2013 Spring Radical Balance PLUS

Tightrope Walker

Staying Centered Amongst the Turmoil

With everything that is going on around us, we need to take care of ourselves first before we can be of assistance to anyone, any group or any global event.

With words like terrorist and bombings going on in the media, as well as entire cities being shut down tends to bring up close and personal issues that we have to deal with on a personal level.  We woke up disoriented, disconnected, disheveled, discombobulated, i.e. off centered and didn’t know what was going on until we turned on the news.

Our energies need to be shifted and balanced especially when we are living in a world that seems to be off kilter.  It is a time that we need to take a look at our own issues again to see which truths fit our new energy make-up.  In our lives we are taking a look at things we have been holding on to for a very long time and are now asking ourselves, “Why have we been holding on to that all these years?”

So, ask yourself, “What can I do to simplify my life?”, “What supports my energy?”, and “What brings me joy and happiness?”  The other thing to ask yourself is “How do I get my body moving when my mind says no, no, no?”

We think that in order to be comfortable each person must find what works for them personally.  Then to remain comfortable, we must be willing to allow that to change/evolve.  Many of us have seen and/or experienced what doesn’t work.  Rather than look for a balance, we tend to run to the opposite extreme which probably doesn’t work any better.  Let’s state that again, “Balance is something we run past on our way to the other extreme”. 


During this period of time, we are dealing with many people and group energies that are going through many different learning experiences.  We are living in wearying times and the burdens of society are many.  We, as light beings, have a good foundation of who we are and what we believe (spirituality).  As we come into contact with other individuals (family, friends, co-workers, clients, strangers, etc. – virtually anyone), many will relate what is going on in their individual or collective lives.  In this process, their issues or burdens are dumped in your auric field, home or workspace.  Energetically this is not good for you, your home or workspace but is good for the person who is relieving themselves of their burdens or troublesome situation.  You have essentially helped them clear an issue or experience.  This is a good thing.  The bad thing is that your “space” becomes toxic with the “stuff” that is being released.  Since we are all working hard to increase our vibrational rate, we also are like a beacon (or magnet) for folks to come and talk to us about what is going on in their lives.  Many times, they don’t know why they are drawn to you, but they come anyway.

Again, we as trailblazers “get” to assist others on their path which is also part of the reason we are here.

What can be done about this?  Your standard form of protection sometimes is not enough especially if you are off center and lower your vibration to take on the emotion of an event like what happen at the Boston Marathon (This is an example of one event, you could have many others events going on around you or on a global level that effect you plus you are dealing with your own issues.  Now do you understand why it is difficult to remain in a centered neutral position?).  This energy is compounded especially if you know someone that is participating in the event or some people who were supporters of someone.  The group energy that we are sensing now feels very suicidal or hopeless as a result of the bombings in Boston.

Your home or workspace presents a whole different set of problems.  It is time for the energies to be moved out before they begin to soak into the walls or ground.  It is easier to clear when airborne

The intensity of the burdens of society has expanded globally and has taken on a global consciousness of its own.  It is almost impossible to keep our personal environment free of these energies.  We feel this is also one reason that people have not been sleeping well, not sleeping at all, and having dreams that make no sense and/or are waking up exhausted.  Not only your space gets contaminated, but your food is also susceptible to take in heavy displaced energies.

We have been given a complicated formula to assist you in clearing out unwanted energies of your home, property or office.  This procedure takes both our (Loren and Diane) energies (much like Level One took both of our essences to complete) for the process to be successful.

So…. we are offering a special on what we call a Radical Balance Spring Cleanup Plus………………

Special offer honored if purchased before May 15th, 2013.  Cost $200.00

OR…..Three Balances, one now and two when you choose later this year.  Cost $400.00

You can pay through Paypal (Paypal account is: drsmick@drsmick.com)… Email us if you are interested…. drsmick@drsmick.com

Just what is a Radical Balance?  What does it include?

1.       Radical Balance Tune Up (It is taking all the balancing techniques we have done before, gearing it up…….) If you haven’t had this done, this would be a good time to get it done, if you have had this done in recent years by us, you will know how beneficial this is…..

  • Balance, each day you should check your plumb lines both vertically and horizontally.  Making sure your head is on straight.

plumb line

Plumb Lines

  • Relationship Chakra Clean-up and Balance.  Through time we establish new or re-establish old relationships that are no longer beneficial to us… this is a good time to do a “clean up”.  If you haven’t had any of this work done, please do read about it…(http://drsmick.com/chakra-services-relationship-chakra/).
  • Re-do Level 2 (Belief Systems)…to get rid of all the re-done, re-established, new but not working belief systems we have accumulated since you have had Level 2 done.  If you haven’t had Level Two completed, this is Part A of this level (http://drsmick.com/level-02/)… we will complete Part A for you as a part of this Radical Balance…  This alone will make a BIG difference for you… those of you who have had this work completed… it is a good time for us to do a “clean up” for you.
  • Orb (all) re-balance and clean up. If we haven’t created orbs for you (http://drsmick.com/orb-services/). then you might want to take a “gander” at this work…. if we have created them for you, this is “cleanup time”.
  • Strainer Time… put essence through a strainer to get rid of all cords, ties, etc. that have “wound up” in your auric field.. that you no longer want or need. It feels so incredibly good when this is completed!!!!
  • Repair of tears and holes in the auric field. Just normal day to day living creates opportunities for these tears and holes to happen…. Every once and awhile it is beneficial to have these repaired…..

First of all it is taking into consideration what could push you off center and takes into consideration your body, mind and spirit and the things that keep you motivated and going from day to day.

  • Take a look at your food intake.
  • What is your physical activity level, we need to keep moving to keep the energy flowing.
  • Mental activity level.
  • What are you doing for fun?
  • Check your plumb lines; do the Nada Exercise, Gold Light Exercise, Gold Light Flush Exercise, Meridian Exercise, etc.
  • Take an Epsom or sea salt bath; you may need to do this more than one time.
  • Are you feeling anxious or nervous?  Do you have Bach Rescue Remedy on hand?
  • Can you identify the things that cause you to go off center?  These may be deep seeded issues that you may need to take a look at or work on.
  • Use Magic Spray, sage oil on a fan or smudge your living or work space including your pets.

Make a list of all the parts of your life that are not in balance and this includes relationships.

What do you have in your metaphysical doctors kit to use when something happens to you?

Where do you go to help you get rejuvenated?  Do not forget about spending time in nature and your elementals. 7 Yellow Tulips

For those of you that are still experiencing winter we are sending you a picture to give you hope.  This was taken a couple of days ago outside Mt. Vernon, WA where they have hundreds of acres of tulips.  It was amazing to see this year and we hope you enjoy this splash of color.

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