Creating Joy Symbols

We are going to talk about the word “joy”.  Since the word and various meaning of love have become so overused, we have developed a way to bring your personal symbol for Joy (love, happiness) into your essence and being.  This is not the same thing that was done for level three which was your souls’ blueprint.  This symbol is something that you create for your own personal healing and use.  Many of you have said to us that you want more love, more joy, and more happiness in your life.  The symbol that you create can assist you if you can open the door to receive it.

During the past couple of newsletters we have talked about our latest work, the retrieval of your Joy Symbol.  In reading what has been written about the November 11, 2005, The Doorway to Absolute Integrity: The 11:11:11 Portal, it makes sense as to why we felt this work was sooooo important.  Just because we have named this Joy Symbol, it does not necessarily mean, “Joy.”  As more and more people are being lead through this process, it has come to mean:  helps me stay more centered, helps me deal with my negative dysfunctional family, helped me let go of old relationships, helps me be more human while still being connected, really opened up my intuitive abilities, helped me find the real me, helped me to actually manifest things for the first time, helped me finally “get” manifestation and have been able to “bring it all together’ in the now, and the list continues on.

The new way of breathing is not just breathing; it is a way of bringing in new balance of energy.  This is very important to help integrate the energy that is coming with the November 11th portal. So even if you have “loads” and/or piles of material on breathing.. it isn’t the same as what we teach you with this work.  (Note here:  Do you have a fear of joy? Of happiness?.. if so, perhaps you will need to take a look at that.  Do you deserve joy?  Do you deserve happiness? Do you deserve love?  These are all questions that may need to be answered.  Although the work encompasses so much more than joy/happiness/love, this alone can cause you roadblocks.)


Price: $250.00

If you have any questions, please email us at; or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information [], choose friends and family, and put in the appropriate amount.



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