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No. 80, February 2013



What is in this newsletter?

1. Global Transformation Syndrome????

2.  Are you waiting to become?

3.  Are psychic attacks real?

4.   New work coming out…

5.  Finally – what are we up to

Global Transformation Syndrome????  Huh?????

Though common symptoms of Global Transformation Syndrome may be individually diagnosed and treated as “disorders,” the linkage between them deepens when nothing a person does seems to help the situation.  Examples of these symptoms include: depression, insomnia, muscle aches and pains, anxiety (panic attacks), unexplained numbness and tingling in the extremities or face, unusual weight gain or loss, expanded memories of lie “elsewhere,” expanded intuitive awareness, ringing or metallic noises in the ears, and a number of others. (A big thank you to Daniel Jacobs for pointing this out to us).

If a person finds peace and safety in seeking treatment for any of the above conditions — by all means – do so.  That is what health care is all about.  However, if you go from doctor to doctor and you are being told:  “I’m sorry. I can’t find anything wrong with you.  Have you seen a therapist?”  You may simple be waking up, spiritually…and your body is registering a multitude of new sensations due to expanding awareness.  When these signals begin, it takes time and wisdom to sort things out –in community with others who understand and sympathize.  In other words… find some safe folks to talk this over with.

So, did you get the meaning of Global Transformation Syndrome????  Daniel puts it as signs that our planet is going through a great shift…Transforming humans, whose nervous systems are becoming entrained closely to what goes on with the earth, are experiencing our own versions of “labor pains” for the birthing of new consciousness…a condition which Daniel has nicknamed the “Global Acceleration Syndrome” (G.A.S. for short)  This isn’t in any medical diagnostic manual, but it is a term he coined back in the mid-90s as he began to watch people go through very similar cycles as they awakened to what was going on and within them and on and within the planet.

Are You Waiting To Become????

We were talking the other day to a friend of ours, “Joe”; he was telling us about a big AH, HA moment he’d just had.,,, that he’d been as addicted to the spiritual high of the next new thing as he was ever to anything like booze, eating, etc.   He interpreted it as a literal endorphin rush when he’d feel that he was on the path or had discovered his next “new thing since sliced bread.”  He went on to say that he had been mistakenly equated the joy of that quest and the high feeling of “being in the flow” with his goal of self-realization/self-actualization.  Finding the flow was always implied (to his way of thinking) – that he would lose it at some point and then he’d have to find it again.  But, guess what??? There is nothing to find….  Self-realization/self-actualization is not in the next book, the next seminar, the next workshop, next podcast, webinar, audio-tape series…. it is within YOU… it is a PROCESS….  (and darn it, a seemingly, never ending one, huh?)  This doesn’t mean we won’t learn things in the workshops, books, seminars, etc… or get help from our friends, our mentors, our teachers, our life coaches, our facilitators….. it just means that as we live life – we don’t live in the future — in the expectation of things…. we live in the NOW.

So are you waiting to become — become self? Become enlightened? Become self-actualized? Become rich? Become enlightened? Find the right career? Find the right purpose? Find out why in the hades you are here? Find your soul mate? . Find – well — what-ever????  Well, gotta tell you, folks…. you are in the NOW… that is all we get…. Past is over, future hasn’t happened… you have already became (can’t use becoming, because this implies you haven’t accomplished it)…. be less serious (this doesn’t not mean never to be serious or take life seriously – it just means to ease up on yourself)… play a bit more (or for some of you – play sometimes).  You are not – not doing the “right thing” (whatever THAT is), not living the “right way” (whatever THAT is), not denying your “higher self” (which just by saying you are higher and lower self, you have separation), not denying “your purpose”, but instead you MAY be integrating and allowing everything you’ve been, said, learned and lived up to —- NOW … to be integrated and expanded into YOU…..

Are Psychic Attacks Real?

To take the wooga wooga out of this… a psychic attack is a thought sent to a person (thing, object, etc.).  Everything is energy… we (meaning our sense bodies) are made up of energy (this was very hard for me to wrap my head around in the beginning – although I “get” it now, it still seems foreign to me), our furniture, our vehicles, our trees, the very ground we stand on is made up of energy… this is dense energy…. energy can also be invisible – like radio waves… you can’t see them but you can be far away and hear them…. Get the idea?  Well then… our thoughts have energy – if we send a negative thought to a person – it can do the person harm…  Like it or not; believe it or not (you have free will and can believe and think whatever you want)…. this happens.  You can send psychic attacks knowingly (consciously) or unknowingly (unconsciously)… doesn’t matter – they still do harm and are karmic FOR YOU.  That is why we have to be very careful of how and what we think… this doesn’t mean you can never get angry or have ill feelings towards another (other drivers??)… it just means we have to (I really hate “have to-s” … but we really should do this) watch the way our thoughts go and come back to center as soon as possible.  Revenge is not a plate well-served….. karma can be a bitch.  with all this speeding up of our vibrational rates, manifestation is happening quickly (well, maybe not financial, I say smilingly).

Now we have the sending out of thoughts taken care of – what happens when you receive one?  And Yes, ALL of you have received them… from an unknown bruise, scratch, muddled feeling, rapid energy drain, etc… to more serious attacks…. the first thing to do is to say or think, no, no, no… this stops ANY attack immediately.  This is universal law.

Psychic Attacks can be mental, emotional, sexual or physical…  the no, no, no will pretty much take care of the first three – once you realize what is happening and that you aren’t dying, etc.  But the last one, the physical one is a bit more difficult… you start out the same with the no, no, no to stop it… but then you have the bruise, the bite marks, the complete drain of energy, the scratches, the bumps, etc.— the surface marks?  What do you do about those?  Well, start with salt (sea salt is the best, ancient salts are right up there, but regular salt will also work)… sprinkle salt on it.. leave it a bit…brush it off and the mark will gradually go away… sometimes really quite fast – other times, depending on the viciousness of the attack, it may take awhile longer.  An Epsom salt bath is a good remedy – we always put a bit of eucalyptus oil in it….  Sage oil either straight or made into “magic spray” is also a good remedy. All of these work.

Ok, we’ve taken care of the surface marks made by psychic attacks, what happens if the attack is internal?  Yes, this does happen.  I just had the worse psychic attack I have ever experienced – it made all my joints swell up – concentrating the most on my left knee with the artificial knee and my hands… I knew when it happened… I hadn’t protected myself properly (which is a problem of mine) while I was working on a client and the attack came right into my body… the pain was intense and within 10 minutes, my left leg swelled up bigger than a watermelon and I couldn’t bend my fingers… it looked like someone had pumped air into me.  Nauru ally, I didn’t think, “attack”…. I was just in pain…. the next day I went to the drs and he took out vials and vials and vials of liquid from my knee, but couldn’t identify a cause. Even after sending to the lab, an MRI… no cause.  He was baffled….  the attack not only was real, but caused real problems that I couldn’t wooga wooga wooga away… I had to take care of it…. Crap…  Well, crap again…. so I had to go the allopathic way and go on …. get lots and lots of acupuncture from daughter, Hidi… Reiki from Loren….  Better now, but not done…. again, Psychic Attacks are real….

So pay attention to those little scrapes, bruises, bumps and grinds…. unexplained illnesses and injuries…. there may be more to the story than you being clumsy, out of your body, an illness magnet, etc.  Also, pay attention to where your thoughts are and where they are directed….. get centered, get neutral… don’t be a “carrier of psychic attacks”…..

Now, we made two YouTube videos about psychic attacks…. Check them out… Search for YouTube... our channel is TheDrsMick (one word) and you will find them. There is also a video on how to make “Magic Spray” which I mentioned as a remedy. And……………….. Loren has a pretty good one on energy vampires….

The Next Chapter

This is just a little teaser to tell you the next chapter of our work will come out this week… (Thursday?). We’ve been toiling for months on this one because of — well, let me tell you a story… in the early 90s we had the audacity to write/talk about ascension in the body… not having to die a physical death to ascend.  Well, we were nearly driven out of town… we were labeled the devil’s spawn and who do they think they are-s?  The very people who attacked us… are the ones now writing prolifically about guess what???? Ascension in the body, etc….  So we are putting ourselves out there again… well, guess I won’t say more…. just stay tuned and watch your email for the information….  (and wish us luck… I really don’t know if my skin will hold up to being tarred and feathered again.)

Finally – what are we up to

We are still in the process of redoing our website, so if you haven’t looked at it recently, do take a look at it… We are aiming for “ease of use”. How are we doing?  Any suggestions to make it easier to use?   www.drsmick.com

We haven’t arrived at a mail service we are comfortable with…. so if we ask you to re-sign up, this is because we are trying to find one that doesn’t duplicate lists – and you end up with multiple mailings… We apologize for this happening and, believe me, we are working on it.

We’ve added coaching/counseling/consulting to each of our level work, plus as a stand alone (meaning, you do not have to do any of our work/services to use this service)… so if you need some kind of assistance, we can be there to help you.  Gotta say (and this is difficult for me)… we are very, very, very good at this – http://drsmick.com/counseling-services/

Our art work is located on facebook as SunTzunami fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sun-Tzunami) Do check it out, this is an area we are having so much fun doing/creating/messing around…. While there, do click “like” as somehow it gives us more “space” on facebook…. I will never really understand why, but your “like” does help.

We have a DrsMick facebook page, plus a DrsMick fan page, http://www.facebook.com/drsmickology (I know, I know, I should have called them different – but didn’t think at the time)…. if you are on facebook, check it out, tell others, share, like, etc.

DrsMick is also on Pinterest… although we are trying very hard to come up to speed, it is a work in progress… check us out: https://pinterest.com/drsmick/  On this site you will see our work/services, our hobbies, helpful hints, etc…. Appreciate it if you would repin, like, share, etc.

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Well, that is it this time.  Please feel free to forward, share, post this newsletter….

Loren and Diane


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