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No. 83, July 2013


What is in this newsletter?

1.  Continue on this road of self-improvement or not…..???? That is the question…….

2.  Is what you perceive—reality?

3.  A new word… Dis-Identification…. WHAT?

4.  The rule of Threes

5.  Ok, Another Look at What is Going on in the “Inner” You

6.  How do you know if you are channeling?

7.  So, what is going on?

8. What’s next? What’s new?


Continue on this road of self-improvement or not…..???? That is the question…….

I have some questions……Ok, now, what is it to live in the NOW?  Is it always being on a journey of working on self or does the journey unfold along the way in the NOW?  Do we always have to be working on self?  And if we are always working on self, always processing, how in the heck to we live in the NOW?  Please explain that to me…. Yep, I am full of questions… perhaps that is why this newsletter was not delivered in June or even the first of July…. I am still pondering………..

Happiness matters to me… I imagine it matters to most of you, but since the world is apparently revolving around me at this very moment…. I will write in first person.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to please the universe and, yet, still be happy.  The relationship between those two things has often been dicey at best.  For instance, I recall the day that I realized that I’d always been afraid that the universal laws were for me to be poor and a virgin.  Given at least one of those horses has left the barn; I naturally felt that I was in a precarious spiritual position.

It is an interesting thing about realizations like that.  The moment I saw that my fear was simply a thought, it melted away in a mist of bemused affection for myself (yep, that does happen once and awhile) and all who experience the human condition.

Even after I realized that happiness and the universal laws were not mutually exclusive, both were loaded with some uncertainty.  While I understood that the universe didn’t move, I was beset by fears that I could and always did. It seemed to me that happiness and closeness to the universe were conditioned on a commitment to working on myself.  So long as I honored that commitment, I would know that at least I was on the right path.

I understood working on myself to be an ENDLESS project and I was proud of my willingness to take it on (little egocentric, huh?)  I looked for satisfaction in the belief that life is about the journey — not the destination.  How many times have I said that statement??????

I never expected to reach the end of the self-improvement road.  Well… I have… I realized that everything I have been looking for is always and already available in each moment.  The wisdom I need.  The happiness I want. The experience of closeness to universal oneness.  This, I guess sounds very egocentric…. Let me continue….

In many respects none of this is news to me and I am guessing it may not be news to you.  I am imagining that you have had glimpses of or even more sweeping encounters with a similar realization.  My invitation to you is to simply appreciate what you have already seen.  To know that you know, whether or not that knowing is always present or always expressed in your life.

The end of the self-improvement road is neither the end of the adventure nor the end of me changing. BUT, I am not doing this out of fear I am not good enough NOW.  Of course, I will change – be different, release habits/patterns… but I can see infinite potential for unfolding insight and higher levels of consciousness.  The difference is that at this very moment in this adventure I am happy… I am in the NOW.

Now, I am curious.  What shows up for you as you read this?  What do you see when you reflect on the end of the self-improvement road?

Is what you perceive—reality?

A few days ago, I was walking past the DesMoines Trail Entrance when I glimpsed to the right and saw a John Deere tractor amid the trees at the entrance.  I looked again, and the flash of green and yellow, which I had taken for the characteristic colors of a john Deere tractor resolved into the characteristic poles and gates at the entrance of the trail.

Still for a moment, goofy as it sounds, I saw a tractor.  That was my reality. We see what we think we see, rather than seeing what is.  Sometimes we see what we want to see.  Sometimes we see what we are afraid to see.  Who in the heck knows why I saw a John Deere tractor… but, maybe it was just for this discussion.

Given the marvelous intricacies of the mind, sometimes what we want to see and are afraid to see are the same thing.  But I digress.  The point is that we don’t experience the world.  We experience what we perceive.

When we realize that what we perceive and reality are different things, the world opens up quite a bit.  Though it can be disconcerting to find one’s point of view is wobbly, it is also liberating.  An obstacle that seems insurmountable from one perspective is merely a giant pain in the butt from another, the butt pain is trivial.

Selling, for example, can look like manipulation from one perspective and service from another.  Marketing can look like arrogant posturing or generous outreach. Creating wealth can look like pillage or art.

Obviously, what is possible, not to mention acceptable, depends on one’s perspective.

So shake up a perspective and you shake up a world….. I’m talking about fundamental shifts here, not convenient reframing to redeem things that are corrupt.  A fundamental understanding of wealth creation as art making – produces a different world and a different array of choices than a fundamental understanding of wealth creation as pillaging.  Don’t you agree???

So, I have run into a vast array of principles dealing with this… but basically, they break down to three: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.  According to my research, they explain the entire range of human behavior and feeling states.  They are responsible for the creation of all human experience.

In essence there are three constants in human experience, and there’s one that is called Mind or the God Principle, which is that we are part of a larger whole and that we are not in charge. There’s a larger energy which we are part of. Some people call that God, some call it the Universe and some call it the Big Mind. That’s universal; it’s true for all people everywhere in the world. There’s no one who is ever born outside of that.

Secondly, Consciousness or what is called the Awareness Principle, is that we have the gift of experiencing life through our senses. That gift of consciousness is how we even know that we are here. Even people who die and come back, there was still consciousness present.

And then the third principle is Thought, which I call the Creative Principle. We live in a world of thought. We are thinking beings and we actually live in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of the world.

The way that these principles combine is like having a cup of tea: If you think of consciousness as the boiling water in the pot and the tea bag as thought, when that tea bag goes into the boiling water it flavors it and that becomes our experience. So we think that we’re experiencing money, we think that we’re experiencing our partner and our kids but all we can ever experience by design is our thinking about money, our thinking about our partner, or our thinking about our kids.

When you begin to understand that every experience that you have is created from the inside out, it fundamentally changes your relationship to experience. You stop being scared of your experience because you recognize it is just a dream. It’s just generated by thought and no matter how horrible or scary it is, you have the ability to walk out of your dream.

We are all different but there are certain things that are true for all humans, and when we see that, what we start to see is “wow, these three principles are like gravity”. Gravity isn’t good or bad, it’s just one of the forces to take into account if you want to navigate life with a bit of ease and grace. And these principles; Mind, Consciousness and Thought, they’re not good or bad, they’re just forces that are in play and if you take them into account you’ll navigate your life with more ease and grace, and if you don’t, you are more likely to struggle and suffer.

So, I don’t have a problem with any of that, in fact, it seemed pretty obvious, don’t you think? Except that got me to wondering about the implications of those three behavioral words.  One implication that kept coming through is that nothing – zero, nada, zilch – outside of us has anything to do with our wellbeing.  We live in the feeling of our thinking, not our circumstance and wellbeing is our natural state.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what happens when we realize that wellbeing is our factory default?  Notice that I phrased that question in terms of realization rather than belief, because those three “principles” are not something to believe or to believe.  They are something to experience directly.  And as far as I can tell, that experience can expand and deepen infinitely.

But back to the question:  What happens when we realize that wellbeing is our factory default?  That is the question that is shaking up our world.  It is shaking up our work, and I am fairly certain that it is going to shake you up a bit.  I don’t believe it will change the way we bring in our work – but it may have an impact on how we understand it and present it to the world… we may begin to understand our roles in all of this…. It may also give you a different look at how you function in your own space…..  The best is yet to come, right????

A new word… Dis-Identification…. WHAT?

We are all recovering from that incredibly off-putting eclipse sandwich that official ended at the new moon in June, a moon that they refer to as our “permanent break from duality”.  Did anyone consciously make a break???? Does anyone know what in the heck is going on?  OMG, how seriously awful were the last 6 weeks of your life?  I honestly did not think we were going to make it thru this one… and even if I say that after everyone of these eclipse sandwiches, this time I mean it…. We felt ourselves slipping in ways we never have previously… mostly mentally, which is where we are usually bolstered in dogged determination to maintain our equilibrium, but NOT this time.  In addition to more and stranger physical symptoms that we have ever felt thru this entire “process”, there were moments where we wondered if we were literally slipping from reality, feeling afraid that we had gone completely mad from the absolute frustration of being trapped in the never-ending process… what I imagine to be hell.  Anyone with us here?

We know that many of you have had a rough go of May and June and so far July hasn’t been much relief yet, but we are still hearing amidst the myriad of unrelenting symptoms which, in my opinion, has gone beyond next-level…I am being told – really it is going to get better.

Evidently, we have been anchoring in the here and now…. Yaaaay…. (And that is said sarcastically).

The word Dis-Identification keeps coming in…. HUH?

As grueling as the last 6 weeks of our lives have been, give or take a decade or two…we are slowly beginning to see/feel/understand what all the torture was about.  We “got” to be reduced to the absolute essence of who we are and it is likely you can’t argue that this new level – authenticity is becoming obvious on some really mundane levels.

This burgeoning trueness is one of the ramifications of leaving duality behind… OH JOY….

You will begin to notice that those things that used to plague you…no longer have any effect on your being, which is what you have worked for.  Maybe not everything… but pay attention, you might be surprised to find out that this is true.  And there may also be moments of detachment that are startling .. ones in which you may suddenly feel very distant to some things that you once held dear.  The reason we bring this to your attention is to help you realize that you are releasing some, not more, but ALL of who your AREN’T, so that you can become not some, not more, but ALL of you who ARE.  While this has always been the goal in theory, the moments ahead of you will illustrate, rather demonstrate that to you in more profound and tangible ways.

This deeper level letting go is manifesting for different people at different levels and in different ways, but the main theme here is dis-identification (see, I did get to this word)….  The realm of multi-dimensionality precludes any and all attachment to title, rank or order… meaning, we can no longer overly associate with any mental or cultural concept….. Ah, just to BE……

This is not saying stuff to alarm you or make you feel as though all you hold dear will be taken from you, quite the contrary…it is the remaining falsities that you uphold, those things, people and ideas that held you bound to a template of creation that no longer serves you.  Get that… the false stuff…. So, chill!!!!!

We are definitely being stripped of all that we “think” we are so that we can BE who we truly are, at the multidimensional level. This has meant some hard-core detaching.  The process of disidentification can feel a lot like disassociation, although it is not; and can lead to depression if we are not aware of what is really going on.  At this phase of our transformation, we just don’t have the energy (literally) to uphold any untrueness which can amount to suddenly not caring about even more of those things we feel we “should” care about…. Especially, for instance our “role” in other people’s lives.

Another interesting offshoot to this disidentification process is the inability to care about what others think…which is just so wonderful.  People all around us have been stripping off new layers of untrueness and letting loose in big ways.  In fact, we have never seen such language dropped by so many that never used that kind of language before… right now, yes, very liberating!!!

Well, not that I ever needed any encouragement to swear, it is that collectively, as we become more and more authentic at our multidimensional level, we become less and less concerned with how we are being perceived or how we affect others.  Swearing is just an easy way to “feel” liberated at first…. As this final layer of reconnection to the truth of who we are, we are also able to see the reflection of that truth all around us… which ultimately enable us to cut ourselves loose from the tethers of social conditioning and the stigmas attached to frivolous non-matters.

For example, I am sure you all know at least one “spiritual” person who may not swear out loud but also won’t think twice about “judging” those who do.  The veils are just too thin now and we are beginning to see well beyond the superficial, the paradigm of posturing and pretense…. Aka, those still thinking with their minds.  Which also means we are becoming human triggers, just by our very existence and ability to see to the heart of most things and most folks…. Oh… joy, another job, huh?

The Rule of Threes

Murphy’s Law is a witty saying, typically quoted right after something goes wrong.  It says, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

The Rule of Threes says that it’ll happen three different ways before it is done!!!!  How many times have we all said this???

It is great when nice things happen in threes, but not so great when two things have gone wrong in a row and you’re thinking, “Oh, no, there isn’t a third version of this waiting in the wings, is there?”

Why is it that things tend to happen in threes?  I have discovered why, nut, first let me tell you a story about what happened to me just the other day.

I got stuck in a queue of cars following a bus down a slow, winding road for what seemed like an eternity and never once did the bus driver pull over to let everyone pass.  Then, I go to the bank where I needed to see the bank teller, and I arrived with perfect timing right behind someone who wanted every possible service from the teller, right down to the details of her financial history since the Stone Age.

Then it hit me, “Oh no, that’s two in a row – bizarre, yet inescapable, delays in what I am trying to do.  Was a third version of this strange energy waiting in the wings?”

Well, if there was, I found a way to avoid it, I mentally said to the universe, “I don’t need another version of strange delays; I send this energy out to the universe.  Goodbye.”  I can’t say for sure that there was a third version but I can say for sure that I never did experience one.

Considering how often things do occur in threes, I’ll be sure to try that “sending away trick” some more – unless, of course, I’ve just experience two nice things in a row.

The Rule of Threes started all the way back at the dawn of creation so, as you can imagine, it is quite powerful.  It started when the original, all-pervasive beingness – The Godhead, Tao, the Absolute, Brahman, or Infinite Being (or whatever it was called – think I have covered it).. decided to create the universe.

In order to achieve this feat using the one and only tool available (consciousness), the passive beingness of infinite being formed an active aspect of itself, which we refer to today as God, the Creator.  In order to make creation possible, the creator formed three aspect of itself – thought, feeling and motion.  By having these complementary aspects of original thought and original feeling interact with each other in various ways, all of creation became possible.

Once this original triad of the creative principle was in place, each part of it promptly created three more aspects of themselves.  The Rule of Threes, where the one created three sub-aspects had begun.  In everyday life, that rule translates into this: The Rule of Threes states that, when a soul desires and creates an experience it will typically manifest as threes different versions of itself, with each version in turn representing one of the basic creative principles of thought feeling and action.

Think about the last time three things in a row happened to you.  Was one related to thought, e.g. it made you think about such things?  Was one related to feeling, e.g. it stirred significant feelings that you needed to work through?  Was one related to action, e.g. it sent you on a path of action in order to correct the kind of issue that this experience had highlighted?

It can simply be something that is brought to your attention, like a book that you need to read.  The first time is comes to your attention, a mental awareness of it is born.  The second time may bring emotional meaning into what the book’s message can do for you.  The third tie should prompt you to take action; in this case, take steps to read the book.

Anyway, interesting googling, huh?  Spend some time and think about your experiences with the Rule of Threes.  It really throws light on some of the mysteries of life’s seemingly random experiences.

Ok, Another Look at What is Going on in the “Inner” You

I would like to talk a bit about all the energetic upgrades you have all been through recently.  And, how these ‘injections’ of energy/information are not only affecting you, but they will continue to affect everyone around you in one way or the other.  As you are all well versed in these phenomena by now, you are all very familiar with the effects this will have on your physical setup.  In the way of nausea, aches and pains.  For some, this will seem to have intensified lately, while for others, these waves seem to subside as fast as they arrive.  However, there might be a way to lessen your symptoms somewhat.  But in order for me to explain this, we need to go back to the actual effect of all of these “injections” of energy/information and the reason for them being sent to you in the first place.

For (as you know), they are not set up in order to make you feel weak and unable to function, but to many, this will seem to be the only effect they have and so all of this will be looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance and a bother.  However, underneath all of this creaking and groaning from your body, there is something far more interesting going on.  But again the symptoms from it will mask this very well unless you are able to tune into the inner layers and disregard all of these signals of distress. For even if your body will sound and feel like it is very perturbed and even irritated it is, in fact, going full steam ahead with these waves of informational energy and it is doing its best to keep going ahead every time it gets so new “orders” from this information.  For this is not only about “retuning”, this is all about “rebuilding” yourself and much of this work is going on in your neural pathways.  Your communication structure is what is getting a huge tune up these days and as such, the usual pathways of information that you already have within are apt to be more than a little confused, hence, the symptoms of irritation and distress.

As you know, the physical body you inhabit is a very complex structure and not even our scientists have figured out a way to completely explain every process that is going on with us in detail.  For this whole structure is infinitely more complex than anything any of use have ever constructed or invented.  Even the most advanced kind of our computers are no match for the intelligence we have in just one single cell of our bodies.  For just within that single cell, there is so much information stored and so many complex processes going on at all times, it is enough to keep many a scientist busy trying to figure it all out. And, in between them the billions of cells in your body have so many stories to tell, not only about each and every individual, but most of all about the way they all talk to each other. For remember, there is a huge conversation going on within you each and every day, as not one single cell in your boy is working alone.  They are all a part of this immense fine-tuned orchestra, and they need to connect so that they can stay fine-tuned at all times, no matter what external circumstances that might arise.  For remember, you live a very complex life in a very complex world, and, as such, the signals that enter your body in so many ways will all add their voice to this internal choir. So yes, you are walking around within something that is truly a marvel and now, this marvel will only increase as your body is going through such a metamorphosis — it will be hard to comprehend.

You have all heard about how a human brain uses only a small percentage of its capacity.  Well, not only is your brain starting to unfold its full abilities now, but also the rest of your body.  And what this will entail, is this:  You are not only becoming more “intelligent” in your mental capacity, as in being able to access fields of knowledge and feats of abilities hidden up until now, NOW, your physical body will start to do the same.  In other words, this inner dialogue will increase in not only speed, but also in complexity to a level that far surpasses the old one.  What does this mean?  This will simple mean that your body will be far, far better to respond and adjust to anything that might arise, and it will become super adept at fixing itself and at keeping itself in “ship shape” as they say, in a manner that far surpasses the mode it has been in … up until now.

In addition, the more immaterial part of you, that is still YOU, that inhabits this outer physical layer, will become capable of literally having a conversation with this physical layer in ways that simply was not possible before.  Remember, the two of you are a “match made in heaven”. For as the higher aspects of you have how started to “move in” to this physical body, all of you need is to get to know each other.  You have to start to have a conversation with each other. That means you should start talking to your body and your body will also have to learn to listen to you.

Ah, now this brings us back (after that very long winded explanation of the whys, etc.) to where we started, namely the physical manifestations from all of these energetic downloads in the form of symptoms that will arise.  Remember, the body has, in many ways, been programmed to react in a certain way to stimuli, and it will continue to do so even when the opportunity arises to react in a brand new way.  For this is how this physical vehicle has been set up (programmed). In order to optimize the output, it has learned to make use of patterns, as in setting up a sequence of actions that will be followed automatically every time something is instigated, either by will or as a rule.  In other words, your body will conserve energy by setting up loops that will come into effect every time a similar situation arises.  That is how you “learn” the things you do in your life, like walking, talking, wiring, anything that is habitual.  It is a set pattern and the same setup of cells are set into motion automatically.  But, now, you have all been given access to whole new set of possibilities, so you and your body must “retrain” yourselves to respond in a new way.  You do not need to start from scratch as it were in everything, but you must realize that this means that there are many set patterns within your body that needs to be reassessed.  And to start with the easiest one, we suggest you start with the notion that every time the energies increases – your body will “need” to react in a certain way, whether that been with headaches, back aches, nausea or what have you.

It might sound complicated, but we suggest you do it the easy way by TALKING to your body.  You might choose to do this silently or you might choose to say it out loud, but, simply to start having a conversation with your body.  And no, it is not in the form of criticism or rebuke, that is not a good idea.  Remember, your body only wants what is good for you and we do mean that in every sense of the word.  Your body is doing all it can to protect the YOU within, and as such, every action it takes is taken with a good intention.  The effects it will have may not always be positive, as you all know.  However, how the time has come for you to “sit down with your body” and give it a pep talk.  It might sound strange, ridiculous even, but trust us, it will have some rather interesting effects.

This is not about disregarding all signals of distress that may arise; for not all of them are related to the “energetic distress”, so always remember to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.  But the lesson for today is this:  the next time your body starts to ring the “energetic alarm bells”, just talk to it and tell it that it does not need to do this anymore.  It can relax a little bit and even if “things” feels strange and unusual to the body because of all of these new “pathways” opening up, it does not need to be afraid.  It is safe and YOU are safe, and together, the two of you will become infinitely stronger than ever before.  If you have problems with any of this… we can help you clarify it all and coach you through this….  Coaching (click here)  or Chapter 9 talks all about this: Chapter 9 (click here).

How do you know if you are channeling?

We’ve all seen examples of channels such as Kryon and Abraham-Hicks, but it seems more and more people are tuning into their own guidance each day, accessing the Universal mind in their daily activities. This might lead to the question, ‘how do I know if I’m channeling?’ While it seems like a strange question, channeling can be a very uncertain and unsettling thing, especially the first few times it happens. You might just think you heard or read the information somewhere, or that you made it up.

Here are a few potential indicators of a channeling experience:

•You may feel incredibly emotional, either during or after information is revealed. This is related to the residue of any ‘lower-vibrational’ emotions that may be in your physical body at the time of the channel. They are pushed up and out by the higher frequencies that come through you.

•You may write or speak about topics you don’t fully understand. Sometimes the information that comes through can be confusing, because consciously, you haven’t caught up with it yet. Chances are, the lessons in the channeling will come clear to you within a few weeks. It’s important to trust the words that come through, without adding your own rational interpretations to them (as much as possible).

•You don’t know HOW you know, but you just know that what comes out is unquestionably true.

•You will find others have written similar things, or about similar topics, which can be great confirmation that you’re tuning into the energy of a collective consciousness.

•Your voice or accent may change, or if you’re writing you may find you use fewer contractions and more archaic forms of language.

•You may be intending to write or speak about one thing, and your words are suddenly guided or directed to a completely different topic.

•While you are speaking or writing, you feel energized and connected like you’ve never felt before. It may be hard to keep up with the flow of the words, for they are coming so rapidly you can barely contain them in 3-D media.

•When you read over or listen to your work afterwards, you may feel a sense of disconnect from it, and in awe that you actually said/wrote that. (‘Hey, I wrote that? It’s really good!’).

•You will find that people connect to your words in a whole new way, as if you answered a question that they hadn’t yet formulated. This is further evidence that you are tuning into the Universal mind.

The experience is meant to be joyful and to provide a way to connect with your guides, Higher-Self and the collective consciousness more intimately. It’s important for different people to write and speak what they hear because each of us presents the information in a unique way. Through our own experiences, we filter the knowledge that’s channeled, and our voice might be the one that provides the key for someone who had heard the information in seventeen different ways before.

As you play with the process, it becomes easier and clearer. Your guides might reveal themselves to you by name or make it clear that they are part of a larger collective. They may ask you to make it a regular thing, or you might prefer to use their help to write about topics you feel passionate about. If you feel frustrated by an inability to connect after the initial channeling, don’t chase the experience, but maintain a high vibration and allow it to come to you. Continue to write, speak and create, knowing that the more you do so, the more opportunities you provide yourself to access the Universal mind. Most importantly, enjoy it!

So, what is going on?

As many of you have already figured out, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word.  Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light.  The light never comes empty handed, and it will always have a profound effect on all that is touches on its way.

You will all have been profoundly touched by all these energetic emissions, all the natural happenings on earth, etc.  Not only in you, but in people around you as well.  And even if you have all by now been thoroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and perhaps have gotten used to it (tell me how, if you have); it will still be hard to keep your focus and your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. It can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but this time creative chaos.  There is a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals and what is actually underneath it all.  For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

Mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge.  Fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over our lifetimes.  Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before.  In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within.  In most cases you are merely picking up messages being sent from the collective… and not meant for you.

Keep breathing and stay focused and try to disconnect yourself a little bit from all of the emotions swirling around you.  Ask yourself, “Is this my emotion?” (Answer is – probably not). Stay in neutral… stay balanced…. How, you ask???? Well, by noticing when you aren’t in balanced… do the Gold Light Exercise… pay attention to yourself… stay connected to those who you can reach out to, etc.  We are still in for a ride of a lifetime(s)… let’s have fun!!!!

What’s next? What’s new?

First of all, Loren and I finished our 2nd half marathon (walking)— believe it or not I finished overall first and Loren (with a mending broken leg) finished overall 3rd….… wooo-weee…we continue our health journey…

We will won’t be presenting our next webinar on Tuesday, July 9 at 5pm PDT… topic would have been  protection – all sorts of ways, techniques, etc. to protect yourself, your home, etc., but we aren’t quite ready.  We’ve asked for one of the ones we already broadcast to be replayed… right this minute… we don’t know if they do that or not.   Do check out the replays of the first two webinars we gave… hard to “toot” our own horn… but they are pretty durned good, with lots of information (first one is all about absentee healing and why it works; the second one is all about different types of intuition)…webinar replays (click on).  Please tune in.

If you haven’t had a chance to really spend time on our website, reading and exploring all the levels, chapters, counseling, coaching, etc. that we do – we have written words, videos… a virtual plethora of information…  Some of the stuff will appeal and hit the mark with you… other info will not be for you.  The way it is presented was unique to our processes/growth – and for some sense of order we present it that way… BUT, you can pick and choose in any order that appeals to you. Whatever you choose – our coaching/counseling/consulting will help you with your questions/journey/processing…. Check us out!!!!

On July 29, our planets, etc. will line up to form a merkaba… We know very little about any of this, so you may want to research it and figure out what it means… We are sure it means something.  I did, however, find this photo:


I also found information on this website: http://galacticspacebook.com/m/blogpost?id=6543724%3ABlogPost%3A20870


Again do check out some of our recent work…it has certainly been even more transformational than we expected….http://drsmick.com/phase-2-chapter-08/ and http://drsmick.com/phase-2-chapter-09/. The redoing of the telomeres speeded up Loren’s and my recoveries of our broken bones so very, very quickly— my goodness… we also notice changes in energy levels, our endurance, our digestion, our skin, our flexibility, etc. … so something is a’happening…..

We continue to be amazed and excited about all the information we are receiving…. This is certainly a GREAT time to be HERE!!!!

Stay in touch…

Loren and Diane


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