Clearing Places and Things

 Energetic House Cleaning…

So not only do we clean the energy from your home, the land it sets on, your work area and it has been expanded to include the vehicle you drive. Don’t forget your cabin, camper, motorcycle, etc. Some people are having us clear the energies from the properties of friends and relatives.

You need to have the places cleared that you visit or spend a lot of time. For your own health and peace of mind, you need to have this done. If you have gone through a change in relationship, divorce, death you need to have this work done.

The intensity of the burdens of society has expanded globally and has taken on a global consciousness of its own. It is almost impossible to keep our personal environment free of these energies. We feel this is also one reason that people have not been sleeping well, not sleeping at all, or having dreams that make no sense and/or are waking up exhausted. Not only your space gets contaminated, but your food is also susceptible to take in heavy displaced energies.

We have been given a complicated formula to assist you in clearing out unwanted energies of your home, property, car or office. (Or this could be any physical place that you want.) This procedure takes both our (Loren and Diane) energies (much like Level One took both of our essences to complete) for the process to be successful.


Price: $50.00 per location/item

If you have any questions, please email us at; or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information [], choose friends and family, and put in the appropriate amount.

After purchasing, email us which places or things you would like cleared.


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