Phase 2 – Chapter 19


Since the beginning of this year, 2018, it feels like as if we have been inside a rock tumbler jostling our insides and outside energy fields to assist us in getting rid of our old patterns and beliefs from this lifetime and past lifetimes, so we can personally handle the higher vibrations and light that is required at this time.  The installation of a vibrational capacitor helps to step down the vibrational frequencies between the physical body and plasmic body in a way that it is safe.  The higher vibrations to lower vibrations can only ascend and descend so far without assistance.  The vibrational capacitor is the interface that is needed now.


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We would like you to look back over the last several months.  The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.  It feels like we have been put in a giant rock tumbler where we have been and still are jostled around every which way where our outer exterior is being broken away bit by bit and not knowing what will be left of us when we emerge or better yet WHEN we emerge from this tumbler.  Will there be anything left of us or will we be left in many tiny pieces of fractured grit.  I would like to think I would end up being a highly polished something that sparkles in the sunlight.

While this is happening on the outside, our innards are also being jumbled around and shaken up. Nothing is being left alone in our physical being.

We have also been forced to look at the THINGS we need in life and then to ask ourselves, “Do we really want what we are going to pack-up and put in storage? Do our children want what we have been storing for them or are they interested in the things we have collected over our 50+ years of marriage. Why do we have all this STUFF?”

This entire process has been very upsetting, demanding, stressful but necessary. Each of us is shifting and changing in our own way to come more and more alignment with our new directives.  In a way, we have been smashing down walls that have kept us trapped in our physical body, breaking through the physical layers of density, we are simultaneously opening bringing light to the new worlds inside of us.  Just imagine the possibilities and how our vibration is going to be shifting.  Nothing will be the same but… yet it will be.

How would you reassemble yourself? What modality or materials would you use? What would you wear if you had just completed a major stage of learning?

You have been working on self-learning for a long time so let’s start with ancient traditional outfits that are fitting for this level of learning like, crimson red robes with silver or gold lapels with a matching red head piece with gold or crimson symbols that mean something to you along with stones that amplified your light within that would signify your arrival, achievement or completion.

There have been many gateways, full moons, blood moons, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, etc., many of which activate, trigger, releasing points that relate to this current life and past life incarnations.  This is getting to the deep old, lifetimes old stuff that has kept us bound to the wheel of reincarnation.  Releasing these patterns, storylines and the template that housed then not only gives us the opportunity to release the real-life circumstances that were created but also gives us a chance to open and activate more of our higher dimensional DNA.  This will help us to sustain our vibrational rate to hold and channel more light through our body.

Astrologically, an important life cycle begins in early November which will help us energetically get into sync which will propel us forward.  In the meantime, we must get our act together in preparation for what is to come.

By now you may be sitting there wondering how you have remained here in the physical body and we have been wondering the same thing.  This chapter of work helps you to maintain an elevated light quotient without burning out.  The physical body must be capable to communicate, circulate and transmit light as the main medium of sustenance to maintain the requirements for our vibrational light body living. We have been shown how to install a vibrational capacitor which is a stepping down process in vibrational frequencies between the physical body and plasmic body (multi-dimensional body) in a way that is safe.  This vibrational capacity is installed between the third dimension and each dimension that you align with. Your higher aspects are working to densify in form and to do so requires a vibrational capacitor that can straddle ALL dimensions safely.  We will enable our physical body consciousness to rise to its highest capacity while simultaneously lowering our higher body consciousness to its lowest capacity.  We have learned that our higher and lower forms of physical and light can only ascend and descend so far without assistance. The vibrational capacitor is the interface that is needed now.

When the vibrational capacitor is in place you will be able to create a physical pathway to transcendence in form, maintaining your connection between the material and ethereal, permanently.  We as trailblazers will be assisting in creating a pathway for others to follow.

This chapter has been the most difficult to bring through and write about because we, as trailblazers had to listen, interpret and put all the pieces together.  We can help you – let us know if you are interested.  Because of the financial strain on everyone, we cannot in good faith come up with a price or give you the price.  We were told it will be tremendously time consuming – but trust us – having it has made such a difference finding ourselves, our TRUE SELVES in all dimensions. WOW!!!

This chapter will take a commitment from YOU. 


Price: negotiable

So, price wise… email us at . We are having problems with our email at this time. Let’s have a phone conversation and arrive at a price you and we are comfortable with.

We are looking forward to talking with you soon.

Loren and Diane Mickelson



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