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Fear Chakra Removal


As most of you know, there is a grid of fear surrounding the globe, that we, as individuals and collectively with others in our society, “tap” into until the time comes for us to … “go through the grid of fear” to live and work beyond the Universal Grid of Fear.  This is not the void, but an actual barrier surrounding the earth.  In our work, this is Level 5.  The chakra system that we are describing today is NOT this barrier.  We also have a personal relationship with fear and have a chakra system outside of ourselves that is in place even if/when we go through the Universal Veil/Grid of Fear.  This chakra system may or may not have been in place at birth… it could have come with you in this incarnation.  It really doesn’t matter… what does matter is that is exists.  We have “fed” this chakra system by believing messages that were given to us by individuals, religions, cultures, societies, etc.  The chakra system not only “feeds” into your personal one, but also goes through it and intertwines back to itself… totally anchoring you. It also anchors somewhere that is unique to you in your physical body. This chakra system has been removed…. We will keep removing it until it doesn’t form again….   There is an assignment with this removal.


Fear Chakra (Grid Removal)
Price: $333.00

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