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No. 81, April 2013



What is in this newsletter?

1.  So, what is going on?

2.  Why?

3.  Oh, What to Do, What to Do???……….

4.  Got any inner guidance?

5.  Unbalanced?

6.  Scared vs. Sacred………….

7. What’s next?


So what is going on?

Strange times… strange times…. Wish we could get a handle on what is happening… everyone knows, yet nobody really knows.  It seems like we can get glimpses – every channeler in the world has his/her own “take” on the “goings on”… we have the resonant people, who say it is all about vibration, the color folks saying it is all about color, the heart folks saying it is all about love, on and on and on…. Everyone is correct, it is about ALL these things, yet but – in reality – we are all just “hanging in there by the seat of our pants” co-creating, trailblazing, wandering into the unknown.  We are forging out a path that hasn’t been done before… we don’t and won’t have a map… our journeys will all be different but yet the same…. See how confused we are?  We seem to fluxuate from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows…. From being the happy, blissful, creative people to crabby, depressed — folks to be avoided at all costs.  Man, this winter has been a wild ride.  Finances… well…what in the world happened here???  We go from banquet to famine… with famine seeming to take front row.

So… then what??????… Well… start taking notice of what takes you off-balance… off kilter… start making notes of these “triggers”… then start making a list of what works for you to get into the rhythm of things again… to be centered and balanced…  These off-balanced triggers and “cures” will be unique to you… although we might share some… don’t try to compare your off-balance/crabby/bitchy/ungrounded/depression, etc. with anyone else… the same goes with “what works for you” you know – your “cures”… they will also be unique to you….  Trust us… keeping this list of triggers/cures will come in handy — so do take time to do this.

Another thing to do is to ask your body to determine if what you’re feeling, your emotion, and/or your malady/etc. even belongs to you… we are all a bunch of cosmic sponges – picking up anything and everything around us…. So ask yourself (your body) if whatever is going on (emotion/feeling/malady/etc.) belongs to you… in all probability – it won’t.  Then recognize this fact and send it away.

You’ve been having a multitude of buttons go off in you and the result can be bewildering to say the least.  So take the time to take some quiet time, to quiet time… to take time to breathe, to set down and get to know your inner voice.  This inner vice will be getting louder and louder… you will be hearing more of this from now on.  And soon, no matter how much external noise that will be generated in order to drown out this inner voice – you will hear it anyway – this inner voice will start to ring out louder and clearer.  Not only on your inside, but on the outside of you as well.  For with your inner voice so loud, also comes an inability to stay silent any more.  For you are the voice of the future….

So… hang in there folks… live in the day… although sometimes easier said than done… it is all we really have…. Now…smile.



Why aren’t things working?  Why isn’t my business/relationship/etc. working?  We really wish we had an answer.  We really wish we could tell you to just sit tight and the money/soul mate/happiness/etc. will come streaming in.  When?  When the universe feels you are ready?  You tell the universe when you are ready.  When “spirit” thinks you can handle it?  If the desire exists within you, then the means to attain it is already here it already exists.  When things are better?  When you are stronger? You get better and stronger by being in it, by doing it and growing an evolving along with what you are creating.  It is a totally organic process, and you have to be engaged in it for it to work.  Are you waiting until you are more prepared, have made time for it, cleared your major obligations don’t have so much you need to do for everybody else?  You will always have things in your life, and stuff will always come up.   These things show up over and over again as a response, as a match to the energy you are holding in your thoughts, beliefs, actions and repeated patterns.

So what are you waiting for?  Our ego wants to keep us safe and comfortable, even when it no longer serves us and our higher self wants us to grow and expand.  That is the nature of the universe….  So again, what are you waiting for….?????

Oh, What to Do, What to Do???……….

We have a friend who told us about a recurring dream.  They had found themselves on a long, high overpass, part of a complex system of roadways and bridges.  As they drove along, the pavement morphed into something like a roller coaster tracks.  The ups and downs became more and more pronounced, and the cross bars got further and further apart.  They wondered how the road could possible support the car in spite of the growing gaps.  They kept expecting to fall, but they never did.

When we thought about the dream, we realized that the road represented the path into the future.  The further we tried to see into the future for the person, the more uncertain the road became.  We realized that when we expected to see what could not be seen, the road appeared perilous, when in reality it was simply unknowable. And that unknowable road provided unfailing support… Go figure.

So how can we figure out what to do?  The unknowable road brings to mind a problem of being stuck because we don’t know what to do next.  Over the years we’ve noticed that there are two types of these “what to do” questions and they require quite different responses.

The first kind of “what to do” questions is technical.  It is actually more of a “how to” question.  For example, what should you do to set up a blog, edit a video, start a business, etc.?  The answers to technical questions can be found by resorting to the vast store of human knowledge and expert help.  You can find a tutorial on YouTube or hire someone to do the job, get a life coach, etc.  Technical “what to do” questions can be maddening, saddening, expensive, and complicated, but they can always be solved by the application of known techniques or skills.  While they can be puzzling when they lie outside your area of expertise, they are not inherently mysterious.

The second kind of “what to do” question is inherently mysterious.  Thomas Merton is reputed to have said, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”  He was talking about the second kind of “what to do” questions.  Whom should you marry?  What business should you be in? Where should you live?  Answers to those “what to do” questions cannot be found on YouTube.

We create our lives out of and into the unknown.  As creative beings we continually project ourselves and our desires into an unknowable future.  We use technical knowledge to figure out how to make those things happen, which is an amazing and wonderful human ability.

The application of technical knowledge to a dream or desire is how we create weddings, gardens an businesses, among other things.  But all the technical knowledge in the world can’t guarantee that our creations will turn out the way we think we want them to.  No matter how much technical knowledge we bring to bear, the future remains unknown.

So how do you know what to do?  If your standard for creating success is that your creations turn out the way you plan, there’s just no way to know what you should do.  But what if there’s another standard?  What if the standard for success is not about the outcome but about where you’re coming from?  When you come from a belief that your future happiness is dependent on a future outcome, you’re on pretty shaky ground.  Life is risky.

But when you define success from the inside out, creating success becomes considerably less risky.  Your happiness is not dependent on the happenings of life, but flows naturally from a native state of wellbeing and peace.  When that is your come-from, what you should do is a function of your best understanding in the moment.  Not of a perfect understanding (We could wait a very long time for that, huh?), but your best understanding.  Wisdom as it appears to you in the present.

Where do you go from here?  Think for a moment about the “what to do” questions in your life.  Notice which ones are technical and which are mysterious.  By all means put technical solutions to work where they fit.  The successful solution of a technical problem is a thing of beauty.

As for the mysterious “what to do” questions, set aside all the technical standards for creating success.  Be curious about the direction in which feelings of happiness, freedom and peace seem to beckon—not in the form of a guaranteed outcome, but in the form of an experience.

The choice will become apparent.  Then go ahead and commit.  Put all of your heart and all of your technical knowledge behind your choice.  Let go of the second guessing and use all the resources at your command in the service of creating success.  Just remember that the success you are creating exists on the ride, not at the end of the roller coaster.

Got any inner guidance?

One of the most practical tools we know for creating rich lives is attending to inner guidance.   By inner guidance, we mean those subtle thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuitions that nudge us toward greater joy, connection and prosperity.  And… that is not just “happy talk” … it is eminently practical, because when you understand that unconditional joy and prosperity are always yours in this moment, there’s is no reason not to try things, including  making your first video, moving to a new city, get out of a relationship or start a new one, etc.

Ah, living in the NOW, huh?  When, you know in your bones that all is well and all manner of things are well in the moment, there is no reason not to play “full out”.

What game wants to be played in your life?  It is one thing to realize that there is no reason not to play full out.  How do you decide what game to play?  In the best of all worlds, which we can’t claim to live in but have been known to visit time to time, we don’t need to decide which decisions to make because if we are doing and not just being… the next stops will happen if we allow reality to unfold.  If we get out of the way, the way becomes clear….

Still there seems to be some mechanism or means by which those emerging decisions can be known…. From where we sit, that mechanism is attending to the still small voice within, the voice of inner guidance… and yes – we all have it…

There is a bit of a Catch-22 here.  Inner guidance holds the key, but the harder we listen, the more elusive it often proves to be.  We believe that is because listening too hard introduces static.  It is like standing too close to a sensitive radio set.  Step back and the signal comes in more clearly.

What does stepping back look like, you ask?  It might look like gardening, exercising, playing with the cat, taking a drive, taking a walk.  What seems to be the key is an attitude of wonder, an open curiosity that invites meaning and direction to flow in from everything we encounter, from a sad song to a happy movie to a wise talk with a friend or the first crocus of spring. Also, learning to be aware with all your intuitive abilities and allowing your elementals to assist you (Chapter 7 of our work, worth looking at).

But first, a note on timing… inner guidance doesn’t run on the ego’s schedule.  If we’re expecting instant change, we can think we are blocked, bored or lost.  If we can hang out in the uncertainty, a next indicated step will eventually show up, often in the form of those little miracles or synchronicities that reassure us that we are supported in ways that exceed our understanding.

What if failure is never an issue?  You’ve probably heard the provocative question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Well, we have a different one for you. What would you do if you knew that failure is never an issue?  If you understood that it is fine to fail because failure can’t alter your fundamental well-being?  What if failure is not so much the opposite of success, but simply another episode in the unfolding success that can’t be taken away from you?

So where do we go to from here?  We don’t have a specific practice to comment to you, except to trust your own instincts, do more of that which lights you up and cultivate enjoyment of everyone of those moments.  You might think of a great project while baking cookies, achieve life-changing clarity while playing with your cat or simply experience an hour of deep well-being while planting a garden.

Start making a list of your ideas to consider for future events that are unfolding…. Don’t just try to remember – if you are anything like us – we think we will remember then it just disappears into space…. Make a list….

Trust yourself and trust your wisdom that runs through you…


Ok, experiencing some vertigo, dizziness, etc.?  Maybe there are some reasons for this besides thinking we are “wacko”… A friend of ours sent us this following information written by Andrea Mikana-Pinkham:

The unpleasant effect of vertigo and dizziness arise with further solar winds bringing a fresh delivery of high energy ionized plasma particles.  Integration of these particles with the electromagnetic field of your energy bodies alters your center of energetic mass relative to your center of gravity.  This creates disorientation within the delicate balance mechanisms of the inner ear leading to the experience of vertigo as your body attempts to compensate its perceived alterations.

As the density of earth and your physical body continues to fluctuate daily, a drop in recent solar flare activity has lessened the intensity on the magnetosphere leading to a weakening in the strength of its filed.  Our measurement of this is the continued presence of the Aurora Borealis demonstrating the deepening penetration of solar plasma into our atmosphere.  Geomagnetic storms provide you with a tangible continued daily forecast of what to expect energetically with your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

As with all evolutionary and environmental changes over earth’s history, we will adapt to the changes taking place as we find our own balance within the higher frequency vibrations of our newly emerging world.  (Our first work we introduced 30 some years ago – Level One: Crystal Implant/Imprint Removal helps to steady your peaks and valleys….)

A little note here… I (Diane) was taking a walk yesterday and was “hit” with such vertigo, dizziness, extreme unbalance that it knocked me for a loop…. Luckily, Sean (our son) was walking with me and just took ahold of me and gently led me home… this feeling lasted for about 30 minutes and then “voila” it was gone as fast as it occurred…. I began thinking… old age, senility, Alzheimer’s, etc., then remembered the above little ditty I had received in an email that morning…. Whew, reading it again made me feel a little less wacky; less scared – in fact – no fear… (Still a little wacky)… What times we are living in, huh?  What an opportunity to be living here on earth during all these changes….

Scared vs. Sacred………….

Scared and scared are just different arrangements of the same letters.  How are you arranging your be-ing?  How does your be-ing align?  You get to choose.

Right now is a life and death battle between sacred and scared.  The scale swings sometimes wildly.  Fear is what comes and scares us.  Fears came to you at some time in the past when you needed some protective warning and now they are overstayed their welcome and you haven’t booted them all out.

The love/fear scale is to test our awareness.  More love, less fear; more fear, less love.  Love is the great dispeller of fear.  Love is the great bringer of sacred.  Have you noticed that when you go take care of someone else, when you listen to someone else from your heart, when you wake up to someone around you, you have more love than fear?

Fold a piece of paper in half, anyway you want.  At the top left write “Fears” and at the top right write “Love”.  Then make a list of what creates or awakens your fears on the left.  Then on the right, make a list of what awakens your love.  If you look at this list daily, you will become more aware and remember what you feed is what lives and grows.  You get to choose.

Here are three key tips for helping you on this journey.

  1. Meditate or have quiet time…
  2. Exercise (yeah, this does work)… play music that will uplift you or play songs that will make you become more at ease and peaceful.
  3. Look at your food.  Pay attention to what, where, with whom, and how you eat.

This last tip is very important.  Pay attention to what you eat.  Are you choosing foods emotionally?  Do you know what your body needs and eat what makes you feel good?  Junk food makes you feel, think and act funky junky. Instead eat more green, not that food colored green, but the real thing.  You hate to be tricked, so don’t try to trick your body into believing that because you want it that it must be good for you.

Where you eat is also important.  Somewhere that is calm will aid the digestion.  Not at your desk or in loud places.

With whom you eat is also something to take a look at.  Don’t eat with people that stress you out.  If you have to have a lunch or dinner meeting with them, just pay attention to what you are eating…. Eat something light.

How you eat.  Always take a bit of time just before you eat, put your hands around your plate, blow, etc. and let yourself commune with what you are eating.  Let your energies connect and share your gratitude to and with it for coming to nourish you. This will also make you much more conscious of what you eat.

Good luck on this journey we all share of choosing more sacred that scared.  We get to choose every moment of our lives… What will you choose?

What are we up to????

We are about done redoing our website for NOW, so if you haven’t looked at it recently, do take a look at it… We are aiming for “ease of use”. How are we doing?  Any suggestions to make it easier to use?   Our site is: www.drsmick.com.

Again, I need to say that we’ve added coaching/counseling/consulting to each of our level work, plus as a stand alone (meaning, you do not have to do any of our work/services to use this service)… so if you need some kind of assistance, we can be there to help you.  And, let me say here… if you are interested in going forward, figuring out “blocks”, what in the heck your next step is…. etc. — we are very good at this – particularly Loren…  yep, the man of very few words – can intuit answers, arrive at plans, get to the heart of any issue in a way that I don’t think can be duplicated… he really rocks!!! Oh, yeah I’m not too bad, either…..  http://drsmick.com/counseling-services/

I am still writing my blog:  http://www.dianesmusings.com/  If you haven’t checked it out, please do…  You can also sign up on that page to have it sent to you each day… yes, I do write each day, so go for it….  we can share a cup of coffee while enjoying a moment together!!!!

We are still making more informational videos and posting them on our YouTube Channel… TheDrsMick  Why not check them out and while you are there, subscribe to the channel so you will be informed of any new ones we make.  We are opened to suggestions for topics… what do you want us to talk about?????

We’ve launched our new webshow called Life Insights (a name we started our business with 30 or so years ago)…


our launch of the show started with an interview introduction of us.. (Check it out at http://www.metaphysicalwisdom.com/main/win_drs_mick  and then we will have a webinar every second Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm PDT…. More on this as soon as we get all the links, etc…. but for now… check out the initial interview… also, if you have any requests for topics – do let us know.

We now belong to the WIN (Wisdom and Intuitive Network)… go to it at www.metaphysicalwisdom.com to sign up for the newsletter… our broadcast information will be sent directly to you….


Oh, by the way — the past new chapters of our work (Chapter 6, Success Centering; Chapter 7 Awakening the Pivot Chakra) have been life changing and something phenomenal is coming— watch for it.

And, I tripped and broke my hand —thus I have something to blame for any errors in this newsletter — typing in a splint has been interesting!!!!!!!  Perhaps, staying in my body while walking would be good. Huh?  Smiling……..

Well, that is it this time.  Please feel free to forward, share, post this newsletter….

Loren and Diane


Happy Spring!!!!!!

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