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Ego Chakra Removal

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning “wheel of light”. A chakra is a wheel of light revolving in various locations in and outside the physical body. There are 10 major chakras (Seven are written about, but there are two more above the head and one more beneath the feet). Most people know they have a personal chakra system. Nearly all of the written material explains an individual’s personal chakra system. What we are going to talk about at this time is a chakra system outside the person’s body and located in the auric field. This chakra system is called “ego” for lack of a better term. It developed outside your body because it was easier looking for answers, confirmations, etc outside of one’s self. How to identify it? If you look for everyone else to have the correct answers (for you or anyone else), if you lack self-esteem (as: thinking yourself less than, etc. People call this not enough ego), or it could go the other way where you think you know more than and are an expert in everything…too much ego). Actually ego is neither good nor bad… it just is. It is when we go outside of ourselves instead of inside (your personal chakra system) that causes us problems. Not everyone is comfortable with the removal of the outside ego chakra system. Sometimes it is just easier to have it there, but the benefits of removing it are truly remarkable. It is easier to go within to get the answers, you get better answers that are directly related to you, you won’t appear to be either lacking in self esteem or “egocentric, you will be more self confident and having an inner knowing. This removal requires a commitment from you because it will change your life, the way you perceive yourself and your perception of the world.


Ego (Outside) Chakra Removal
Price: $320.00

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