Radical Balancing

If there ever was a time for balancing, now is the time.  Not only are we all very busy in our everyday lives, we are just as busy (or even busier) in our sleep time and in our non-conscious times (daydreaming, meditating, contemplating, etc.).  We (in addition to all of that) are helping mid-wife new waves of awakening souls.  All of the opening of the gates this past spring, summer and fall has opened up new possibilities for all of us.  Many are being asked to perform rather outlandish, seemingly undoable tasks in our non-conscious times. This has caused exhaustion, spaciness, inability to focus, memory problems, being especially emotional, and we can’t always figure out why. (Remember much of this is due to the unconscious state of awareness).  Some of us are wondering why the things we used to do to ground, center, focus, etc. aren’t working.  We feel somewhat depressed, at times overwhelmed, sometimes underwhelmed, sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It seems as though we have been on this so called “awareness” road forever and wonder at times if it is worth it.  Even the mundane everyday chores, work, hobbies, etc. come into question.  Is this all there is? Is it honestly worth it?

If you ever needed to believe in what you are doing, now would be that time.  Most of us really do believe in the deepest recesses of our beingness that we are on the right path that all the work we have done is for something (enlightenment?) We hold these principles near and dear to us in a philosophical sense.  We work and work at integrating all we have learned (you know, the body-mind-spirit thing), but tend to balk if things get too hard, too emotional or start affecting our daily lives.  We get too tired, too bored, and too impatient for things to happen.  And then, whammy, when things start to happen, we wander around in a befuddled state wondering what did or is happening.  Quite a quandary, huh?  We are changing, folks, that is what is happening.  We have known for awhile of the changes to our mental body, our emotional body and our spiritual body. As we have had the intent of integrating all the work we have been doing… our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies have increased vibrationally. Most of the time (well, at least part of the time) those bodies are vibrating “in sync”. Now it is time for our physical body to do a “catch up”.

Have you had days where you think just getting through the day is a big deal, you are still tired when you get up in the morning, all  you want to do is… nothing?  Do you have unexplained aches, pains, perceived illnesses?  Your body is trying to get rid of its extreme denseness.  The whole enlightenment process greatly taxes all of our systems.  At first, our emotional and mental bodies were at a carnival riding all the rollercoasters they could find.  Even though we still get to have a ride now and then, it is nothing like the physical body being put through a sieve.  We are really going through the ringer as the body wants its turn to vibrate higher.  It is actually restructuring.  Believe me, it is no small feat to change our entire cellular structure.  We have watched several shows recently that have outlined some of the studies being done to prove (scientifically) that more organs than just the liver can regenerate. (Wired Science; Episode 104, Health: Body Builders – https://www.pbs.org/kcet/wiredscience/episode   click on: Body Builders… very, very interesting how they are growing fingers, bladders, replacement veins, parts of the esophagus, etc… watch it sometime.  If the researchers can do this outside the body and then implant the new structure/organ containing some of your own cells in the structure into your body, then is it really going out on a limb saying that perhaps the body will be able to do this within your body?) You already know that every cell in your body will replace itself with a new cell every 7 years or so (some much sooner than that, others take longer), you have an entirely “new” body.  What is different this time is that the “new” cells want to be less dense than the old ones; they want to be able to vibrate in tandem with your other bodies.  The more you worry about what is happening, the more stress you put on your body.  The body may decide that you have to slow down, eat differently, sleep differently, etc.  If we don’t listen then the body will find a way to get you to listen.

So what is Radical Balancing?  It is taking all the balancing techniques we have done before, gearing it up,……. Plus redoing the first part of Level 2 and removing all the negative and used up belief systems you added since having Level 2 done. We can choose our own individual belief scripts.  It’s totally up to us.  And the creation engine (universe) just keeps faithfully taking orders from whatever belief script we have fed it.  Perhaps it is time to “clean” up the ones that didn’t work. We think that in order to be comfortable each person must find what works for them personally.  Then to remain comfortable, we must be willing to allow that to change/evolve.  Many of us have seen and/or experienced what doesn’t work.  Rather than look for a balance, we tend to run to the opposite extreme which probably doesn’t work any better.  Let’s state that again, “Balance is something we run past on our way to the other extreme”.



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