glasses, laptops, iPad’s, to name a few.

Many times an emotion comes into play which causes us to go into an emotional tailspin.  As we calm down, become centered and grounded, our vibration can then shift and the items lost can become part of our physical reality.

All the items listed above were found in the exact location where the individual had looked 10,000 times but could not be found until our vibration could be shifted into the objects reality.

What we are discovering is that things lost or things that are now being discovered exist in another reality or dimension.  We have to alter our vibration to match the reality to find or discover things.

We all conceal parts of ourselves from the outside world.  Be it for self-preservation or as a tool for deceit, manipulating our facades is human nature.  DISQUISE: Masks… etc. Take a look at what you use… What ideas come to your mind and what are the psychological impacts causing a distortion in our identities.  What are hiding in the deepest recesses of your soul?

We are being asked to remain centered, grounded and focused on remaining physically present.  In order to do this we MUST be free of all our inner hidden shadows.  The inner most core is an area that you have stored and hidden from the outside world.  When you look for this it will feel solid and cement-like.  


Chapter 14… is getting rid of this cement-like tomb that has now become part of your reality. We are using all our tools to remove and release this inner beast that has been created. With all the work you have done with Chapter 13, this personal, multi reality object is now exposed and can be dealt with. These deep concealed emotions or shadows could possibly be the last things we have to deal with in freeing ourselves from our core issues finally being free looking for FREEDOM from this physical plane.  The physical plane shifts and becomes part of our multi-dimensionality in a more freeing yet anchored in a different way.

Are you remaining “Present” in the now or do you go through your day as if you are on autopilot?  Some people would term this, “out of body.”  We act unconsciously or habitually, even forming thoughts and judgements without conscious awareness of what we are doing.  We just act and react.

Look at how you spend your energy.  Are you rehashing the past or rehearsing the future?  How do the words wishing, hoping, ruminating, missing, regretting come into play when talking about the expenditure of your energy?

What can be released that will break you out of these deep seated core patterns and issues?

Daniel Jacobs wrote, “The Art of Remembering is balanced and enhanced by the Art of Forgetting. In and out, across time – you weave your consciousness through a panoply of universes (constructs)–becoming something (or someone) new with each twist and turn of your beautiful mind! You do not do this merely as an individual – even though everything you see around you may give that impression. Rather, you do this as an entire universe. You do it as a Collective Oneself.”

In looking at the path you have chosen in this lifetime, you have been risk takers.  You have not conformed to this world’s consensus reality.  Your inner guidance has guided you and you have been successful in achieving the goals that you have set.  How many of your friends and relatives have thought you were going nuts or completely crazy?  The state of mind you exist in is the very mechanism which separates you from your personal power, your wholeness and your soul’s ability to remember which many people commonly call sanity or insanity.

This level allows you passage into broader expanses in your multi-dimensionality and it also anchors your physical body into the multidimensional.  You will not feel like you have tumbled around in a dryer or fallen down into a rabbit hole.  You need to keep working on Chapter 13 and as you do, your multidimensional world will expand.  Without doing Chapter 14, you may feel like the multidimensional world will be closing in on you.  You or people close to you could start to act mentally unstable as well.  Our physical body really does need a better anchoring system.  To gain access to this next step, information and exercises will be provided for you to gain access to this ever expanding universe. We will be working as a team with you on this chapter.


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