Conceptional Vibration (Bio Resonance) Balancing

During intercourse, women are receivers and what they receive from a male during this act is more than they realize. In union along with the physical comes everything else the man has or hasn’t resolved yet in his life.  Love (high vibration) as well as frustration, anger, stagnation, lust, fear of intimacy beyond the physical joining (low vibration), come along with him. (If a condom is used, the energy transfer does not take place, it is contained within the condom.)  Most women are resolving those same issues.  When a woman becomes pregnant by someone who is in anything other than the “love vibration” (highest of all vibrations), she’s hit with a double zap of low-frequency energy. Even individuals “in love” sometimes “create” in lower frequencies.  It depends on what you carry at the time of intercourse.  Hers and his…. And those two have just created a third.  A rather challenging life for the third.  The embryo (third) is locked into a lower vibration… can not go  into the vibration of love because it has no reference or “programming” for it.   This energy is locked into the embryo from the joining of the egg to the sperm.  This is NOT a soul piece… it is entirely a this-lifetime physical event.  It is as if you have a missing part or hollowness.  You have a difficult time “looking within”  or difficult time letting go of fear or some other lower vibration.

What do we do?  We go the place where the lower vibration is locked in and change it (permanently).

What will you experience?  Again, it depends on the individual.  You will be able to experience the love (or highest) vibration, if you let it in is up to you.  Your energy (auric) color will go from a milky color to iridescent no matter what you do.  It will be easier for you to experience joy, etc.

This can be done absentee.


Price: $100.00

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