Phase 2 – Chapter 08: Physical Cellular Recalibration

How can we ascend in our bodies, if the physical body has been precoded to die in our DNA???

We have body, mind and spirit, right?  These words have almost become “Kleenex” works… qualities which means, well, no one really knows exactly what it means and everyone has his/her own understanding… which may or may not agree with one another. So, do understand up front that we are using a definition that we are comfortable with – and maybe different from how you define them.

Anyway, so we have three components… body (physical – organs, etc.) – solid in the third dimension, dense (our body has more states than 3rd dimensional physical state we are familiar with – your “body” has gone with mind and soul in a less dense state than our current 3rd dimensional dense state – meaning that our 3rddimensional body “dies” but the less dense states of our bodies have gone on with mind and soul from lifetime to lifetime. If you think about this… all the spears, crystals implanted, maladies that we brought with us to this current physical body we occupy- It makes sense that the body itself doesn’t die – just the dense one each lifetime); mind – which is NOT the brain itself, but we all attribute the brain to be the home of all our thinking, emotions, feelings, etc…. it has language, but the mind itself is as elusive as the spirit component, it is not solid and although I believe some minds are dense… (Little humor here)… mind is not dense. Because we are taught to think of our minds as being inside our brains, we rarely think in terms of field of consciousness.  The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software that enters it and makes it work.  Even though your brain started its existence in this life with no physical memories, your mind existed long before it inhabited your present physical body. Your brain uses just a small part of its capacity for conscious awareness.  In addition to your conscious mind, your complete consciousness includes the subconscious and superconscious aspects of your mind.  Your mind holds the memories of all your experiences and incarnations since the beginning of YOU.   And we havespirit – soul, not dense (really, the hardest to define, so we’ll leave it at that – soul…)….  These are the three components of us.

So we know soul never dies… and have figured out mind also does not die… but, darn it, the body does… so again, how can we ascend in our body – if it is encoded to die?

Grab your attention yet?  Hope so… funny thing is, we just started getting information about this… While we’d like to sound all intellectual and/or “in the know” via other worldly channelings…. it never dawned on us – or we’d never thought about ——the actual biology of our bodies…. Our physical bodies  are “set” up to die… all the wishful thinking, all the vibrational boosts, all the intents, all the positive affirmations, all the “karma” balanced type of talk – will not change the biology of your physical body… your DNA… your… well – whatevers that kick in the day you are born….  We’ve learned how to change our mind’s beliefs (all the incorrect core beliefs, etc.), but never had thought about the fact that our body also has its own set of beliefs.

We have all worked on the spiritual body… the mind body (composed of thinking, emotions, etc.) — man, have we worked on these…. We’ve brought up our vibrations – many times to the “crucial megahertz” to “go” multidimensional…. We’ve been fairly successful with soul travel, with mind travel, and even – glimpses of physical body travel… but somehow, we also know that our body’s genetic makeup is not immortal.  It has always been a vehicle we thought we discarded at death in any lifetime. We’ve worked on our physical bodies to make them healthier more energetic, have more endurance… but somehow we still age.  When we introduced Level 8 years ago dealing with aging (Level 8 – Aging…. Going Into Immortality – Soul learns how to live in the physical body)… we “thought” it meant spirit, mind and body would all be immortal….…. Although the work was fantastic dealing with the mind/soul … giving those two parts of us a road to immortality… that along with dealing with core beliefs, matrices inherited from families, etc…. it still didn’t stop aging in the physical body.  So what is up?  Why can’t intent make it happen?

Something else was missing… even though we’ve been dealing with changing old encrusted belief systems, working on all our fear issues… even though we finally are pretty much at peace with going forward…. You know – the immortality, the ascension in the body “bit” – we believe it and have the total intent… so what was missing???

At first we though it dealt with vibration— just vibration…. When you do all the clearings, the “work” of all modalities… our vibrations have risen… we’ve helped Mother Earth rise in hers (as she has helped us)… but something still felt off….  We know… just know we are or have the opportunity to ascend in our physical bodies…. What, then, is missing? Every time I look into the mirror, I see an aging body – why????

This question has haunted us for years and years…we still proceeded with the knowingness that we will have the choice to ascend… but, frankly couldn’t quite figure it all out.

In the late 80s, I happened to come across an article by Candace Pert…She is an internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles… She received her Ph.D. in pharmacology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, served as Chief of the section of Brain Biochemistry….on and on and on…. She was also one of the most skeptical non-metaphysical people on the planet – in her research she discovered neuropeptides.  Her research has led us to a body mind connection that had never been understood before… and made her (Candace) a thinker and researcher “outside the box”…What, you say???

What we found out from what Dr. Pert discovered was that neuropeptides are chemical substances made and released by brain cells and certain other cells.  These neuropeptides may provide the key to an understanding of the body’s chemistry of emotion.

I will back up a little… in the early 1970s, neuroscientist and psychopharmacologist Candace Pert, discovered the “neuropeptide receptor site on cells, which was to become one of the many important advances in the scientific understanding of the mind-body connection.

In his ground breaking first book, Deepak Chopra, made the following compelling statement: “The discovery of neuropeptides was so significant because it showed that the body is fluid enough to match the mind.  Thanks to messenger molecules (neuropeptides), events that seem totally unconnected – such as a thought and a bodily reaction – are now seen to be consistent.  The neuropeptide isn’t a thought but it moves with thought serving as a point of transformation.  A neuropeptide springs into existence at the touch of a thought, but where does it spring from? For example: – A thought of fear and the neuro-chemical that it turns into are somehow connected in a hidden process, a transformation of non-matter into matter.”

Neuropeptides (nerve proteins) are biochemicals that regulate almost all life processes on a cellular level, and thereby, link all body systems.  Pert uses the analogy that cells (the basic functional unit of life) are the engines that drive the human body.  And, that a specific peptide is the finger that sparks the engine and gets it started.  Neuropeptides are produced primarily in the brain, although almost every tissue in the body produces and exchanges neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides circulate throughout the body in the blood, extracellular fluid and spaces and cerebrospinal fluid.  They are called messenger molecules because they send chemical messages from the brain to receptor sites on cell membranes throughout the body.  The average cell has thousands of receptor sites for neuropeptides, which are constantly opening and closing; your “gut/solar plexus” area literally has millions as do the brain cells.  (Note: I actually “see” the color of these “thinking” cells… for years, I have told people that the color is brilliant around the head area – brain; and also bright and sometimes brighter around the solar plexus.  The problem people have is that the brain has language – which seems more credible than the “gut’s feelings”.  Interestingly enough, the “gut” is usually always right, while the brain, no matter how intelligent, is a crap shoot.)  It is like a “lock and key” mechanism where the neuropeptide is the “key” that opens the “lock” on the cell membrane to cause complex and fundamental changes in the cells they lock onto.

An example of this mechanism is angiotensin, a neuropeptide that responds to thirst.  Angiotensin is formed from renin, an enzyme, which is released from the glomerular cells in the kidneys into the blood, and affects the following receptor sites: the lungs decrease the amount of water which is exhaled, the kidneys decrease urine production, and brain (hypothalamus area which regulates water balance) “feels thirsty”, and causes the person to drink water.  Now isn’t that interesting???? It may take all of us a “read” or a time or two to follow this paragraph… but… truly; our bodies are remarkable in what they can do.

So are you beginning to “get” the body mind connection?  Now substitute MIND for BRAIN…..  We so many times associate our brain for our mind… we are going to classify mind as a category of its own (dissociate the brain from the mind – two separate things now)… mind – where feeling, thinking, emotions, etc….) and brain – as an organ…. So in the above… realize that the brain is an organ… it is NOT the MIND in the body/mind/spirit… it is an organ… a part of our remarkable physical body. And now we can connect the “mind” to the body… via these neuropeptides circulating around…

So, again, why do we die?  This doesn’t answer the question….. Now I have to go on one other tangent… then, we believe we can answer it….

Ok, so why does the body die?  Why does it start dying at birth?  Inside the center or nucleus of a cell, our genes are located on twisted, double-stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes.  At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres, which protect our genetic data, making it possible for cells to divide, and hold some secrets to how we age.

Telomeres have been compared with the plastic tips on shoelaces because they prevent chromosome ends form fraying and sticking to each other which would scramble an organisms’ genetic information to cause diseases.

Yet, each time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter.  When they get too short, the cell no longer can divide and becomes inactive or “senescent” or dies.  This process is associated with aging.  So telomeres also have been compared with a bomb fuse. Each spark of the fuse (cell division) causes the telomere of each cell to get shorter.

Now… those of you who need more… read on about these telomeres and telomerase…. Those of you who just need to know the foundation of what we are talking about skip until you get to ***

What are telomeres and telomerase?

To better understand telomeres and telomerase, let’s first review some basic principles of biology and genetics. The human body is an organism formed by adding many organ systems together.  Those organ systems are made of individual organs.  Each organ contains tissues designed for specific functions like absorption and secretion.  Tissues are made of cells that have joined together to perform those special functions.  Each cell is then made of smaller components called organelles, one of which is called the nucleus.  The nucleus contains structures called chromosomes that are actually “packages’ of all the genetic information that is passed from parents to their children.  The genetic information, or “genes”, are really just a series of bases called Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Cytosine (C) and Thymine (T).  These base pairs make up our cellular alphabet and create the sequences, or instructions needed to form our bodies.  In order to grow and age, our bodies must duplicate their cells.  This process is called mitosis.  Mitosis is a process that allows one “parent” cell to divide into two new “daughter” cells. During mitosis, cells make copies of their genetic material.  Half of the genetic material goes to each new daughter cell. To make sure that information is successfully passed from one generation to the next, each chromosome has a special protective cap called a telomere located at the end of its “arms”.  Telomeres are controlled by the presence of the enzyme telomerase.

A telomere is a repeated DNA sequence (for example TTAGGG) at the end of the body’s chromosomes.  The telomere can reach a length of 15,000 base pairs.  Telomeres function by preventing chromosomes from losing base pair sequences at their ends.  They also stop chromosomes from fusing to each other.  However, each time a cell divides, some of the telomere is lost (usually 25-200 base pairs per division).  When the telomere becomes too short, the chromosome reaches a “critical length” and can no longer replicate.  This means that a cell becomes “old” and dies by a process called apoptosis.  Telomere activity is controlled by two mechanisms: erosion and addition. Erosion, as mentioned, occurs each time a cell divides.  Addition is determined by the activity of telomerase.

Telomerase, also called telomere terminal transferase, is an enzyme made of protein and RNA sub-units that elongates chromosomes by adding TTAGGG sequences to the end of existing chromosomes. Telomerase is found in fetal tissues, adult germ cells and also tumor cells.  Telomerase activity is regulated during development and has a very low, almost undetectable activity in somatic (body) cells.  Because these somatic cells do not regularly use telomerase, they age.  The result of aging cells is an aging body.  If telomerase is activated in a cell, the cell will continue to grow and divide.

Cellular aging, or senescence, is the process by which a cell becomes old and dies.  It is due to the shortening of chromosomal telomeres to the point that the chromosome reaches a critical length.  Cellular aging is analogous to a wind up clock.  If the clock stays wound, a cell becomes immortal and constantly produces new cells. If the clock winds down, the cell stops producing new cells and dies.  Our cells are constantly aging.

*** Time to start reading again.  Let’s take a look at the encoding… the written stuff in the DNA… What is there and why? As we were “birthed”, we were intended to be immortal.  There are many, many, many stories and legends about folks who were immortal.  What happened?

It started with thought programming – control again – probably by the powers to be at the time.  The “thoughts” sent to us turned into beliefs over time which, again, over time became part of our “written” code in our DNA “Thoughts” are so very powerful – particularly when reinforced by group energy and group beliefs.  It did not start out that way… our bodies are meant to re-generate (go back and re-read the stuff about telomeres and the enzyme telomerase – remember that the programmed code hastelomerase activity and is regulated during development – meaning it is present during the fetal stages; then…KABAM!!!!!…  it comes very low, undetectable and progressively no activity in somatic ((body)) cells.  Thus, most of our cells cannot regenerate without sufficient telomeres and the enzyme telomerase… so they die. As the cells begin dying in our body- we start the aging process).

This all took place before “science”… before people explored and reasoned out and made “rules”…  Remember this programming is all about control… and, man, it has been successful… so, let’s undo it… let’s change it back to how it was supposed to be…

So, we need to change the coding… can it be done?  Yes, this is the new chapter of work… to restore our chromosome packages that make up our cellular alphabet and create the sequences or instructions needed to form or recreate our bodies by continually reforming or regenerating the telomeres by reactivating the enzyme telomerase in ALL cells….  Remember, this programming all started with thought to belief to re-writing the encoding in our DNA…. The changes did not happen overnight to our DNA… it literally took lifetimes.

It is interesting that this chapter of work is evolving and coming into our reality near Easter… where death and rebirth play an important role. Such powerful changes can be done to us though group indoctrination and manipulation….

Chapter 8 –Physical Cellular Recalibration will first have several nights of work with you absentee to prepare your etheric and physical bodies … then a live session(s) with us via Skype or the phone to finish up the chapter… you will be an integral part of this process….  this is because it is not just ethereal work… it is actually physical work… changes to your physical body….

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