Changes- the next chapter in our life’s story

So— changes are afloat…. we figured it was time for us to start following our “sage” advice… “Value yourself”… While we have ALWAYS valued what we do – we have never put a value on us.. ourselves – what comes naturally to us… and that is our ability to offer, streamline, point out, and assist you during your process/journey/etc.

Just a little insert here for those of you who don’t like to read my wordy explanations – yeah, I’ve had this pointed out a few times- we are making a few changes to our services – click here for details if you are already bored with all the words: Next Step Consulting.

As you know, we come from a teaching/corporate/counseling background… with little to no metaphysical exposure…  of course, that was then… this is NOW….  Over 25 years ago, we knew we need to make changes, but wasn’t sure what, where or why.  At the time, I (Diane) was recovering from a very serious auto accident (one in which I went to the light and was sent back – so Loren calls me a light reject… now, this is supposed to be humorous….) – Loren was still working in corporate America and we had started our private practice counseling (our business was called Life Insights)…we were probably the original “life coaches” – doing sessions with individuals/families/businesses-  We were credentialed, schooled, experienced… using all kinds of techniques learned from EVERYWHERE….  we did hypnotherapy/past life regressions/talk therapy, etc. in our practice…  Problem was… as has been most of our lives… we were a step ahead of the curve.  Society wasn’t quite ready in the late 80’s for us – hypnotherapy??? Past life regression????  Good heavens, no one was doing that type of work then… talk therapy – yes… the radical new stuff… not so much…. Then “other worldly” occurrences started happening… Our story is on our website (Our Story) it was just a weird time for us – with no one to ask or talk to about all this strangeness.

(I am giving you time here to read the story)…… So, we began our new journey — Crystal Removal – and our new business, DrsMick, was born— catchy, huh?  We became known as the crystal people…   Basically, our work started with removing blockages and limitations from a person’s energy field that were placed in the body in another lifetime — and, which, affects a person in this lifetime.  I know this sounds strange to you, but can you imagine how strange this was to us?  You can read a description of this work on our website along with frequently asked questions ( Frequently Asked Questions)….  I am not trying to convince you of anything, just giving you background….  Our work does JUST that…. removes limitations/blockages.  Nothing changes emotionally…. The person has to go forward.  Some folks do (they have a plan, we are just a rung on their ladders; so after our work is completed, they already know their new step), some folks remain stuck (they have no idea about what to do next – or even if there is a next step). Some folks can actually “feel” (clairsentient)  us working on them.. notice the changes… some folks aren’t in their bodies enough to notice anything.

Our job was (again) to remove the blocks, limitations—-Period.  This ALWAYS happens…  the folks that go forward, woo-wee, their lives change.  We DO NOT change them… each individual does it himelf/herself.  We have seen such miraculous changes in people/families/businesses.  Of course, many of them forget that they even had roadblocks, limitations because INSIDE — you have always been limitless.  They forget they were stuck and forget our work…. hmmmmmm

It is like having a road block in the road – even though the construction crew removed the barriers, if YOU don’t get into your car and YOU drive forward, YOU will remain stuck – probably swearing at the now non-existent barriers and the construction crew.  Our work is to remove the barriers.  YOUR job is to go forward.

In the beginning, we saw everyone in person… we marketed through word-of-mouth… and, man, did the word spread… we started in St. Paul, MN… and ended up going all over the world – traveling like vagabonds from place to place literally seeing thousands of individuals from all walks of life – famous and infamous (smiling) – from every religion – race and socio-economic group.  Because we are verbal – we’d do our work and chat and listen and “coach”/outline the next steps for each person.  This ad hoc coaching was not part of our work, but “who we are”… (blabber mouths)….

After a while, through life changes (and getting older – and a myriad of auto accidents), we veered toward absentee work… we just couldn’t keep up the schedule and the pace.  Absentee work lends itself to this work perfectly… because the individual doesn’t try to control/monitor, etc. the work when we work absentee (don’t understand absentee – read about it here: absentee healing. It is 100% effective.  But the ad hoc coaching didn’t happen during absentee sessions… so folks were left (really unknown to us) up in the air as to “what happens next?” and “how do I proceed?”… and “I don’t feel anything so it must not have worked”… “I am still stuck”…. etc.  The work certainly tapered off, but as new work kept coming in, we just sorta ambled along… not really knowing what to do next… should we quit?  What is next for us?  Do we need to incorporate a continuous counseling/coaching/consulting/whatever-it-is-called to our services???

Everyone was telling us we HAD to do our work in person, we thought because it was our personalities, etc…  you know – we are sorta likable folks…  We never zoned in on the fact of the coaching/next step aspect.  We do counseling for folks all the time – separate from “our work”- this regular counseling is not our intuitive readings… but never thought to offer it as an adjunct to the “work” we do.  Duh!!!  That makes sense – we never put any value on our chatter during the “work” sessions – which turned out to be a valuable, tangible aspect to our intangible works. Again, DUH!!!!

So we are re-organizing the way we do business.  We can’t see folks in person as we are really a global service, but since the advent of computers, we can offer the work itself – alone… just the work – absentee as before for folks who can go forward and already have a plan and don’t need further help from us;  BUT, also offer our work (any of our work) plus consulting/coaching sessions via Skype, phone, etc…. So now we will offer the Next Step Consulting service (click on link to find out more information)…. Onward we go!!!!

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