Chapter 9: Unlocking your Inner Cellular Tapestry of Protection

We have spent many lifetimes trying to hide and not be recognized.  The barriers were built and reinforced, strengthened with new technologies that were invented.  Our intent of our soul was to survive, and we did survive.

Little did we realize that as our new forms of protection that we were implementing, what we thought was being added to our outside layers of our bodies so we look more like the Michelin Tire Man but the layers of protection were also being built within our physical bodies to the “Inner Cellular Level”.

This all began with our mother’s loving protection of you as you were being developed cell by cell.  The image that I get is a person knitting one stitch at a time creating this web-like garment of protection as each stitch was being knit.  This energetic fabric is layered much like the rings of a tree where you can count the age of the tree by the number of rings that are echoed from the centermost point.  Each ring or layer represents a lifetime.

Chapter 9 requires us (Loren and Diane) to blast, unravel, cut away, and remove the inner woven tapestry of protection around each of your cells to reveal the brilliance of your inner core. This cellular garment of protection, the barriers that have been protecting your innermost sanctum, you will be able to open yourself up to allow the light to finally reach and touch your core.


“With regard to your daily walk and experience……it is important to remember that “falling apart” is the main process that is underway on Planet Earth at this time.

Transforming Beings all over the planet are doing it, in order to rid themselves of the effort and focus that has glued their attention into the world system (The “Matrix” if you will……) and has kept them from dancing and playing in spirit……with the soul of a Magical Child.

ph2-9The three areas of primary disruption at this time are:

  • health,
  • finance,
  • relationships

Most people are deeply involved in holding together one or more of these areas. And if your CORE SELF is ready to reconnect with everything and everyone…… will be busy about the tasking of SHAKING YOURSELF LOOSE from the “death grip” you hold (or that holds you)……by way of obligations to family, bills, reputation, social obligations, and such.

There is no one to “blame” for your situation, as it appears before you now. It is simply the result of your own inner resolve to LET GO……which is often quite difficult under favorable situations. So you attract in uncomfortable situations which make things HEAT UP inside……until finally your HUMAN WILL becomes ready to focus itself more into NOW…….and discover the DEPTH OF DESIRE which lurks underneath all these obligations.”

The original intent of the inner cellular protection was to keep your core essence safe and protected in many ways, but over time, these layers of protection have become a hindrance to our liberation or freedom.  We feel our own ego has taken over these layers of protection. Our inner ego up until this point has wanted to maintain its status quo.

So in this process of enlightenment, we are again opening the door to another vibrational shift on our journey toward freedom.  It has taken this long to get to this point and the last blast of solar flair, lightening storm, strong winds and power outages were strong enough signs for us to pay attention to what we needed to see or sense these layers of protection.  Some people may view this as a major shock to our systems.  Sometimes the universe wants us to sit up and notice the signs and not miss the opportunity.  There are immense changes coming to Earth within the next few weeks and months.  All the different vibrations and rays of energy are now opening up the cell memory banks as additional DNA strands are being activated.  This means there is far more which is going on inside the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies then the naked eyes can sense or see.  It is very important to keep the physical body free of all radicals; all alcohol and drugs or any artificial induced methods which make the soul wide open to negative entities and influences.

Your individual cells cannot be changed in their current tapestries of protection.  These cellular barriers must be removed in order to accommodate  the new energies coming at us now.    Nothing will be left untouched when we dismantled and removed these old cellular barriers.  These past few weeks have been eventful in a positive way.  We have been going through the entire gamut of emotions known to mankind which included cries of joy, but also tears of despair.

What has been happening to us is the feeling of ultimate energetic freedom.  Each of our cells is like a fluff of a dandelion that is still energetically connected to the physical body.  We have truly lost what we would describe as our anchors; they were heavy and kept us imprisoned.

It is up to you as individuals, each and every one of you, how you are going to react when you find yourself exposed to this vibration, by this light.  It will be there, you may not be able to see it or feel it but you can choose to embrace the truth or you can choose to walk away.  No matter what you choose to do, you have never had so much light at your disposal to help see you through this process.  These truths lie before you.

Know the light generated from the cellular freedom can seem painful in so many ways but it is also a light of healing mending and repairing.  Your inner truth has the ability and you can finally get to the cellular level to heal and repair those scars you still harbor inside.

I want you to go back and imagine the dandelion fluff.  The seed on your dandelion is like the most brilliant diamond that you can imagine.  The dandelion fluff and its diamond represent one of your cells of your physical body.  Think your body bigger with each of your cells as the dandelion fluff and now step into the sunlight… YOU are literally brilliant, YOU are LIGHT!

Now expand your thoughts from your essence to the essence of earth.  Earth is also continuing its evolutionary process.  There have been major storms and tornadoes happening in the United States plus a volcano erupting in Alaska.  This type of activity serves multiple purposes to numerous to put into words but the ultimate thought is to release the most evident emotion, release, release, release so we can et to the very core issue that needs to be dealt with.  You will know when you are coming from a centered, balanced position when you can look at events that are going on around you without getting sucked into the drama caused by the devastation but can take an attitude as to how can I help or what can I do without taking on the various emotions that are being stirred up by the devastating event.

When different energies flow at us, these energies feel as though they can be categorized into different modules.  One of the layers (of the many layers) of this huge energetic web is a part of the one that surrounds and connects everything that exists.  This grid is the energetic part of this weaving together that many have experienced as a river of light.  When there is a disruption that is going on around you, you can tune into this grid and it will either help calm you down or you can send calming energy to the areas of world that need to be calmed.

As you go forward, take notice of which of your “buttons” that are being pushed.  This will be a signal to you, an effort to completely scour you of any last remnants of old dross that still may cling stubbornly to that otherwise brilliant surface of your precious diamond-like soul.  You are flawless within, but there might be a few bits and bobs of dust and grime not thoroughly cleansed before.  Open up to allow the deep intense cleaning to take place for it will feel so good when it is over.  This is just the universe’s way of making sure that you shine with all your inherent brilliance, unhindered by all the threads of protection.

Remember to breathe whenever you sense earth moving under your feet as we alter and lift the old forms of protection.  So you again need to think your body bigger, stay centered say connected to this grid of like-minded souls.

There is a great need for you to use what tools you know in order to truly be able to assimilate these immensely high frequency rays.  You need to be able to quiet the mind or use your form of meditation with the working of and with these rays, anchor them in through the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies and then into the Earth – once this is done, expand this into all your said bodies both inside, outside, all systems which will now be opened up and then radiate this energy out to the world.

There is so much work to be done and some are very reluctant to do this inner clearing and cleaning work.  Some are refusing to do this and believe that they can gain from staying in the present mode.  This is not true.  Mastery means the ability to gain mastery over oneself – thus the negative ego, which does not like discipline and which does not like doing the inner work.  There is not one single soul on this planet alive at this time – who does not need to work on him or herself constantly and thus keep at doing this inner clearing work and reconnecting on a daily basis with Source and asking for assistance in doing so.

We have been struggling and toiling for a very long time now.  We have overcome many obstacles on our path.  For many of us, not only our patience but the very fabric of our being seems to be stretched to the very limit.  We have surrendered on the outside but the light cannot get to our cells on the inside.  On the outside you can see light all around you but on the inside we seem to see darkness lurking in every corner as you gaze inwardly with a heavy heart and a fatigued body.  You as “Where is the light?”  You wonder, where is the bliss, the wonders, everything you have hoped for so long?

This tapestry of protection has remained well hidden.  everything that an individual could imagine has been used to protect each and every cell of our physical being.  The brush and thorns obscuring it from view may seem impenetrable and that is the intent that it was created.  It is now time for us to release and to remove these layers of protection from each cell.  With the telomeres active in all your cells, you can lift yourselves upwards and connect with those higher and lower aspects of your soul, the ones that have an unobstructed view of it all.  For those of you who have difficulty gaining or losing weight, the cellular level of protection may have been a reason for your failure in accomplishing this goal.  We know this was one of our reasons.

Your cells will become like free soaring parts of you that are unhampered by the human body and the human parts of you.  You will be able to locate this inner river of joy, you will always find it for joy is what you all deserve and the true answer to where it can be found, you can only find within.

Cost:  Early price is $700.00 (This level will take a number of weeks for us to accomplish this task.) Later price is undetermined as we don’t exactly know how long each will take… it took us 3 weeks to clear ours….. Whew!!!

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