Tending to your heart, light and flow of energy…

With the various tragedies that have been happening recently you can sense the heartache and the pain that people are truly feeling which is robbing them of their joy, interfering with their ability to be present for their families, their work, and devouring countless hours of their lives.  Heartache and emotional pain seems to be strong this time of year.  These heartaches and emotions are a heavy energy and some would even say that they are a collection of negative emotions.  They could even take on an appearance of a dark cloud.  Once you sensed these heavy dark cloudlike energies, you need to shift or dissolve these clouds to get the energy to shift and then you will be able to create the life that you love.  The dark low vibrational energy may not even be your own but could relate to the emotions of a group that we have just shared the empathy and emotion as it relates to a specific event.  You could have personally had a tragic event that happened that was close to you and your family which dredged up old emotions for you to relive and take care of.

You deserve to heal completely from whatever you are going through.  No matter what you have done, what mistakes you’ve made or where you are at this moment, the possibility for a life beyond what or where you are at this moment, a life beyond what you can imagine, awaits you right now.  The experience of lifting the cloud cover that hides your ever-loving heart and light will not always be easy but if you allow it, it will be profound and live-changing.  It will be a time for you to grow and evolve and open up to parts of yourself that you have never encountered.  It will be a time to step into a new evolution of yourself and look at who you are and how you can live life in an entirely different manner.

The energy that is flowing in at this point in time is the energy of the Love vibration which will in turn be flowing in and throughout the heart center area.  To best serve you it would be good for you to have everything in top running order so you can eventually be open to accept and transmit this energy to the areas that need it most.  Over the years, we have developed levels or chapters of work that can facilitate your healing or repair of the heart center.

A SPLIT is about to occur in the manifestation of reality.  Everyone gets to experience what they NEED to experience in order to move on.  Even the idea of “moving on” has different meanings for different people.  The multi-universe is big enough to encompass them all.  December 21, 2012 will have many expressions… very few of them will be common to all men.  But one thing we know… humanity is about to hit CRITICAL MASS when it comes to belief in our innate ONENESS with each other… and that realization will allow us to openly embrace our individual VARIANCE in the expression of that ONENESS.

Below is an illustration which depicts the Rainbow Flame which is located between the feet and solar plexus, creating a bridge between this and other higher dimensions.  In the heart is the Purple Flame with Golden Center.  If you can imagine keeping these flames stoked and burning they will assist you in transport, transmute and deliver you to higher vibrations.

We have work that will assist you through this period of time of change.  There will be a link for a more lengthy description of the levels or chapters on our web site.  If you feel drawn to do any of this work please e-mail us a drsmick@drsmick.com.

Energy Signature Clearing (This is for anyone who you would offer help or do anything for someone else.  It doesn’t matter what the task is, no matter what it is, you will leave your energy signature with the individual.)

Did you know you have an energy signature? The energy signature that is unique to you was originally put into place in order for all parts of you to be able to find itself in each incarnation. In Lifetimes prior to this one, soul (spirit) leaves and crosses over into other worlds; mind either goes with the soul into the other worlds, it “dies” with the physical body and stays energetically with the body, or goes back to the universal mind waiting for the time to be re-united with body and soul (this is really dependent upon choice of the mind); the body “dies” a physical death (since energy cannot be destroyed, changes into to energy and waits for reunion with mind and spirit (soul)). So you have your trinity (body, mind (logic and emotion), and sprit (soul) scattered all over until the next incarnation where it “collects” itself (the three parts), and has a lifetime. This energy signature has been extremely important for all parts to come together and to recognize each other. The problem started when we, as humans, have inventively, curiously, and manipulatively used this energy signature for other reasons than recognition of self. Mostly, it has been unconscious.

We send out our energy signatures to clients, friends, etc. as a way of signing our “work”. The work can be hands on healing, absentee energy healing, talk therapy, cooking meals, favors, etc. What happens when we do this (remember, it is probably unconscious)? We have provided a path or trail between us (the sender) and the client (the receiver). We have “signed” our work. (Remember again, this is not the intent for the energy signatures). So as the person processes and releases the processed “stuff”, it has a trail back to the originator, it follow the signature. This means that you, as a practitioner, will get a very, very heavy clouded, crowded energy field, filled with processed processes of others. Although it doesn’t enter your body, it remains in your auric field waiting to be processed. The client, remember, is done with it, but without meaning to unconsciously send the stuff back to you because there is a path provided by the energy signature). Also, some practitioners actually consciously “sign” their work with the intent of providing a way for future business. It is a more sophisticated way of “hooking”, but cannot be seen as a “hook”.

Up until this lifetime, the signature has served a purpose, there was really no way other than having this energy signature in place for all parts to find self. It is time to remove the energy signature and replace it with 3 parts of a “key/lock/GPS system only recognizable to your “self”. That way, you can travel, dream, do out of body stuff and have a GPS/loc/key system unique only to you to help you “collect” self, but doesn’t affect or sign the energy work you do.

The energy signature is located in a particular place in your head (physical), removal and replacement with GPS/lock/key system is extremely precise and delicate because of all the nerves, arteries, veins, etc. entwined in the head. This removal is not an energetic snap, the signature is gone or think, whap, the signature is gone. It is really an operation involving delicate techniques developed specifically for this so no harm can be done to the individual. The procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours and is done absentee. Price: $550.00

Level Twenty-three:  Repairing the Shattered Heart Chamber (http://drsmick.com/level-23/)

When your heart chamber is allowed to assist you in orchestrating your life rather than your mind, everything becomes more in tune with like energies When more people shift their belief system to this new way of thinking, and begin to live according to that belief, conflict will begin to fade. Your life will be more fluid. Price: $777.77

Level Thirty-one:  Merging Pleroma with the Physical (http://drsmick.com/level-31/)

We came from the Light (Pleroma), and became physical (separated from the light), we die (return to the light), up until this lifetime. We can now merge the physical with the light. Yea!!! Price: $555.00

Chapter Two:  Balancing the “NEW” Body (http://drsmick.com/phase-2-chapter-02/)

So our crystalline (mono-crystalline silicon) body is the receiver of the light from the central sun in conjunction with the liquid light both providing the means to energetically nourish the body. Cosmic Rays are the substrate and these come into the body through the crown chakra which to us in waves, much like the wind, from the central sun and our local sun. These rays can also flow through energy portals which are received and transmitted to the meridians or electric channels of light, running through the whole body.

Here is where the problem exists… our bodies are not totally physical or crystalline. We are teetering now more toward the crystalline and the rules that we knew well that worked for the physical body, no longer apply to the crystalline body.  Price: $300.00

Chapter Three: The Key is the Infinite Heart (http://drsmick.com/phase-2-chapter-03/)

The Key is the Infinite Heart… It must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Divine or Creative Energy which will be so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.  It is achieved through the flow of the Infinite Heart Energy and not through the head. As soon as the head or the ego tries to control the process, then the flow cannot proceed. The manifestation of miracles is blocked.  In a way, this opens the doorway to a new way of seeing and new light of understanding that is blanketing us at this time. With the Infinite Heart more open, the light is surrounding us and is helping us to dissolve and break our bonds that were stuck in the old traditions and old energy and to be more open to the new ways of seeing and being.  The New Human crystalline body and matrices needs to be aligned with the new earth’s crystalline matrices in order for us to receive information and communicate with all that we will be connected to.  So, this chapter will allow you to channel more light and stay balanced in trying times, see and receive more coded messages, actually “see” more than you can even imagine and help you to align your crystalline matrix to the earth’s crystalline matrix.  Price: $740.00

The energies that started to come in around 12.12.12 were so intense, but they have only gotten stronger and stronger as the days go by.  To us, they are a clear confirmation that something huge is underway now.  For about a week now, we have been woken up from 2 to 3 times every night, to assist in whatever is going on with the energy flow coming at us.  The energy feels different every time the energy starts to flow and it encompasses the whole body.  Other times, some of the muscles in our bodies start to twitch or even cramp up, other times it feels like we are dissolving completely, our breathing changes pace or intensity and our bodies fluctuate in temperature from hot to cold.  We are calling these events informational downloads which can either be in the form of geometric shapes moving in set patterns, words or even images.  The images are just so beautiful, a world filled with bliss and love, and we have a huge smile on our faces.  It feels as though we are a part of a group that is assisting and helping with the transition of fellow humans and earth itself by being channels for these energies coming in and down into the very core of our being as well as the core of earth.

Not much time is left before you enter the crux of this vortex, but before you get there, it will indeed be like you are being in a vice that keeps tightening and tightening around.  Again, we say this not to frighten you in any way, jut to prepare you for rather a rough ride in the days and nights ahead.  Remember, this can in many ways be likened to the fetus’ twists and turns down through the birth canal before it enters the world as a newborn baby, surrounded by love and joy.  But before it gets there, it too will have to travel through a seemingly dark, scary and uncomfortable stretch that will literally squeeze, push and pull at it with relentless power.  So too will you all be reborn into a world of love, light and joy, but remember that these final stages will be amongst the most uncomfortable and at times scary for so many of you.  Just like a human child, you have been designed to withstand all of the pressure that you can and will experience.  So know that we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival into the new world.  On the other side, we are already celebrating your successful delivery into this world.  We are all your proud and joyous family, ready to welcome you into this world.

Again we repeat the same message of styling centered ad above all, stay connected not only to your true source, but also to all of those other beautiful souls traveling down this same birth canal.  For you are all moving forwards, even if it will at times seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  So take a deep breath, and get ready to be pushed and pulled forwards towards the end of this intense journey.  We are already holding out our hands, ready to lift you up to the light in celebration.


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