2014 Thanksgiving Special

Inner Readiness…. We’ve been besieged with calls and emails recently… when this happens, it is time for us to see if it is time to “go within” and find out if there is something new – new information or new techniques or “whatever”  OR in this case to “listen” to all of the calls and emails and see if there is a “theme”….  This time it was apparent that most folks are asking about “what is next”????? Inner be-ingness, ……………….

We know our body of work seems daunting/way-out-there/wordy/profound/enlightening/etc…..; we are trying to take the inexplicable/unexplainable/other-worldly/multi-dimensional information we received into some sort of order that is readable and, even, perhaps,…. understandable.  We’ve grouped our work into sections and it seems as though the questions and concerns center around “inner readiness”….  Am I ready for the next step/journey/etc. in my life?  We have 6 “levels” we have presented over the years in this section… individually priced the work would cost $5,003.77 (hey, we don’t set these prices)… we would like to offer all 6 levels for $999..  This Thanksgiving Special ends November 30th, 2014 or when a limited number have registered for this special offering.  This is extremely time consuming on our part and we are sorry we cannot accommodate all of you who have emailed us……  If you are interested, please let us know…. (drsmick@drsmick.com )

Segment E:  Inner Readiness (Levels 20 thru 25) (click on each hyperlink for a complete description of each level)

The time has come for the fabric of the soul and spirit to be woven back together so it can vibrate at the same rate and remain flexible to endure any situation that we find ourselves in.

Words cannot describe the feeling and emotions that come up after making this connection; it is like a sense of belonging that we have personally never felt before.

What if a delusional seed cloaks and conceals truth within us? This delusional seed was planted in the embryonic membrane prior to birth…. This seed has been planted again and again since the beginning of time.

When your heart chamber is allowed to assist you in orchestrating your life rather than your mind, everything becomes more in tune with like energies When more people shift their belief system to this new way of thinking, and begin to live according to that belief, conflict will begin to fade. Your life will be more fluid.

Our purpose or passion may not appear as we mentally think it is. The rules that we have worked from in the past no longer fit our template. In fact, in all probability, it may be quite the opposite of what you expect.

Then whatever issue manifests itself as energy in the upper level of consciousness, you then recognize it, to embrace it tenderly and transform it. What intent you set with your mind, you will be able to work through the issues that present themselves to through breathing, walking, smiling, driving, exercising, etc. transforming them into different vibrational zones of energy.

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