Resetting Our Inner Compass

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Resetting and Balancing Our Physical, Multidimensional, Multilinear Compass

(Multi-dimensional/Multi-linear Super Radical Balance)

Do you ever find yourself too busy or distracted to find your own way back to your physical body?  Have you ever awakened wondering who you are, where you are, or what is your name?

We have noticed that as we were traveling the multiverse that it did not seem the same as it was when we first started to do this twenty-five years ago.  What has changed and why does it feel so different? We were reading that the people who were on this path seeking spirituality and were successful in continually raising their vibrational rate on their quest to ascend with their physical bodies… are no longer attached to their physical body with a silver cord. Could this be true?  This makes total sense for we have noticed that things have changed when we travel to different dimensions.  This is difficult to find research on because there is very little written about this topic.  Maybe this is why we have been having questions as stated in the previous paragraph.  We checked and looked for our silver cord and it was nowhere to be found.  Oh the JOYs of being trailblazers. Your third dimensional body will always have a silver cord. It remains with the dense physical body like it is tethered. Once your vibrational rate increases your body becomes less dense and your silver cord will look like it is changing and disappearing, but really it is still there at a lower vibration. Your multi-dimensional, multi-linear body will not have a silver cord.

The silver cord refers to the consciousness thread, passing from the soul to the physical body. It is also known as the sutratma or life thread of the antahkarana, which refers to a life-giving linkage from the higher self (atma) down to the physical body.  Alfred Ballabene (an astral projector) observed that during his out-of-body experiences “glue-like strings” appear as the astral body tries to separate itself from the physical body.  As the astral body moves further away from the tangible body, some of the strings break apart and clump into a specific and smaller region – preferably the head, breast, back, stomach, and the abdomen area – thus forming the silver cord.  The silver cord has also been described as a long elastic cable made of light or energy.  It appears to be approximately one inch in diameter and sparkles much like the tinsel on a Christmas tree.  It is extremely strong and can stretch on and on practically forever, so you are not limited by distance in your astral travels.  Some mystics also refer to it as a sort of spiritual umbilical cord that keeps your soul and body connected. Whichever way you view it, it is comforting to know that you have a lifeline between these two bodies.  There is also a reference in the bible: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed… Then the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7).


When we first started our spiritual quest in the mid-sixties, the thought that a silver cord existed was somewhat reassuring when we were soul traveling.  With the thought that it no longer exists the thought occurred, what if we could not find our way back to our current physical body?

(I also want to point out that not everyone is on this path at this time.  Every individual is on their own timeline and is where they should be on their personal quest and will open up when their time is right.  These individuals will have/see/use a silver cord until their vibration increases to a higher rate.)

What we are experiencing/researching/etc. is that everything exists in all dimensions, past lives, and current lifetime at this current moment.  This to us is mindboggling.  Is this true?  This is something that you will have to go within and find the answer. Spend some time with these thoughts so you can formulate your own opinion or inner feeling.  Use your own intuitive abilities to see how these thoughts resonate with your belief system.

What would happen if our essence would end up in another dimension?   Could we call 911 for help?  What do you have in your emergency travel kit to assist you on your journeys into the multiverse? In putting our thoughts together for you to read, the movie “The Wizard of Oz” kept coming into mind.  How did Dorothy get HOME (or back to her unconscious body).  The answer could have been because she had a strong will and the love of her family.

Multi-dimensional, in my visual imagination it is like starting out on the 3rd floor (3rd dimension) where we exist in this physical world and getting on an elevator going up to the 4th, 5th floor (or dimension) and getting out of the elevator where you need to go.  This all depends on your vibrational rate and the work that you have been doing.  Someone recently asked us characteristics of each dimension… this is really NOT our work… you have guides, angels, etc. to help you with this on a need-for-you-to-know basis.  We know there is much written about this, but all channeled material comes through a third dimensional brain of the channeler… so you can use other’s opinions and ideas— OR you can discover this personally for yourself.  Actually in your travels around the multi-verse, you probably have more answers than you realize.

Now think about the 3rd dimension. Look at all the lifetimes and experiences that have gone on here for thousands of years.  Not just for you as an individual but for all beings that have existed on this physical plane. Imagine a room for each individual that lived extending on the same linear plane going from the circular elevator (your current physical body) to the front, 45 degrees to the left, another 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees, 225 degrees, 270 degrees, 315 degrees, and back to where you started. These rooms are echoed out from each degree.  This is what we are calling the linear part of the 3rd dimension

Multi-linear dimensions are the same as the above but exist horizontally on each dimension that you have access to.

As we are becoming multi-dimensional beings it is difficult for us to find balance between our third dimensional physical being and multi-dimensional/linear beings and still remain in our physical bodies.  Our physical bodies will be redefined for they will not just be third dimensional.  Right now in this moment, we still think our bodies are third dimensional without the other aspects being multi-dimensional and multilinear.  What do we look like as we integrate these other aspects? What use to work for us now has changed or doesn’t work in the same way.  Is this because we are now multi-universal beings?  The New Definition… Multi-universal beings – beings that can transition from the third dimension physical, to the multi-dimensional/multilinear beings but remaining balanced and remain mentally sane. In order to do this we must keep our physical body (new definition) healthy and in the best physical shape that we can in order to do these transitions.

LINEAR dimensions allow you to place Horizontal dimensions and Vertical dimensions into an individual’s life awareness.


Imagine if you were the essence in the above illustration not knowing how to get back to your third dimensional physical body.  It could be rather frustrating and confusing to say the least.  How would you handle this?  How have you handled situations like this in the third dimension?  Did you have an anxiety attack?  What would you do?

We are saying these things not to promote fear but to help you be prepared for whatever situation you may be put in.  In the various levels and chapters of work, we have put together suggestions to assist your journey, we have had to continually adjust and remain flexible to whatever energetic situations have been presented to us.  What we have experienced we hope everyone has learned from and used this information to assist you in creating your own emergency multiverse kit.

In the bible verse, “Let not your heart be troubled . . . . in My Father’s house there are many mansions” (Jn. 14:1, 2), has been interpreted many different ways.  What if it dealt with the multi-dimensions and multilinear dimensions? Every soul in heaven (or hell) is perfectly happy (or unhappy), each according to their own capacity or expectations.  Whatever they believe to be true will manifest in their reality whenever it is time to leave this physical plane.

Imagine if you had just moved to a new city.  You may learn how to get around using the GPS on your cell phone or in your car.  This does help you but you eventually rely solely on landmarks.  The benefits of not using technology is you are forced to pay attention to your surroundings.  You discover things along the less traveled routes that you might not see if you use a map application. Knowing that you can always press the “HOME” button on your GPS helps you stay out of the fear of getting lost.

How do you get around the multiverse when you have no maps guides or directions? That is what we are going to provide with this work.  Times change and this may need to be repeated when frequencies and vibration levels change much like your current GPS systems.

You will be assisted by your own personal independent internal Multi-Universal Positioning System (M-UPS) that will assist your multi-dimensional/multilinear being to return to your current lifetime. Not only will we do this for you but will also include your current guides and angels that assist you in your daily life and travels.  Your guides and angels are also learning this for this is something that they have not had access to.  Remember your guides, angels, helpers are all going through exactly the same thing you are… going from whatever dimension they “live” in to becoming multi-dimensional, multi-linear.  They were absolutely no help in helping us… they keep looking to us to help them…. Jeez….

Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Personal Diet, Multi-Universe Emergency Kit… all of which need to looked at for you to be balanced and be prepared for the unexpected.  Another good name for this work is Multi-dimensional/Multi-linear Super Radical Balance…  With this work of guidance system (cannot go into details here)… you will receive a lot of exercises, etc.… you know how good we are at that!!!  The goal is to help you get into balance and ground in the multiverse while being a multi-dimensional, multi-linear individual.  AND give you tools so you can create your own emergency “tool kit”. Cost: $770 — this includes you and all the “unseens” (personal guides, angels, etc.) that assist you.


Price: $770.00

If you have any questions, please email us at; or if you are “committed” to doing this work, go to your PayPal account, enter our PayPal account information [], choose friends and family, and put in the appropriate amount.



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