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No. 84, August 2013


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1.  How to Insulate Yourself From Negativity

2.  Energetic upgrading

3.  A Bit About Karma

4.  Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

5.  Magic

6.  What is keeping you from doing what you want to do?

7.  Sooooooooon

8.  Peace Portal Activation August 25th, 2013

9. What’s next? What’s new?


How to Insulate Yourself from Negativity

Everyone has been around negative people; the people who breed and thrive on negativity.  No matter the circumstances, they are never happy, always complaining and always the first ones to find fault with others.  Even when you’ve had successes, they’re quick to point out areas where you could have been better.

While you can’t affect how these naysayers see the world, you can choose how their attitude will affect you.  You can either succumb to their negative energy and let it affect your own outlook and confidence or you can insulate yourself from it.  And by insulating yourself from toxic attitudes, you not only create a positive environment, but create a mental boost that will help you succeed and go forward.

But what’s the best way to protect yourself from negativity?  The best way is simply to avoid negative people.  I know this sounds too simple and of course, this isn’t always possible.  In today’s interconnect environment, it’s impossible to completely avoid negative people.  With that in mind, here is a guide to help you minimize the effects of uncooperative and obstinate folks who thrive on negativity.

The first thing you should always do is protect yourself… I know, I know – that is a given BUT, how many of you forget to do this????  Next protect yourself with self-confidence…even if you have doubts, etc., don’t allow them to surface around these folks.  Act and behave with self-assuredness and don’t allow critics to push our buttons.  (They love this).  This means not stooping to their level and engaging in pointless and detrimental arguments.  This is never a win-win situation… they argue for the sake of argument and getting you “down”.

Thirdly, try to identify the causes of negativity… why is this person so darned negative?  (Now don’t mess around with this if you don’t want to be around this person… but there are some folks who will be in your life – that are simply negative.)  If they are constantly complaining and taking a “poor me” attitude, try to set clearer boundaries… This does not mean you shouldn’t address legitimate concerns, but rather that you shouldn’t occupy too much time listening to complaints that will just go on and on and on and on.

If you are dealing with a doubter, someone who is constantly running down your ideas or achievements, the best thing to do is simply ignore them…. While these folks are sure to point out your shortcoming, you also “get” to ignore them.

This may be too passive for you.  You could approach this critic coolly and calmly and seek out why in the heck he/she is so down on you…. But in all probability… they’ll rant on and on and on… but really never get to a point… it is more about them just wanting to be negative.

Above all, it is incredibly important that you maintain your cool.  Negative people are energy vampires who thrive off of discontent. If you succumb to their malcontent, you are giving them exactly what they want.  Instead, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in their complaining. While this may not entirely solve your problem it will convey the message that you aren’t going to let these naysayers bring you down to their level.

Finally, remember that no one can affect your attitude except for you.  If you let yourself give in to the negativity of those around you, you are only hurting yourself.  On the other hand, if you don’t allow it to bother you, you’ll rise above it.  People get to do/act/talk, etc. exactly how they want… this is free will…. BUT you also have free will… you GET to not react and you GET to have it not bother you….. You are in control of this….


Energetic upgrading

The time is rolling by, and you are perhaps more than a little bit anxious as to what all of this energetic upgrading will result in. For some, it may feel like you are starting to fall apart at the seams, and you will tell yourself, “I simply cannot take this any longer”. But for others, they will look around and think, “Where are these heavy bouts of energy that the others seem to suffer from? I do not feel anything at all, am I in the wrong here, or have I been left out of everything?”  On both counts —–all is indeed well, and you are not about to go to pieces, nor are you skipping any of the adjustments.

Even if these storms rage in so many ways, the way you respond to them will be very individual. Some of you will have exactly the same physical and mental symptoms that often accompany these energetic emissions, and so, you will find solace in the fact that you are not alone in feeling more or less ravaged by these storms. While for others, their journey will be one that may perceived as more singular, and as such, they will struggle for a whole other set of reasons than those who feel more under the weather than most at the moment. But again, all is as it is supposed to be, and even if your physical vehicle will be emitting more alarm signals at the moment and for a more prolonged period of time than usual, know that it is not about to give up on you. For you are built of strong stuff, and you are becoming stronger still by all that is literally going through your body.  But this will indeed be small consolation to all those suffering badly now. Just remember, you are not under any risk of having any detrimental effect from these energies, far from it. Look upon these signals that your body is sending out as merely rumbles of irritation rather than signals of real distress.

As always, pay close attention to what your body is saying to you, for then and only then will you know that there is indeed a difference from what these energies will activate and what may come from any underlying weakness you might have. For what these energies will do, is to push your buttons in so many ways, and this pushing in itself is nothing to be worried about. It can be likened to a sort of irritation or perhaps a form of allergy, where your body’s defense mechanisms may go into overdrive at times in order to try to drive out these new vibrations it perceives as some sort of ”interlopers” to your system. Remember, your body has been programmed to maintain status quo at all cost, and so, when these regular bombardments of energetic vibrations start to penetrate ever deeper into your system, all those watchdogs who have been given the task of making sure that nothing unknown should slip in under their guard will be prepared to sound the alarms.

And now, the alarm will be ringing louder and more frequent than ever. But this in itself is no cause for alarm, only for taking more care of yourself and allowing your body the rest it needs in order to be better able to acquiesce to this energetic change it is going through. So, breathe deeply, and know that this is indeed the very simple, but also the most effective way for staying afloat in this churning mass of energy that is buffeting you on all sides. And to those of you wondering why your body is not sounding the alarm, do not be alarmed either. It is simply your energetic set up that is corresponding with these energies in a different way, and as such, you will be sailing through this period with more ease than others.  Ah, individual differences…. What is interesting is that I think we are a bit of each… sometimes “sailing” through the experience while other times being buffeting and tossed around.  There are times when we feel so grounded and “together” and totally “get it”… then there are days when all we want to do is to crawl up in a ball and have everyone and everything “go away”… you know – suffer in silence, either bawling our heads off or screaming to the sky about, “What in the heck is going on, anyway???”.

Again, try to stay in balance…don’t try to multi-task during these times… (Yesterday, after going to the gym, Loren and I were going to take a walk downtown Seattle… we stopped for coffee ((surprise, surprise))… I noticed that my long sleeved t-shirt was backwards… so I went into the bathroom to change it… go to the bathroom…, you know the drill, get everything possible done at once. While standing on one foot (hey, my foot hurt)…trying to muscle my t-shirt off—- I tipped over and fell into the toilet – butt first….with all my clothes on (the stool had the lid up – at least it was clean). So there I am… soaked from the waist down – light brown capris on (shirt on frontwards now)… in a public place wondering what in the heck to do…  Yep, unbalanced… Loren had a good laugh as did the occupants of the coffee house.  We were miles away from dry clothes, so I walked myself dry….  Lesson… perhaps I need to do less, perhaps I need to pay attention… perhaps I need to be in balance… perhaps…………………… Good visual, huh?  Now, yes, go ahead and laugh…………………


A Bit About Karma

Now that humanity is beginning to understand that timing and circumstance is not linear—but simultaneous, multidimensional, and multi-linear…..we can begin to appreciate the incredible efficiency of various Karmic Operations which “play”(like computer programs) in the background of our awareness.

Each clash we have here requires a healing, of sorts. Usually, it requires each “side” in the confrontation to experience (full-on, full-scale) what the other “side” is experiencing —not just in the moment, but in all the preparatory “moments” leading up to that confrontation as well. We need to experience each side of it and own them, as SELF.

Before I can fully and whole-heartedly forgive someone……I usually need to understand, deep down to my bones…..that how my “opponent” responds in a given situation is THE ONLY WAY HE CAN RESPOND, based on who he is and how he was created to function up to that point.

To accomplish this, an innate Multidimensional Karmic Processing Center instantly begins to access alternative universes—where this “opponent” are interacting in other contexts of existence. With each universe that is accessed, my Inner Research Team is able to extract necessary insights and code keys (similar to enzymes in the digestive process) and transmit them to me in this current (as I request for them to do so)…..to help me resolve the situation.

If I wish, I can always refuse the cure! But why? Maybe I still enjoy the drama. Maybe I’m not READY to own that energy as part of myself. Whatever the reason, those whisperings I often hear (in the form of a buzzing or hissing sound in my ears) can often be attributed to this innate “healing” process.


Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness

Since the dawn of the mists of time, your immortal soul has had one great urge, and that is to reunite with the spiritual source from which you came. Along the way, you have realized that this means reaching out in spiritual service to humankind. Along the way, you have sensed that this giving of spiritual service is the very action which leads you along the pathway back to that from which you came.

By becoming your brother’s keeper in a spiritual way, you become more at one with all people and the source from which we all came. Through service to others, you also serve your own spiritual development. By loving and healing them through the use of spiritual energy, you help the spiritually blind to see the light within, you help the spiritually deaf to hear the whisperings of their souls, and you help the spiritually numb to revitalize their connection with God.

By sending them your love, by sending them your light, by helping them with this precious, spiritual energy of love and light, you heal their hearts, you heal their spirits, you heal their long-suffering souls, and you help them back onto the one great path back to Source, which we all yearn to tread.

That path is the road to reconnection to the Spirit within. That path is the one which brings you into conscious contact with the light within. That path is the reason you are here, the reason you chose to be born into a world where people feel disconnected from that very Source.

The details of how that path unfolds are unique for every individual. We all tread this path in our own way to reach the common goal of reconnection with the flame of the Spirit which shines within our hearts. It is this flame which silently beckons us on. It is this flame which lights the darkness in a world of great suffering. It is this flame which connects our souls to the one Source of all things.

When you go into the silence of meditation, even for a few moments, remember to end your session by helping the world. Dedicate your love and your light to world peace and freedom, and then send this out from your heart into a world that desperately needs energy in a spiritual form.

Life energy is everywhere. Spiritually-conditioned life energy is in short supply because few people take the time to condition it with their intentions and send it out to heal the world. Once you condition the energy of life with love and light and send it out to the world, it reverberates within the global mind atmosphere of humanity, healing and uplifting many people. Its higher frequency imbues it with enormous power relative to the regular, everyday thoughts of humankind. The power of spiritual energy is such that it affects, not one, but hundreds of people at the same time.

Every time you send out love and light in dedication to world peace and freedom for all, you help hundreds of people to see life and its possibilities from a higher perspective.

When you intentionally heal the world in this way, you help many people who are not yet consciously aware of how to raise themselves up spiritually. These are people who are relying upon the enlightened vision of people like you, so that they may be helped in taking the next step into higher consciousness. So that they may be comforted and healed. So that they may gain their own conscious inner reconnection to the one Spirit from which they once came, so long ago, in the mists of time.



The other side of reason is not emotion, as has been popularly taught. That makes a fine story, and highlights certain bits of truth, as do all points of view that are explored within the multidimensional universe. But it falls far short of what you will be needing now, as you move steadily forward into your personal and planetary unfoldment.

You all have parts of your expanded self that you had to forget about in order to become human. All these parts are still with you, and are at the borderline of every distinction you have ever made; which separates yourself from the rest of your reality. These parts of “you” that you have forgotten you had – are now being “remembered”  It is truly a time of pure amazement coming upon all of us!

The other side of LOGIC is MAGIC. In fact, these two Archetypes are really cousins–the offspring of Theos and Chaos, as they were chipped off from the (as has been written about) :Oneself of All That Is. Understanding who they are, and their roles in your personal transformation, constitutes your next level of participation in life.

What technology could only promise, magic will now deliver! But you must open to receive it, the way a baby bird opens its mouth to receive an inflowing of nourishment from its mother. And it is this call to yawningly open the mind that creates that sense of tiredness which so many are experiencing. You feel as though you long for sleep, but you are really being called to go multidimensional. You lie there, early in the morning, and your consciousness dances back and forth, across dividing lines that separate sleeping from waking. It forms a beautiful bridge across consciousness–that can take you, literally, in all directions……. Yep, it is all happening…..


What is keeping you from doing what you want to do?

After working 45 or so years in the field of Stress Management, I have observed two basic internal sources of stress in humans. One is forcing ourselves to do what we don’t want to do. The other is keeping ourselves from doing what we DO want to do. It is said that a bit of stress/conflict/challenge in our existence lends a person to spiritual and emotional growth……like a compelling story plot in a movie. This can be found in doing service for fellow humans, or in loving another person beyond a point of convenience to the immediate (1st Person) self. Too much stress, however, either diminishes life force, or toughens its flow to a point where we cannot sense clearly or feel deeply. And balance is the key. An innate sense of balance which can only be properly discerned and modulated by each individual. No one can tell us how to properly attain this balance, because it’s so unique and individual. But once it’s seated and maintained, everyone will realize and appreciate its presence.

Sometimes the only way to realize you’re subtly being pushed by someone is sensing your inner self pushing back. ~Anonymous

Good advice for these shifting times!!!



Boy, we’ve come a long way, huh? But as yet, many of you fail to see any results from all of this hard work. Or rather, you will perceive the results as more than a little heavy to bear, as much of what you have experienced so far will be felt as intense rounds of physical discomfort. Be that as it may, I’ve “heard” that you will start to see a more positive outcome from all of this very soon. (Although, the following may appear to be a bit airy/fairy… a little ‘out there’… it is good news.)  Oh, dear…yes, that dreaded word again SOON!!!!! But please bear with me, as I am about to bring you some much awaited good news. Are you heaving a small sigh of relief, tinged with not a little skepticism, as the word “soon” has been thrown many times from all our readings/channelings/etc. But I will assure you all that “this time”, I am referring to ‘soon’ in the context of the word, and not in the totally undefinable/unmeasurable term which has always been used in the readings/channelings, etc. What is this good news, I hear you ask. Well, a sighting of a so-called unidentified flying object on the White House lawn or anything similar isn’t the news, nor anything else that resembles a scene from one of those “alien movies” that some of you seem to be so fond of. Rather, it will be a more subtle feeling of wellbeing and vigor, a feeling of breathing much freer and of being able to DO things, not just exist in a sort of vacuum that so many of you are feeling like at the moment. In other words, expect this feeling of being squeezed and pummeled in all sorts of ways to start to fade away, and a new state of feeling much freer to start to surface. And when I use the word “freer”, I do mean that in every connotation of the word because so much of what used to be of hindrance not only to you, but to all of humanity, is in the process of being removed once and for all.

There have been so many forces who have inhibited the development of mankind, actually have slowed down and/or stopped you in your tracks.  Much of this can be described to “forces” that have managed to inveigle themselves into our daily lives in all aspects and cast a spell of fear and greed that has resulted in a massive mismanagement of all of our resources, both what you have all been born with, but also what you see around you in your surroundings.

Remember, as these old and grasping fingers are being pried loose from the chokehold they have had on humanity for such a long time, they will desperately try to find another place in order to prolong their stay a little bit longer. And so, a period of chaos might ensue that for some may be perceived as a little bit dramatic. I don’t believe what I heard was to push you into fear, but to let you know that this process may involve a little bit of fireworks here and there (what’s new, huh?). The light is firmly at the helm now, and there is no way these old troublemakers will be allowed to run the show ever again. But for some of them, they will not be able to resist the urge to make a final display of themselves by trying to stir up chaos in some way.

Again, this is not intended to scare you, just to remind you that there are still a lot of your fellow men that are still under the influence of this old pervasive feeling of fear that has kept so many of them trapped forever (it seems), and to them, a lot of what will be going down now might be perceived as doomsday. To them, it will be sign of something negative, but to an enlightened mind, it will be a sure sign that the negativity is finally losing its grip altogether.

So again, make sure to stay focused on the light, and know that there is lot of interest around in trying to make you fall for the same old tune of fear and powerlessness, but the old tune has lost its charm to a great number of people. And for every soul who has decided to step back into the light, this old tune of fear and chaos will fall on deaf ears, and they will instead hear the song of freedom starting to blast through the old and dense fog of fear. And so too will you, as the sun is indeed ready to break through the clouds once more and fill you up with the light that may have felt absent for a very long time now. Remember, no cloud, no matter how impenetrable, dark and foreboding it seems, can manage to block out the sun’s rays, and this time, the strength of these rays will make even the most stubborn of clouds dissipate once and for all.


Peace Portal Activation August 25th, 2013

On August 25th, a very important portal will open that will bring a strong infusion of Light into the conflicted situation on the surface of this planet.

On that day, the next grand sextile astrological configuration of this summer after the grand sextile of July 29th will take place:

This configuration will be more powerful than the previous grand sextile because in addition to the grand sextile of the Moon, Jupiter, Sun/Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, the astrological chart of August 25th also includes a cardinal cross of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus.

Therefore the activation of the Peace Portal will offer an unique opportunity to transform the tension of Uranus/Pluto square (intensified on that day with Jupiter and Venus into a cardinal cross) with the harmonizing effects of the grand sextile. This means that all deeply rooted conflicts on the surface of the planet can begin to finally begin resolving if the critical mass of 144,000 people activating this portal is achieved.

This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives:


We are all doing this activation at 11 hours 11 minutes pm Cairo time on August 25th. This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link:



1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes

Updates about the Peace Portal Activation: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/


What’s next? What’s new?

First: New work came out – Chapter 10…Storm Before the Calm… read all about it here: Chapter 10  Do check it out…. Folks are having amazing result with this chapter….

Second:  We have decided to bow out of WIN, although we’d like to continue to do webinars… it wasn’t a good fit as it was geared towards intuitives who give readings, etc.  Although we do quite a bit of this when we counsel/coach/consult with folks – we’d like to focus on giving information, etc. in the webinars… If you have any suggestions for us on this… let us know. (Email us on at drsmick@aol.com).  We will continue to post our “stuff” on You Tube… under The Drs Mick.

Also, spend some time “messing” around our website… if you come across something you’d like to do, we are offering some amazing deals…. Particularly if you combine a couple of levels/chapters….

Oh yeah…. Here is an assignment (a theme you may want to embrace):  Healthy Obsessions… read on… can you do it????

Not “Melodramatic Compulsions” or “Exhausting Crazes” or “Manias That Make You Seem Interesting to Casual Bystanders,” but “Healthy Obsessions.”

To carry out this long-term assignment in the right way, you will have to take good care of yourself as you concentrate extravagantly on tasks that fill you with zeal.

This may require you to rebel against the influences of role models, both in your actual life and in the movies you’ve seen, who act as if getting sick and imbalanced is an integral part of being true to one’s genius.

That’s it…..can you do it?????

Stay in touch…

Loren and Diane

Copyright notice: Copyright 2013 Loren and Diane Mickelson.  This information may be freely disseminated in whole or in part provided that there is no charge for the information and provided that this notice is attached.  When using an edited or partial version of this material please clearly state that this is an edited version and refer the reader to the full original version.

Our third half marathon this year…. Going over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge….very foggy, but we had a lot of fun…. Next one??? : Yep… Labor Day Half Marathon in Seattle….. Just gotta keep moving these bodies…. We’d love to hear how you are doing in this physical arena…. (The changing from carbon to crystalline bodies- movement is critical to the facilitation of this process). We all need to move, move, move.  This does not mean running/walking marathons, it does not mean joining a gym, it does not mean you HAVE to do anything…. It just means, it is easier if you do get the body moving SOMEHOW…..


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